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The spirit of Veliky Novgorod and the power of Valday.

The spirit of Veliky Novgorod and the power of Valday.
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Saint Petersburg


5 Days


By Car


1039 km






History and CultureArts and Creativity
Novgorod region attracts travelers with the opportunity to regain or regain spiritual peace, for some it is possible to find peace in monasteries and temples, for some it is easier to achieve this effect in reunion with the wild nature.
Escape from the dusty cities loaded with information, separate the tinsel from the really important by means of solitude and reflection, as Boris Grebenshikov sang, "sitting on a beautiful hill".
Ksenia Beskova
Ksenia Beskova
  • To get acquainted with the spirit and history of Russia.
  • See the diversity of temples and monasteries of Novgorod lands.
  • To hear Valdai sound.

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The Way to Novgorod Lands
Day 1203 km

The Way to Novgorod Lands

The first stop on our journey is the city of Gatchina, whose history begins with the Novgorod chronicles. The 18th century brought fashion to English landscape parks here: ancient palaces are reflected in the surface of lake water. Many temples await us on the way to Veliky Novgorod. Take a breath with the view of the waterfall.
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Acquaintance with Veliky Novgorod
Day 2136 km

Acquaintance with Veliky Novgorod

A place to meet the Great and Ancient History. To feel the spirit of the Russian land. Low hills, lakes, wide fields, many monasteries, churches, chapels, all this makes the city an open-air museum. Take a boat trip from the Kremlin walls and back. Rachmaninov's music in the air.
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Ancient Russian architecture of Novgorod region
Day 3288 km496 m

Ancient Russian architecture of Novgorod region

At the beginning of the day we will feed Vietnamese pigs and African ostriches. In the middle we will get acquainted with the city of Old Russa, its centuries-old history and atmosphere. The gilded domes of churches in the hills, fast rivers and countryside. The end of the day will be celebrated with dinner at a restaurant on Valday.
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Find yourself on Valdai.
Day 477 km

Find yourself on Valdai.

Valdai is rightly considered to be a place of strength, it is loved to organize field training sessions like "energy reset of the body" and other personality transformations. By its location - "the space between the kerb and the kerb". Bell ringing. Transparent water of springs and lakes. You can check into a budget hotel, which is sure to have a Russian bath, offers to take you hunting or fishing. Tie a foam to your backpack and go on your own walking or cycling trip. There are also organized eco-trails, man-made and natural attractions.
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Returning home through Tsarskoe Selo
Day 5334 km

Returning home through Tsarskoe Selo

We are smoothly leaving the Novgorod land. Today we are waiting for the "literary and military" barracks and a picnic at their walls. Now we will look at temples and wooden architecture from the side of the Leningrad region.
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