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The shore of Lake Ladoga and the treasures of Karelia

Road Trip Route. Visit the beautiful beaches of the northern lakes, Drive along Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega., Visit the monastery where St. Alexander Svirsky rests., See the Kivach waterfall., Get to know Marcial Waters Resort, Marvel at the fabulous island of Kizhi., You go to the waterfalls, See the underground lake and the marble rocks., You go to two beautiful zoos., Explore the ancient fortification architecture of the fortresses., Visit the Prophetic Oleg mound..

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Saint Petersburg

Оксана Ерохина. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Acquaintance with Ladoga antiquity

Today you will visit an amazing place - the Prophetic Oleg's mounds, wander in the Old Artistic fortress and see the museum of merchant life. And, of course, where without local cuisine - good and colorful.

Курганы Вещего Олега

We pass through places with such antiquities that it's breathtaking! We stopped near the mound with the burial of the famous Prince Oleg! It was he who united the Novgorod and Kiev lands and created a state called Russia! We went for a walk, took pictures. Amazing!

Музей купеческого быта

Not far from the Prophetic Oleg barrow, in Old Ladoga, we will visit the museum of merchant life. Interest in the old times, so on a full program. Interiors of the XIX century, a large table in the living room, a piano, sewing machine like our great-grandmother, bright drapes on the windows in the main room, a massive old buffet, carpets with oriental designs. Substantially. It must have given people weight in their own eyes.

Старая ладога

Well, now it's time for a little refreshment. Let's imagine ourselves as merchant offspring and have a nice lunch. A cafe to become a museum, the atmosphere of the house of a wealthy peasant of the XIX century, delicious and good dishes. Visitors were praising mead. But we drive.

Old Ladoga castle (Староладожская крепость)

After a meal, we go to see the ancient fortress. The Old Ladoga Fortress was built according to all rules of fortification art - at the confluence of the Ladoga River in the Volkhovs at the turn of IX-X centuries. How could they have erected such powerful buildings then? Of course, over time, the fortress was rebuilt, but still surprising engineering art of the masters of the time. Now the fortress has been reconstructed and recreated in its most powerful form. And in the X century the fortress did not let the invaders from the Baltic to the Russian lands.

Knyaz' Ryurik

After a thorough wander around the fortress, we will go and have dinner. Home-style cuisine with ancient and traditional dishes. Delicious baked fish, boiled first courses, desserts from fruits. You won't stay hungry.

Day 2: Between two lakes

Today you will start your morning in the wonderful Svirskaya Victory Park, visit the monastery where St. Alexander Svirsky rests, drive along the most beautiful Onega Lake and by the evening you will be in Petrozavodsk.

Парк Свирской Победы

After a good rest, we're off on the road. Right in the morning, we arrived at Svirskaya Victory Park. This is a memorial park with a good local history museum, dugouts - everything as it was. The park was laid back in 1944 in the place where our troops forced the Svir River. And what freshness flows from the river! And a beautiful sandy beach.

Свято-Троицкий Александра Свирского мужской монастырь

This monastery is set amidst amazingly beautiful nature: majestic fir trees, mighty trees, transparent streams and large lakes... The temples are very beautiful and majestic, white-stone, they seem to call upwards. The relics of St. Alexander Svirsky rest there as well. The monastery buildings are recognized as architectural masterpieces of the XVII century by art historians. The frescoes in the Trinity Cathedral are simply delightful. Bright, joyful! And the nature around it is some kind of joyful and blessed! The air is wonderful.

Ресторан Мандроги

We'll stop for lunch on the way from the monastery. Interesting interiors in old Russian style, the appropriate menu. Pies are especially famous - this is the zest of the local restaurant. The ceilings are painted with frescoes. The good lion looks right into our plates. Would you like a treat?

Юксовичи, Церковь св. Великомученника Георгия Победоносца

Further on, on the very bank of Lake Yukos, the Church of St. George the Victorious. It's ancient, wooden, which she's never seen before...


And we are all heading north and north, and for several hours now we have been driving along Onega Lake. What an indescribable natural beauty!!! It's not for nothing that we made a stop here. We've got wonderful photos. They say that there are very beautiful sunrises. We only made it to sunset. It's a very nice gentle bottom. But in the north, there are rocks! The fishermen boasted of the catch, and we have to move on.

The Кухня

And here we are in Petrozavodsk. We're stopping for dinner. An unusual interior of the cafe. It's playful. We liked the drinks very much: both coffee and tea were very pleased. We had a good dinner. It was delicious, simple and cozy.

Day 3: Charm of Kizhi Island

The main gem of this day will be a visit to Kizhi Island. And the framing will be a walk along the promenade, the park and treats of local cuisine.

Prichal Petrozavodska

So as not to leave the car in the berth parking lot, we went there on foot, good, it's not far. We're going to Kigi on a meteor.

Kizhi island (о. Кижи)

A long elongated island on Lake Onega, among natural beauties, is famous for its open-air museum-reserve. The emerald greenery of the island itself and the beautiful wooden temples erected without a single nail! The height of the Transfiguration Church is 37 meters. This is the most complex and largest wooden structure! There are not only churches, but also windmills, houses, chapels are so united with the landscape that one gets the impression that you are in the past. You can explore the island on foot or by bike, even on a horse in a bricycle. That's a beauty worth seeing. I recommend it.

Ресторан «Фрегат»

Once back from the island, we'll have lunch near the pier. Here you can book a table on the street with a great view of Lake Onega. That's what we did. I also wanted to contemplate the water-cloud idyll. And here, in such a relaxed state, we had lunch. It was delicious. The dishes are European. Time to move on.

Онежская набережная

Petrozavodsk has its own embankment. It is cozy, quiet, with a rotunda, with small moorings. Very unusual. We went for a walk and took a picture.

Парк 50-летия Пионерской организации

Not far from the embankment there is a park of the 50th anniversary of the Pioneer Organization. That's where we went for a walk. There is a picturesque pond, openwork bridge, sculptures. We recently renovated it.

Karelian Gornitsa (Карельская горница)

It's all on foot, it's not far from each other. After a walk in the park, we decided to have dinner. The cuisine here is Karelian, very unusual dishes and drinks. The city stands on the lake - delicious fish is provided for you. Service and preparation of dishes is on the top. I liked it.

Day 4: The charm of Karelian nature

Today you will enjoy the nature, visit the Kivach waterfall, stop at Sundozero, visit the Marcial Waters resort, see the Church of Apostle Peter, enjoy delicious dishes in the café and pub, and pick up local Karelian hotels.


In the morning we decided to refuel immediately, and for this bakery with fresh baked goods is perfect! We chose between tea and coffee for a long time, in the end we took both.

Kivach Falls (Водопад Кивач)

Let's keep going. And so we stopped to see the waterfall. It's like being on the edge of water and lakes! We went around the waterfall from different sides, and in the end we got wonderful pictures! And the air! A spray of crashing water is very nice.

Озеро Сундозеро

8 kilometers from the waterfall, the Sundozero. Well, now hold on! The names of the surrounding lakes are, of course, unusual. Specifically it is an elongated shape, on the banks it is a dense coniferous forest. We talked to the fishermen. They're boasting about the catch. Judging by their catch, it's not for nothing. The weather with us was perfect - quiet and windless. But the locals told us that it could change in a moment and a real storm would break out. In the meantime, the water is clear in the lake, and there are white curly clouds on the horizon.

Sedoy Kivach

We'll go and have lunch. The interior has folk motifs and is something like a hunting lodge. But we've been fed perfectly! It's an honor, after all. And also here you can buy national products for take-out. Well, who likes it?

Марциальные воды (филиал Музея Республики Карелия)

We've already figured out that there's water all around, but it turns out it's also mineral! There's even a mud and water clinic founded by Peter the Great. There's water with a high iron content. And people with iron deficiency are quickly put on their feet. Amazing! What we don't have in this country...

Церковь Апостола Петра

In these same Marcial waters there is a temple that remembers King Peter I himself. They say that even Tsar Peter himself was the author of the project. It is quite different from the strict server temples. But, anyway, it stands to this day and pleases all who come.

Харчевня «Петровская»

We decided to have dinner here before we left. Everything here is connected with the name of Sovereign Peter, because if it were not for his will, there would be no local balneological resort. The meal made the local borsch happy (still, when there is a lot of water in the air and in the springs, by the end of the day it becomes chilly), baked pike-perch and tea with fragrant herbs.

Day 5: Natural Beauties of Karelia

Today you will visit the beautiful Karelian Zoo, Ruskeal Waterfalls, visit the underground lake and climb the Marble Mountain. And have dinner in a beautiful cafe against the background of pristine nature.


We are climbing north and want to have as many interesting places to visit as possible, so breakfast and lunch today will be outdoors. We'll stock up on fresh food for that. Why, I like it so beautiful format: I stopped in any picturesque place, spread a tablecloth and had breakfast. And I'll also open a little secret: we're going to the zoo, so we'll stock up on carrots in the store: very much respect her pets there.

Karel'skiy Zoopark

Wonderful Karelian Zoo is spread on the shore of Lake Janisjärvi. We picked up carrots in the shop not for nothing! Most animals here can be fed right from the hand. There are a lot of animals: bulls, rams, goats, badgers, all kinds of birds... Quite a few of them walk, shine... You can walk there at least all day. But we went for a walk, looked at it and moved on.

Водопады Рускеалы / Ruskeala Waterfalls (Рускеальские водопады)

So we got to the delightful plain waterfalls. It's so beautiful! You have to see it! It's not just to see, it's to watch. The view of the flowing water is mesmerizing. There are special daredevils who overcome them on special boats. But this is not for us. We're better with a photo gun, from the shore. And the rest of the time we will admire, walk, wander and enjoy the beauty and clean air.

Underground lake (Подземное озеро)

Very close to the Ruskeal Falls is an amazing underground lake. It's like nature has laid out to us one after another, all its wonders in a row. I've never seen such a reservoir in the rocks, I must admit. Since there are lifeguards hanging around the perimeter, there must be some daredevils swimming in the underground lake. But we didn't take any chances.

Мраморная гора

From the underground lake we go straight to Marmara Mount! Look how beautiful it is! When we were on the south side of Lake Onega, experienced fishermen told us that the shores in the south are sandy and gentle, and in the north side - there are solid rocks! And now, having climbed north from Lake Onega, we see it every day.

Кафе-бистро «Точка на карте»

And so, after breathing the fresh air and looking at the natural beauty, we go for dinner. Pleasantly surprised by the modern café among the virgin nature. The menu is good, too. We had a pleasure to have dinner, enjoying the views, we were very pleased.

Day 6: Historical excursions in nature

This morning, hurry up to Ladoga beach, then visit the ancient fortress of Korela, stop to see the Tiver fortress and taste excellent dishes in local restaurants.


Got an early start in the morning! Inspired by yesterday's journey, already waiting for a new experience. We'll stop here for breakfast. The food is delicious. Fish dishes are beyond any competition. I liked it.


And here we are on the posh beach of Lake Ladoga. Such sand... And the views around! There's so much space. It's very beautiful. The locals say that very often there is warm water and you can swim!

Гастрономическое кафе «Точка на карте»

To our surprise, there's a lovely cafe. We decided not to get wise, but to have lunch here. It's delicious and original.

Korela Fortress (Крепость Корела)

An ancient, mossy fortress... That's where the grey old man is. Some say the Swedes founded it, others say the city was here even before they came. Not as vast as the previous fortresses, but still interesting.

Тиверское Городище

It's so old... In XIV century on the place of the present settlement was the city of Tiversk. For 100 years it defended against attacks of Korela. Tiversk stood on an island, now, because of the retreat of water, the fortified settlement is on land. From the south, the city of Tiversk was defending the rampart, from the north - a stone wall. Still there are remains of masonry. Ornaments and iron objects were found on excavations. This is a rich history here.

Добрый Лось

We have dinner at a cafe near the town. Very fresh air and good menu. We have prepared and brought everything quickly and tasty.

Day 7: Wonderful local nature experiences

Today you will visit the sandy beaches, the amazing Zubrovnik Zoo, ride the waves and have dinner in a wonderful restaurant.

Пляж в Лосево

We'll start the day by resting on the beach. Spacious, beautiful. Golden sand and boundless water surface.

Осиновское озеро

There are still plenty of small lakes in these places. You know, like small... It's when you can see the opposite shore. That's one lake we'll stop at. Lake Osinovskoye. Dense green forests along the coast, like everywhere else here. And as we go down to the water, the aspens are fluttering with their leaves. They're loved here. The petals that cover the domes of wooden churches in Kizhi are cut off from their wood. The water in the lake is clean, the scenery is great. The photo shoot was a success.


Did you know that the zoo where the bison live is called the Zubrovnik? And I didn't know that... And in fact, I thought that the bison were only in Belovezhskaya Pushcha and remained. Turns out they didn't. Here they live perfectly, and with them other animals: goats, rabbits, turkeys. And to feed animals here you can not only carrots, as in the Karelian Zoo, but also other fruits. Children are delighted and adults like it.

Охта Рест

And we'll have lunch here. But not too tight, we have one more exciting thing to do. We had a tasty, fast and hearty lunch.

Wake Station

And here you can have a great ride on the wave. And don't worry, it's our first time, too. There are experienced instructors here, who will explain and teach you everything. We had such a good time that we didn't notice how it flew. Splashes, speed... We recommend that everyone be here. You'll like it for sure.


And now, after such a delightful workout, you can have dinner. Exquisite menu, the dishes were well prepared. We had dinner with pleasure and in no hurry, stretching the pleasure of the last minutes of the journey.