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The road to the sea: fishing, horseback riding and hiking

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By the sea in winter there are few tourists and all the infrastructure is open only for you, which creates a special atmosphere. Three days of hiking, horseback riding, fishing, wine tasting and hiking await you. You will also learn about the history of the region, see ancient excavations and an old pagan cemetery. Have an exciting journey to the sea! **Book hotels along the route with up to 10% cashback. A special offer for Mastercard holders awaits you on the itinerary!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Horseback riding, fishing and a slice of history

Your day will start with acquaintance with Azov fortress and studying the history of Azov city. After that more active rest is waiting for you, during which you will be able to catch fish, ride horses or in warm winter even on quad bikes. You will spend the night in Anapa, feeling the touch of winter wind from the sea.


Петровский бульвар

Make your first stop, stroll along Petrovsky Boulevard and enjoy its beauty.

Azovskaya Krepost'

The fortress of Tana began to be built by Genoese and Venetian merchants as a stronghold of trade under the Golden Horde city of Azak at the end of the 13th century. After the fortress was destroyed and rebuilt. You can order an excursion to learn more about the history of the fortress by calling 8 (86342) 4-49-35 and 8 (86342) 4-03-71. The ramparts of Azov fortress are open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.

Пороховой погреб

The Powder Cellar in Azov was built in 1799 and is the only example of fortress construction of Catherine the Great times in the whole south of Russia. It is open from 10 am to 6 pm. Please note that the museum only takes excursion groups on Mondays. You can book a tour by calling +7 (86-342) 4-11-09.

Версаль ресторанно-гостиничный комплекс

A short stop for lunch at the hotel complex. You don't have to go to France to be in Versailles. You can make reservations by phone: 8 (918) 315-5-315.

Country club "5 Prudov"

Stay at the club for fishing. Please note that fish may only be caught up to 5 kilograms. Visiting rules can be found at [website]( Advance notice of your arrival should be given by phone: +7 (918) 07-07-147.

Farm ECO-tourist complex

A stop is waiting for you to go horseback riding, which is one of the oldest forms of entertainment that attracts those who love interacting with animals. If you wish, you can stay longer and ride quad bikes (depending on weather conditions). The eco-farm is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. To visit the farm you need to leave a request through [website]( or get information by phone: 8 989 215 2466, 8 989 765 0636.


After a long drive, fishing and horseback riding, a dinner at the wine bar with excellent wine and a hearty meal awaits you. You can reserve a table by calling +7 (938) 485-40-06.

Набережная Высокий берег

After dinner, take a stroll along the promenade, breathing in the fresh, cool winter sea breeze.

Day 2: Ancient excavations and hiking

Today you will spend the day walking along the ancient monuments. First the excavations of the ancient city of Gorgia, then an ancient pagan temple in the forest and a burial ground in a gorge. Besides the cross-country walking you will know what it is like to fly like a bird and to rush on a horse through vineyards. You will spend the evening in Gelendzhik, enjoying the sea breeze.

Раскопки Древней Горгиппии

On the site of modern Anapa in ancient times was the city of Gorgippia, which was part of the Bosporan Kingdom. The first settlements appeared here in the IV century BC, further the city became one of the richest in the region. Now only the ancient artifacts found here are left of it. The museum is open in autumn, winter and spring from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, on Fridays from 10:00 to 17:00, and Monday is a day off. You can book a tour on [website]( or by phone +7 (861) 335-64-04.


There is a wind tunnel in the center of Anapa where you can experience the state of flight every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can get more information at [website]( or by phone +7 (988) 669-91-00.

Начало Кавказских гор

It is here that the Caucasus Mountains originate, stretching for 1,100 km to the very coast of the Caspian Sea.

Озеро Сукко

Here is the lake, the symbol of the region, which is depicted in many photographs. It is famous for the cypress trees that grow right in the middle of the lake. Once here, you can't even believe that there are such places in Russia. Take a walk by the lake, enjoy its beauty. Take a thermos of tea to warm you up.

Lobanova Schel

The Lobanova Gorge is a rather deep gorge cutting the southern slope of the Navagir ridge. Old burial grounds are located here. Along the valley of the slit a stream flows, hiding 1 km from the mouth. Be careful on the road, wear comfortable waterproof shoes.

Villa Roses restaurant

Because of the busy morning, lunch is quite late. Enjoy it and the beautiful view of the lake from the restaurant. You can make reservations by calling 8 (988) 769-00-18 or at [website](

Abrau Durso Horse Club.

The Abrau Durso estate is home to a horse club. And since horse riding is an ancient entertainment of the locals, continue your active recreation and acquaintance with horses. Provide advance notice of your visit through the contacts listed on [website](

Suolo Italiano

It's time for dinner, an Italian restaurant overlooking the bay awaits you. Try the traditional spaghetti bolognese and for dessert try the pannacotta. **Pay your bill at the restaurant with your Mastercard, with a discount of up to 12.5%. To get the discount, tell the waiter the type of your card before payment. **[Full promotion terms and conditions](**

Центральная набережная

Another beautiful promenade for an evening stroll after dinner.

Day 3: Water procedures

You will spend the whole day by the water. First you will drive away from the sea, where you can enjoy the pre-dawn silence, then you get to 4 waterfalls, which are known throughout the region for their beauty. Part of the road will be off-road only, so it will be necessary to prepare a car or walk. In addition to the waterfalls, you will be able to find the resemblance of Dante's Gorge to the Divine Comedy.

Gebius Falls

Before you start the trail to the waterfalls, there is a large parking area where you can leave your car. There are seven waterfalls in total at Gebius. The three largest of them are named 'Lace', 'Grotto' and 'Devil's Mouth'. Take a walk along the landscaped trail, which is less than 3 km one way.

Colonel Falls

Once you are in the village of Polkovnichy, you should follow the main road without turning anywhere. Besides the iron bridge at the entrance you will see a ford over the river. If you go straight all the time, you will come to a dead end and a sign with the name "Waterfalls". From here you start the walking part of the trail. You can walk along the river bed the whole way. It is easier to walk straight along the water and not to meander from bank to bank. If you want to reach the last waterfall, you will have to overcome 7 km in one direction. There are 9 waterfalls in total, but you do not need to see all of them. It is better to have higher waterproof shoes and rain gear just in case, as there can be a lot of rainfall.

Grand Paradise Restaurant

Have dinner and say goodbye to the sea, your further way will be towards home. You can reserve a table in this wonderful place by calling +7 918 300-44-43.

Смотровая Площадка

A stop for panoramic photos.

Powerful cave

Bogatyr Caves are two caves. They are believed to be the work of man, as the shape and size of the caves also cast doubt on their natural origin. Look inside and wonder if it is true or if Mother Nature really created them. Be sure to bring a flashlight to make exploring the caves more interesting.

Дантово Ущелье

Dante's Gorge is named after the Italian poet Dante Alighieri because of his work The Divine Comedy. Locals have found similarities between the work and the real gorge. The underworld in Dante's interpretation consists of three levels: hell, purgatory and paradise. The locals saw them in this particular gorge, after which it is named. Step inside and find that very connection to the Divine Comedy.


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