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The road to the sea: fishing, horseback riding and hiking

The road to the sea: fishing, horseback riding and hiking
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Active Leisure🎅 Winter Trips
By the sea in winter there are few tourists and all the infrastructure is open only for you, which creates a special atmosphere. Three days of hiking, horseback riding, fishing, wine tasting and hiking await you. You will also learn about the history of the region, see ancient excavations and an old pagan cemetery. Have an exciting journey to the sea! Book hotels along the route with up to 10% cashback. A special offer for Mastercard holders awaits you on the itinerary!
Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Fishing in the club "5 ponds.
  • Horse rides on an eco-farm.
  • Wind tunnel trip.
  • Cypress lake.
  • Hiking in Lobanova Hollow.
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Horseback riding, fishing and a slice of history
Day 1436 km914 m

Horseback riding, fishing and a slice of history

Your day will start with acquaintance with Azov fortress and studying the history of Azov city. After that more active rest is waiting for you, during which you will be able to catch fish, ride horses or in warm winter even on quad bikes. You will spend the night in Anapa, feeling the touch of winter wind from the sea.
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Ancient excavations and hiking
Day 2152 km

Ancient excavations and hiking

Today you will spend the day walking along the ancient monuments. First the excavations of the ancient city of Gorgia, then an ancient pagan temple in the forest and a burial ground in a gorge. Besides the cross-country walking you will know what it is like to fly like a bird and to rush on a horse through vineyards. You will spend the evening in Gelendzhik, enjoying the sea breeze.
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Water procedures
Day 3535 km

Water procedures

You will spend the whole day by the water. First you will drive away from the sea, where you can enjoy the pre-dawn silence, then you get to 4 waterfalls, which are known throughout the region for their beauty. Part of the road will be off-road only, so it will be necessary to prepare a car or walk. In addition to the waterfalls, you will be able to find the resemblance of Dante's Gorge to the Divine Comedy.
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