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The Pearls of Nature of the Krasnodar Region

Road Trip Route. You'll be on the set of the Soviet film Diamond Hand., You'll see the Devil's Jaw Falls., Walk along the Alley of 1000 pines and taste the healing water of mineral springs., Visit caves with mysterious origins, See the Mirror Rock and the natural beauty of the Western Caucasus from a bird's eye view., .

This trip will make you forget about the city noise and allow you to visit unforgettable natural places on the Black Sea coast. Thanks to this trip, you will be able to enjoy the fresh mountain air, taste the healing water from mineral springs, as well as see such unique natural attractions of the Krasnodar region as Kiseleva Rock, Mirror Mountain, Psechiako waterfall and Bogatyrsky caves.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Sochi

Ann Mikhaylova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Natural attractions of the Black Sea coast

Today we will visit the Rock of Kiselev, see a waterfall 23 meters high, and walk along the alley of 1000 pines, where we can taste the healing water of mineral springs.

Skala Kiseleva

Kiselev Rock is one of the most beautiful places in Tuapse, but A.A. Kiselev himself is an artist who once dedicated such paintings as "Kadosh Rocks", "The outskirts of Tuapse" and "Descent to the sea" to this very place. He was in love with the nature of Tuapse and even had a summer cottage here, because it was his real place of strength and inspiration. However, this is not all that this place is known for, because it was shooting one of the scenes in the film "Diamond Hand" by Leonid Gaidai beloved by many. There is also a wild beach near the rock, which captivates with the beauty of its landscape. It is really worth seeing!


There is a long road ahead of us, so on the way to our next point of the route you need to stop at the local grocery store.

Vodopad Psechiako

Pseciaco Waterfall is one of the main attractions of the city Hot Key. The "Jaws of the Devil" consists of 4 cascades, its height is 23 meters. Do not be afraid of the name of this natural attraction, you will not find the devil here, and the path leading to the waterfall is quite light and well-trodden, so this path can overcome even a poorly prepared tourist. At the top of the waterfall there is a camp where tourists can make mooring, rest and refreshment.

Аллея 1000 сосен

The final point of our journey today is 1000 Pines Alley. Surprisingly, this place appeared in 1958 thanks to schoolchildren, who planted thousands of pines here and gave locals and tourists such a quiet and peaceful place to relax. It is always clean pine air, pleasant coolness and silence interrupted only by birds' chirping. Also at the end of the Alley is the Drinking Gallery, where you can taste the healing water of the mineral springs Hot Key.

Sicily - pizza chain

After such a long and busy day, perhaps the only thing you really want is to take a hot shower and forget about sleeping. So you can order at a local restaurant called "Sicily" and treat yourself to delicious pizza already in your hotel room.

Day 2: Alone with the nature of the Hot Key.

On the second day of our trip we will visit the Bogatyr caves, see the Mirror Rock and admire the beauty of the Western Caucasus from a bird's eye view!

Powerful cave

Bogatyrsky caves of Hot Key are not only a beautiful natural attraction, but also a real mystery, because today no one can say exactly how they appeared here. However, the locals are convinced that the caves were carved out by Slavic heroes who protected the poor and destitute people, because of which they had many enemies and were forced to hide in caves. According to another version, these caves used to be used by ancient Adygeans for burial of the higher class. Of course, you can hardly find the truth here, but it is definitely worth visiting!

Zerkal'naya Skala

The Mirror Rock is the very natural attraction that always brings tourists a sea of emotions. It is a smooth, steep rock with a height of 32 meters! The rock got its name because at a certain time, just a few minutes, under the rays of the sun it sparkles quartz rock, which reminds a real mirror. Despite its majesty, the rock that makes up the rock is quite soft, so it's easy to leave your mark on it, even if you barely touch it. There are a lot of parking lots near the rock, where you can make a halt and have a little rest. Not far from the rock there is a red iron spring and Maltsev waterfall, which are also worth your attention.

Смотровая Площадка

The panorama "Ridge Pass" is an observation platform, from where on clear days you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the mountains. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the nature of the Western Caucasus from a bird's-eye view and take a photo for memory. Next to the observation deck is the sculpture "Three Bears", with which resort guests also like to take pictures.


After such a long and busy day you can taste aromatic shish kebabs, fresh seafood or hot soups in the cafe "Solaris". And excellent service, polite staff and cozy atmosphere will brighten up your evening.