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The Nature of the North of the United States

Road Trip Route. We will visit the famous Acadia National Park, We'll climb the mountains, go down to the beaches and even visit the museum, Visits to national reserves and parks in the north of the United States are also planned.

This journey takes place mainly in one of the northernmost states of the United States, Maine. The main purpose of the trip is to visit one of the most unique American natural objects - Acadia Park. Its area is about 200 square kilometers, it is home to an incredible number of different species of animals. We will take the ring road on the island of Mount Desert, which passes through the most beautiful places of the park. In addition, we'll also stop at a few interesting places on the way to and from Portland. And the final chord of the trip will be a visit to the White Mountain National Park. Here, as well as in Acadia, we are waiting for the incredible nature of the American North with all its features, among which there are many opportunities for active recreation, as well as beautiful, pristine landscapes.

Relaxing Leisure, Uninhabited Nature. From: Portland

Edward Harrington. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Prepare to travel

We're coming to the state tonight. Since we won't have much time by the time we arrive, we only have plans to prepare for the main trip, namely, to rent a car and check-in at the hotel.


When we arrived in Maine in the evening, we were very hungry, and our luck was not far from the airport, we came across a good OTTO pizza place. Pizzas on the menu are divided into several categories - cheese, vegetarian and meat. There are also a few more salads to choose from and gluten-free pizza. It's also nice to be able to compose the ingredients to your liking.

Day 2: On the way to Acadia.

Today we're going to Acadia National Park as planned. On the way, we'll make a few stops at incredibly beautiful natural locations in Maine, and by evening we'll be at our destination.

The Holy Donut

The first day of the journey has begun, and before we set off, we will stop by the café on the way to The Holy Donut. It has a cozy atmosphere and a huge selection of doughnuts and other sweets. We had breakfast with doughnuts and fruit stuffing, and we also got coffee. Besides, as the way is not very close today, you can stock up on strong coffee and sweets on the road.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Our first stop was the picturesque Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Park. The territory is very well-groomed, planted with rare flowering plants, which create not only a contrasting landscape, but also a pleasant smell. It's a safe place to get lost for two or more hours, but since we still have plans, we've moved on.

Camden Deli

Having spent a long time on the road, we came across a nice cafe near the bay. And we didn't regret stopping because the menu here is very diverse. There are meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, but we liked green salad the most, and chicken fried with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil.

Camden Harbor Park

Near the cafe was the picturesque Camden Hills Park, where we decided to go. Maine's mesmerizing nature appears in all its glory. There are plenty of paths and paths for walking, in winter you can go snowboarding or sledding here, and in summer you can see a lot of different kinds of birds here.

Pat's Pizza

We've come to Acadia National Park, the main point of our journey. Time's late, we should stop by for dinner. There's a good Pat's Pizza around here. In addition to delicious pizza, chicken, fried potatoes, soups and sandwiches are also served here. We liked the shrimp and crab soup and margarita pizza.

Day 3: The incredible beauty of Acadia Park

We reached the island of Mount Desert, where one of the most important natural objects of the country - the Acadia Park - is located. We will drive up the most beautiful points of the park, climb the mountains, descend to the ocean coast, walk through the forests along the rivers and lakes.

2 Cats

Beautiful morning, and we went to the nearest breakfast café, 2 Cats. The atmosphere here is quite cozy and pleasant. You can take many kinds of omelette and other egg dishes, as well as a good selection of toasts, cakes, biscuits and coffee. It is worth paying attention to a dish called a Mediterranean breakfast, as well as berry cakes.

Acadia National Park

Being in the Acadia National Park, you immediately understand why this place is one of the most beautiful natural sites along with the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park and other parks. The landscape here is reminiscent of Finland - high mountains, dense forests, lakes, rivers. Humanly untouched nature literally prospers in these places, often meeting a variety of animals, such as deer, squirrels, ducks, chipmunks, beavers and elks, and on the coast of the ocean, if fortunate, you can see a dolphin or even a whale.

Cadillac Mountain

One of the highest points of the park is Mount Cadillac. The mountain itself is more like a plateau - the ascent here is not difficult, so you can take your children with you without fear. From the top there is an incredible panorama of the Atlantic Ocean, especially at sunset or dawn. When climbing to the top, it is better to take warm clothes with you, as the winds can be quite cool here.

Sand Beach

Exploring Acadia, you can't help but stop by one of the park's beaches. Sand Beach is located directly between Newport Bay and Bihiv Lagoon. The water in the ocean can be quite cool even in summer, so bathing is only recommended for hardened people. Those who don't want to swim can have a picnic on the beach, walk along the entire bay and take many beautiful pictures of the ocean and the surrounding cliffs.

Bubble Rock

Another amazing place in the park for us was the top of Bubble Rock. The ascent here is not too long and difficult, so that even the people of age and children can handle it without much difficulty, and the views of Jordan Pond are simply magnificent. Besides, the mountain is famous for the boulder balancing on the edge of the rock. You can't just take a picture without it!

Jordan Pond

Descending from the mountain, you can walk along Jordan's picturesque pond. The views of the lake, forest and mountains are fantastic. There are plenty of footpaths, so you can get pretty far. The guys who visit the park not for the first time recommended me to bypass the lake counterclockwise, from the north side, as it is much easier to go, and those who are not afraid of difficulties, can bypass the south, because the landscapes there are no less beautiful.

The Colonel's Restaurant

Having seen enough today, we decided to go to the hotel to rest, and on the way we got a good restaurant The Colonel's. Dinner here is served with traditional American dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, as well as fried meat and many snacks. It is worth noting the family recipe of fish soup, this dish has been prepared here for almost thirty years.

Day 4: Walks and excursions to Mount Desert

Yesterday we already managed to see most of the places in Akadia Park, and therefore we plan to diversify the day a little bit, namely, in addition to a walk in nature to visit the local museum for a tour and, of course, do not forget to visit the local restaurants.


The day starts sooner than usual, because there are a lot of things to do today. Without wasting time, we went to the Mainely-Meat Cafe for breakfast. In addition to traditional bacon omelette and other egg dishes, fried sausages, sandwiches, as well as various cakes and biscuits for dessert are served here.

Town Hill Market

We have a long way to go, and there's probably no way to introduce ourselves to lunch somewhere, so you have to stop by the store and stock up on food before nightfall.

Indian Point Blagden Preserve

Our first stop today was the Indian Point Nature Reserve. Nature here is unbelievable and amazing. There are plenty of walking and hiking trails and you can also walk down to the rocky coastline, which offers stunning views of the bay. You shouldn't bring food and four-legged friends with you here, because it's forbidden.

Seal Cove Auto Museum

Few people know that one of the main attractions of Maun Desert Island is the Seal Cove Auto Museum. Expositions here are dedicated to the history of the U.S. automotive industry, as well as the culture of driving and the cars themselves. There are also very interesting expositions devoted to the cars of the future and devices that should change the world of mechanical engineering.

Wonderland Hiking Trail

Wonderland Hiking Trail is another great place to go for a walk in Acadia Park. The forest often has many paths, you can reach the coast and go down to the ocean itself on a rocky beach. There's a chance on the way to bump into a hare, a deer, a fox, an otter or a coyote.

Seafood Ketch

Since Maine has a very good fishing industry, many of the facilities serve fresh seafood and fish, and Seafood Ketch is one of them. The menu here is very extensive, so we couldn't try everything in one visit, but we didn't regret it at all, ordering fried shrimps and snails with garlic sauce. For dessert, we were delighted with pudding and cakes.

Day 5: Back to Portland

Today's day will be diverse and busy - we will go back to Portland and before that we will visit the continental part of Acadia Park, as well as several interesting places on the way.

La Bella Vita

The last stop on the island of Mount Desert for us was the cafe La Bella Vita. The interior here is quite cozy and elegant, served mainly in Italian cuisine. We liked Italian vegetable soup Acquacotta, as well as chicken with rosemary and pomodoro spaghetti. Pizza lovers won't be disappointed either.

Schoodic Point

The next stop for us was the Schoodic Point National Park. The local natural beauty is in no way inferior to what we saw on the island, and this is not surprising, because Schoodic Point is a continental part of the park. Walking along the quiet forest paths is memorable first of all for the beautiful view that opens from here to Mount Cadillac, the bay and the ocean.

Hothole Valley Parcel

We went back to Portland and we just couldn't stop by Hawthorne Valley Parcel Park on the way. The park is certainly not comparable to Acadia, but it is beautiful in its own way. There are well marked paths in the dense forest, so you can't get lost walking. There are routes just for a walk, there are routes where you have to sweat a little to get through.

Cellardoor Winery At The Vineyard

It was hard to resist and avoid the Cellardoor Winery At The Vineyard winery. Of course, those who drive are unlikely to be able to enjoy locally produced alcohol, but nothing prevents them from taking a few bottles to the hotel, or as a gift to their loved ones. There's also a small grocery store on the farm where you can grab a bite to eat and buy some wine.

Waterfront Park

Driving through the small town of Bath, we decided to stop at a local park near the bay and were not disappointed. Here you can stop, have a small picnic or just walk along the coast, a very beautiful view of the bridge and the other side of the bay. In summer, various fairs and small festivals often take place here.

Salvage BBQ

Arriving in Portland and tired after a long drive, stopped at the bar and grill Salvage BBQ. The interior of the restaurant is quite simple. The menu is full of various meat dishes, most of which are grilled. In addition to pork and beef steaks, we also offer chicken and a good selection of sandwiches. French fries or vegetable salad are good as a snack.

Day 6: White Mountain National Park

The natural beauty of Maine and its surrounding states doesn't end in Acadia Park, we'll go to the White Mountain National Park today to see for ourselves. There are plans to climb the mountains to see the panorama of the park and the surrounding areas.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

On the way to the lake, we stopped by for a snack at a nice restaurant. The menu is divided into several categories - traditional breakfast, it includes classic dishes such as omelette and bacon, breakfast of desserts: pancakes, pastries, smoothies, and a light breakfast consisting of either vegetable salad or oatmeal with pieces of fruit.

Lake Ossipee

So we ended up outside of Maine, and our first stop was Lake Ossipee. Its area is quite extensive and is about 3245 acres. There are all the conditions for kayaking, kayaking, canoeing or just by boat. In addition, the lake is a favorite place for fishermen, there are trout, perch and bull species.

Cathedral Ledge

We drove up to White Mountain National Park and the first stop there was the Cathedral Ledge observation deck. Climbing up here, it's worth remembering the safety rules, because the paths are pretty steep. Climbing to the top, you can see an incredible panorama of the reserve - forests, mountains, water bodies and fields. It's a great place to take a lot of great pictures.

Lobster Trap

On the outskirts of the reserve there is a rather attractive restaurant Lobster Trap. The interior is quite simple, but still cozy. It serves mostly seafood dishes. There are many salads, sandwiches and rolls, as well as soups and snacks like miso soup or fries served with fried shrimps.

Mount Washington

Mount Washington is the highest mountain in the northeastern region of the United States (its height is about 1917 meters). In general, this place is a center of attraction for lovers of rock climbing, because the steep cliffs here a great number, in addition to the usual walk in nature, tourists are also engaged in hang-gliding here.

Tuckerman's Restaurant And Tavern

At the end of the day we stopped by Tuckerman's Restaurant And Tavern on our way to the hotel. The interior of the restaurant is made in an extravagant hunting style. The menu mainly features traditional American dishes such as steaks with French fries, spicy chicken wings, sandwiches, burgers, and salads and soups. It is worth noting here onion soup, as well as chicken and spices.

Day 7: A morning stroll along the coast

Today we will leave Portland and go home, and before that, to finish the journey on a good note, we will stop at the city park, located on the very oceanfront.

Panera Bread

It was decided to start the last day of the trip nearby at the Panera Bread bakery. The menu offers a variety of desserts in abundance. A cup of strong coffee perfectly combines pumpkin baking with berry and chocolate cakes. You can even order oatmeal with orange slices or fresh berries.

Fort Williams Park

The final point of our route was Fort Williams Park. Here, during a walk in nature near the coast, you can see the city lighthouse. Besides, it is very nice to settle down on the grass near the shore and have a little picnic. There are also information boards with some interesting facts from the history of this place.