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The Musical Heart of London: What to do in Camden

The Musical Heart of London: What to do in Camden
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In 1791 Winston Churchill's ancestor and politician Charles Pratt, the Earl of Camden, gave his name to the north side of London and began to develop it by slowly building houses and estates on both sides of the road. The Earl wanted to create a quiet residential area for the educated upper and middle classes. However, contrary to his wishes, the opening of the Regent's Canal in 1820 and the construction of the railroad divided the suburb into two parts not only geographically but also culturally. While the bourgeois occupied the Regent's Park area, Camden Town itself was overrun by warehouses, factories, and with them ordinary workers.
Piano-making and piano-making were the main trades in Camden Town. Traditional spirits, such as wine and gin, were also produced here, and inns began to appear on every corner. At the end of a hard day's work, people would gather in the pubs for a mug of draught beer and feel part of a large and friendly community. Perhaps this is how the neighbourhood became a special place where any kind of judgement was alien. By 1910, Camden was home to many theatres and cinemas, which gradually improved its reputation among central Londoners.
ZIMA Guide
ZIMA Guide
  • Eat pasta at Camden Market.
  • Listen to live music in one of the bars.
  • See where Amy Winehouse lived.

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From David Bowie to Amy Winehouse.
Day 14 km

From David Bowie to Amy Winehouse.

The advent of the 1960s marked a big change in the history of the neighborhood. It was a time of free speech and self-expression: skirts got shorter, clothes got brighter, hairstyles got taller, and rock 'n' roll began to shake the country.
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