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Day 35 km

A Village Surrounded by Walls With Its Castle Standing Guard From Above

It is necessary to dedicate a whole day to visit Morella because each space is a unique piece. The wall that enclosed the town and protected it from attacks centuries ago remains in a perfect state of conservation. The access gates, churches, convents, stairways and streets make up a heritage that is difficult to find anywhere else in Spain.

Day Itinerary

132 m5 min
Porta de Sant Miquel
10:0030 min

Porta de Sant Miquel

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The huge gate of San Miguel is the main entry point to the historic center of Morella. Once through the gate, cobblestone streets wind their way through the walls.
Originally from the 14th century, it has two octagonal-shaped towers where medieval games recreating the life of the inhabitants of the Middle Ages take place inside.
93 m5 min
Porta de la Nevera
10:3515 min

Porta de la Nevera

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The door of the Refrigerator is another of the main entrances that had the walled area of Morella. Today it looks completely rebuilt with a large central arch that joins the two ends. The name of the door is due to the fact that snow was stored in the place as if it were a giant refrigerator.

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