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The Heart of Cossack Ford

Road Trip Route. Enjoy the beauty of ancient nature in a yew-yewshed grove., Visit Dry and Wet Canyon on the River Psakho., Walk over one of the longest suspension bridges in the world at Sky Bridge Park..

The diversity of nature in the south of the Krasnodar region is surprising. We are heading for the foot of the Caucasian reserve. Our journey begins with climbing the mountain Akhun, on the way to the Cossack Brod. Already from Cossack Ford we return to Sochi, visiting stormy rivers, majestic mountains and untouched forests.

Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure. From: Sochi

Polina Zagoryanskaya. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Nature on its way to the Cossack Ford.

The first part of our trip will be along the Black Sea coast. On the way to Cossack ford we will ascend Akhun mountain, admire panoramic views from the Ferris wheel, look at the flora and fauna of the "Southern Cultures" park.


Башня на горе Ахун / Tower on The Akhun Mountain

The first stop on the way to Cossack Ford is Mount Akhun. On this mountain there is the tower of the same name, built by order of Stalin. You can enjoy the panoramic view from the observation deck. At the foot of the tower there is a small square where you can walk.

Kompleks Pik 701

Let's take a ride on the Ferris wheel and admire the panoramic views of the Black Sea, the main ridge of the Caucasus Mountains, Hosta, Sochi and Adler.


There's a long way to go, so we should take a lunch break. Café "Luck" can be eaten in a calm and cozy atmosphere. It serves Italian, Russian and Caucasian dishes, so the choice is quite diverse.

Дендропарк «Южные культуры»

Before we leave the seashore and start climbing the mountains, we'll make a stop at the park "Southern Cultures". Entrance to the park costs 300 rubles. There are more than 1000 species of plants in the park. Among them there are rare eucalyptus, Himalayan cedar and fir. You can also watch swans in an artificial pond and take a walk along the paths in the park.

Амшенский двор

Once you get to Cossack Ford, you should go to dinner. The "Amnshensky Yard" offers dishes of the North Caucasus and European cuisine. The restaurant attracts attention not only with delicious food but also with its interior in the style of medieval castle. There is a small ethnographic museum on the territory of the restaurant. There you can see household items and clothes of Caucasian peoples.

Day 2: Walks at the foot of the Caucasian Reserve

The second part of our journey will be the concluding one. Returning to Sochi, we will be able to visit a bird's eye view of the Sky Bridge Park, enjoy the silence in the Psakho Canyon and stroll through the Yew-Box Grove.

Sky Bridge

If breakfast coffee didn't cheer you up, a walk across the bridge, which sits at an altitude of 207 metres, will finally wake you up. Entrance to the park costs 1,700 roubles for a single ticket, but for that money you can get an unforgettable experience. A viewing platform with a view of the Akhtyrsky Gorge, bungee jumping for an extra fee and a breathtaking view of nature - all this is available in the Sky Bridge Park at a bird's eye height.


We park the car here and walk to the canyon.

Каньон Псахо

The next stop of our journey will be in a canyon on the River Psakho. Previously this place was only open to mountaineers, but more recently the canyon has also become available to ordinary tourists. The place itself consists of two parts - Wet and Dry Canyon. It is worth coming here to fully immerse yourself in the protected area, see untouched nature and swim in the waterfall.


We return to the car and drive to the next point of the route, which is considered to be a business card of Sochi.

Тисо-самшитовая роща

The last point of our trip will be Yew-Box Grove. It is a part of the Shaposhnikov reserve. You can choose one of three routes, the duration of which varies from half an hour to six hours. There are relict trees growing on the area of 300 hectares, preserved in their primeval state even before the Ice Age! The most important tree is yew berry. It is a coniferous tree which gives berries instead of cones. But don't be in a hurry to take them with you, because these "berries" are very poisonous. It is said that drinking from utensils made of yew will lead to a painful death.

Patskha Rtveli Malyy Akhun

On the way to Sochi it is worth stopping at the restaurant "Patsha Rtveli mali akhun" for dinner. In summer you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the view of the spring, and on cold days it is worth eating inside the restaurant. There is not only delicious food, but also a beautiful view of the nature of the south of Krasnodar region.