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The Cotswolds - England's most picturesque villages

The Cotswolds - England's most picturesque villages
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The Cotswolds is a beautiful hillside region stretching north-east for around 80 kilometres from the famous town of Bath.
The land is poor for farming, but ideal for herding sheep. In the Middle Ages there was a flourishing trade in sheep's wool and the profits were used to build churches, public buildings and dwellings. The region is also famous for its limestone mining, which has a unique soft yellow colour. Closer to the southern border of the Cotswolds, the stone takes on a grey hue. Many of the buildings in the region are built from these stones, which is why the Cotswolds looks so picturesque and different from other pastoral English landscapes. Most of the villages here were built in the 12th century, and they survive to this day.
Photographer and blogger Katya Jackson shares the most picturesque views of the Cotswolds with ZIMA readers and what there is to do there.
Katya Jackson
Katya Jackson
Travel Expert
  • Feel like a character in the film "Exchange Holiday".
  • Visit the most photographed village in England.
  • Visit the only Rococo outdoor garden in the country.

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6 fabulous Cotswolds villages
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6 fabulous Cotswolds villages

The best way to get to the Cotswolds is by car. But if you don't have your own transport, you can also use public transport. You can get to the North and Central Cotswolds by train every hour from London Paddington Station. The terminal station is Kingham, the train passes through Oxford (1 hour 25 minutes) and Moreton-in-Marsh (1 hour 35 minutes). To get to the South Cotswolds, you need to take the train to Kemble, which goes via Swindon and also departs from Paddington.
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