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The Beauty of the Russian Riviera: Tea plantations and Russian Switzerland

Road Trip Route. Visit the tea plantation, Take the Rosa Khutor ropeway., Take the Ferris wheel on Mount Ahoyun., Descend into Navalishchenskoe Gorge, Take a walk in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve.

A journey in which you will undoubtedly rest both soul and body. Amazingly beautiful landscapes, fresh air, mountains and wild nature of Sochi will not leave you indifferent. It should be noted that the rest will be very active, so be prepared to walk a lot, explore and be surprised. The route will go through the most important natural attractions of Sochi, you will be waited for: mountain Akhun, Navalishchenskoe gorge, Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, Tiso-Samshitovaya grove. But that's not all, there are other attractions ahead of you: hot-air balloon flight, Sky Park, rodling attraction. It will be fun, informative and beautiful! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Natural attractions of Sochi

Breakfast in a very colorful cafe before a long journey. Head towards Krasnaya Polyana and on the way visit several sights: Matsesta tea plantation, Mount Akhun, Navalishchenskoe gorge. At the end of the day visit one of the best restaurants in Krasnaya Polyana.


Surf Coffee x' Whats Love

Nothing could be better than breakfast in a cozy cafe before an unforgettable trip. Start your day with a tasty, invigorating coffee or a cup of warm cocoa.

мацестинский чай

What is Sochi famous for, except the warm sea and the scorching sun? Tea. This is where the first tea plantation in Russia appeared. So the best way to get acquainted with this beautiful region is to start with Matsesta. Here is one of the best tea factories in Sochi. [On the official website of the factory]( you can find out what tours are offered.

Башня на горе Ахун / Tower on The Akhun Mountain

Amazing place of power. Mount Akhun is the highest mountain in Sochi, and the castle, located on it, in fact, an observation deck. However, the most interesting thing we are here for is the Ferris wheel, which appeared in this place relatively recently. It is located a few metres from the Akhun Tower. The Ferris wheel rises to a height of 701 m, from where you can see amazing landscapes and Olympic facilities.

Navalishchenskoe Gorge Restaurant

In Khostin district there is a natural monument of Jurassic period, which appeared on the fault of the earth's crust - Navalishchenskoe gorge. In the early 2000s, a restaurant called Navalishchenskoe Gorge appeared here, where curious guests are always welcome.

Навалищенское ущелье

This natural monument is part of the Akhun Range. The total length of Navalishchenskiy gorge is 1500 meters. It received its name in honor of the landowner Navalishin, in whose possession in the XIX century this area was located.

The Olympic Rings (Олимпийские Кольца / The Olympic Rings)

On the way to Krasnaya Polyana one more interesting sight will be met - the Olympic Rings. Here you can take beautiful pictures as a memory. There are exactly five rings, they represent five parts of the world - America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Яблоки печём

In the heart of Krasnaya Polyana there is a very atmospheric place where you can have a great time and have a delicious dinner. Here you can enjoy dishes straight from a Russian stove in hand-made ceramic dishes. There is also a cozy veranda overlooking the mountains.

Day 2: Cableway Rosa Khutor

Even though you'll spend the whole day at Rosa Khutor, it'll be very intense. Different lifts that will take you to the most picturesque places: relict forest, valley of waterfalls, to the river Mzmyta. Here you can also take a ride on an unusual attraction - rodlerban. Put on comfortable shoes and take a good mood with you.


The day promises to be interesting. He'll definitely leave his imprint in your memory. But first breakfast.

Rosa Khutor Ski Resort (Горнолыжный курорт Роза Хутор)

It's time to leave the car in the parking lot and go for adventure. You can find prices, lifts and routes in advance at [site](

Rosa Khutor Olimpia (Роза Хутор Олимпия)

One of the most popular cable cars for tourists, its length is 2341 m. The route runs over the Mzymta River and Sulimovsky Creek. On the way, of course, you will be able to enjoy the incredible beauty of mountains and forests, so do not forget to charge your camera.

Rosa Khutor Zapovedny Les (Заповедный Лес)

The total length of the Protected Forest lift is 1511 m. The route passes over one of the most fascinating places in the district - Sochi National Park.

Kavkazskiy Express (Кавказский экспресс)

The total length of this lift is 2370 meters. It will allow you to reach the very top of Rosa Peak, from where you can see the clouds on the same level with you, as well as the neighboring mountain peaks.


One of the most beautiful and popular ski lifts among tourists. Its length is 2658 meters. The cable car "Elelweiss" will take you directly to the park of waterfalls. Also don't forget to bring your passport, because you may be asked to show it. No foreigners are allowed on this ropeway, as it is a border zone with Abkhazia. After you descend the gorge, take a hiking trail to the Mendelicha Falls Park. But before you go, you must eat. You can visit the Cafe Forest for lunch. It is located next to the ski lift. The park has only 7 waterfalls and there are three tourist routes of varying difficulty: the Big Ring, the Middle Ring and the Small Ring.

Kavkazskiy Express (Кавказский экспресс)

After a fascinating walk to the waterfalls it's time to go back. For this purpose use the lift "Caucasian Express". It will take you to another very curious place.

Волчья скала / Volch'ya Skala (Волчья скала)

A chair-type Wolf Rock lift. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the mountain scenery and take beautiful pictures not through glass. The length of the route is 1379 meters. Interestingly, the lift bears its name for a reason, it is named after the sanctuary "Wolf", which is nearby.

Rosa Khutor Zapovedny Les (Заповедный Лес)

Another ropeway we know. We're going all the way down. This lift will take us to one interesting attraction - Rodelban.


Such an attraction can be found at many resorts. However, at Rosa Khutor, it offers unusually beautiful panoramic views of the mountains. The sledge can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h. After skiing, take the Olympia cable car. It will take you to the very bottom, where you left your car.

Rosa Khutor Olimpia (Роза Хутор Олимпия)

The last rope for today is the descent to the valley.


Dine in the true mountain atmosphere of a gastropub. Beautiful mountain views, helpful waiters and delicious food are all on offer at Triconi. It should be noted that the food here is not only tasty, but also diverse, no one will go hungry.

Day 3: We are exploring Krasnaya Polyana.

A few more interesting targets in Krasnaya Polyana: hot-air balloon flight, Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. The highlight of today is the ethnographic center "My Russia" where you will learn everything about culture, life and traditions of 11 regions of Russia.

Ресторан «Романов»

You should have a good breakfast before visiting the animals or flying in a balloon. Gorki Panorama Hotel has an excellent restaurant, which welcomes guests from 07:00 to 23:00. There is a wide choice of dishes, everyone will find what he likes.

Novotel Resort Krasnaya Polyana

A place where you can fly in a hot air balloon, which rises to a height of 40-50 meters. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed. The flights take place from 8:00 to 10:00. The site is located at Polyana 960, behind the Novotel Krasnaya Polyana Resort hotel. The entrance to the site is by the elevator of the Bely Grib restaurant. [Details can be found on the website.](

Вольерный Комплекс Кавказского Заповедника

The aviary complex is a part of the Caucasian State Natural Biosphere Reserve named after Kh.G. Shaposhnikov. It is worth to come here not only for the sake of animals, but also for the sake of nature, which is great here. As for animals, bison, Caucasian deer, raccoon dogs, wolves, "golden" wolf, chamois, lynx live here.

Мясной Дом

If after a long walk there's an appetite, check out Meat House Restaurant. It is relatively close to the next attraction on the route. Here you will be offered delicious meat cooked by the best recipes of European and Caucasian cuisine.

Культурно-этнографический центр "Моя Россия"

If you want to know how people live in different regions of Russia, then you should definitely go to [Cultural and Ethnographic Centre "My Russia"]( Many tourists have mixed feelings about this centre. Indeed, the idea is interesting and unconventional. Visiting this place you will learn everything about history, culture and traditions of 11 regions of Russia: Krasnodar region, Central Russia, Petersburg, Suzdal, Russian North, Moscow, Ural, Kazan, Siberia, Buryatia. You will also be able to buy souvenirs associated with any of these regions.

Набережная Времена Года

Before or after dinner you can walk along the embankment, which is located along the river Mzymty. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of the mountain ranges.


For dinner, head to the Caucasian cuisine restaurant "Gostidze". Huge selection of meat dishes of Georgian cuisine. And the raisin of the restaurant is duck cooked in its own smokehouse.

Day 4: On the way home.

Last day travel, but do not despair, because it will be no less interesting than the previous ones. You will have a walk on the suspension bridge in Skypark, adventure in the Tiso-Samshit Grove and, of course, a delicious dinner in Adler.

Кафе-булочная "Булки в горах"

The morning of the last day is best spent in a small coffee shop, having a cup of coffee and thinking about a great trip to the mountains. Besides coffee, here you can try delicious fresh pastries. Get something to eat, because there are no lunch stops at the cafe.

Sky Bridge

Every self-respecting tourist should visit Skypark and walk across the Skybridge. Skybridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world, with a length of 439 meters. You can book activities at [website](

Тисо-самшитовая роща

Another curious sight in the Khostinsky District. It is an ideal place to take a walk and make beautiful pictures as a memento. There are two hiking trails on the territory of the Yew-Box Grove - a large and a small ring. Entrance is for a fee.

Набережная Олимпийского парка

It's time to get back to modernity. The journey turned out to be great. The cherry on the cake will be a walk along the promenade. You can go down to the sea or admire it from the viewing platforms.


Dine at Fillini, an Italian restaurant. Convenient location, polite service and cozy atmosphere will make your evening unforgettable. **Pay your bill at Filini Restaurant in Radisson Collection Paradise Resort & Spa, Sochi with Mastercard card at 10% discount. **[Full promotion rules]( **