The art of Kolomna, Ryazan and Tula is so different. – Road.Travel

The art of Kolomna, Ryazan and Tula is so different.

Road Trip Route. Art Space Kolomna, Konstantinovo village in Ryazan province, Creative industrial cluster "Octava" in Tula, Nikola Lenivets.

We will combine visiting folk crafts and extraordinary art spaces with recreation in nature, following through the Kaluga, Tula and Ryazan regions. We will look at unknown places from cozy pubs, from hills, riding on attractions in parks of culture and rest. We will not avoid avant-garde and fundamental Russian art.

Arts and Creativity, History and Culture. From: Moscow

Ksenia Beskova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Gzhel ceramics and contemporary art of Kolomna.

We're going to find out what Gzhel ceramics and Kolomenska pastille are. Today we will visit several museums and art spaces in Kolomna. The end of the day will be celebrated in a pleasant city pub in the center of the old city.

Раменский парк культуры и отдыха

Let's start our day in the factory town of Ramenskoye. The park on the hilly terrain and the Cathedral of the Trinity of the Life-Giving by Lake Borisoglebskoye. The monument to the family of deer, probably from Soviet times and the empty Ferris wheel.

Синь России

An ancient village of potters. Existing factories and numerous private masters. Already in the XVIII century Gzhel became known throughout Russia artistic craft. Employees of the factory are pleased to conduct excursions, telling about the life of folk craftsmen, craft development and features of Gzhelian ceramics, which allow you to distinguish the real product from the fake. It is better to arrange the visit in advance by phone at [site](

Ресторан Лазурный

Comfortable parking. Lunch on the summer terrace overlooking the Moskva River. We recommend seafood and soft drinks.

Коломенская пастила

The center of the city of Kolomna. Behind the door to the museum opens a whole separate world: a small market and a tiny cafe. The shops sell souvenir jam, honey and, of course, pastila of all kinds of local production.

Музей органической культуры

Russian avant-garde of the XX century is collected in a wooden house with ancient carved casings. It attracts that all this is located in the Kremlin. Naive art. Weekend: Monday, Tuesday.


In the very center of the city, overlooking the Kolomna Kremlin in the wine department of the gastronomy worked as a loader student of the Pedagogical Institute, Venedikt Erofeev. Now there is an original art space, one of the rooms of which, of course, is devoted to the life of the writer and the whole era of his youth. In the other rooms the life of today flows: musical and theatrical performances, exhibitions of contemporary Russian and European artists.

Набережная Дмитрия Донского

Embankment in the sleeping area of the city. Beach on the shore of Oka. Stalls from Soviet times, sand and hills. Access by car is possible to the very bank.


Parking lot. It's a sunny afternoon to sit on the summer veranda. Quite a successful pub, in terms of price range and variety of menu corresponds to the capital's establishments.

Day 2: Museum-Reserve of S. A. Esenin and Cultural Diversity of Ryazan Province

Konstantinovo village rises above the river Oka, beckoning with its expanses as lovers of S. Esenin's works, and simply wishing to spend the day in the fresh air, leaving behind the city bustle. It's a good start to the day. And the remaining time of this day we will study the tourist part of Ryazan. Perhaps even watch a movie in the open air.

Карьер №1

City beach. It's nice and deserted in the early morning. Loose benches under umbrellas, cafes not yet open. The calmness of the water.

Государственный музей-заповедник С. А. Есенина

Hills, fields, lonely and low spruces. Go to the peasant's hut of Sergey Esenin, where the interior of that time is carefully preserved. Photos of the writer's family, a samovar and a Russian stove. Come down to the pier, have a rest on the bank of the Oka, say hello to Ryazan province.


English pub in the center of Ryazan. Atmosphere of partying and youth. Young, sociable waiters. Big portions, be careful!

Мемориальный музей-усадьба академика И. П. Павлова

We will visit the pre-revolutionary wooden house in the center of the city, where I was born. P. Pavlov. Pleasant yard: bath, sleds and camomiles. There's a piano in the house, candlesticks, a round table. In front of the beautiful wooden building, which turned out to be a scientific center for research and promotion of Pavlovsk legacy! The museum is closed on Mondays.

Рязанский государственный областной художественный музей им. И. П. Пожалостина

Opposite the Philharmonic is practically the Tretyakov Gallery, only in Ryazan scale. Spacious halls and they are all the same: Aivazovsky, Repin, Serov, Shishkin. You can also meet the European art of the XV-XX centuries.


It's always a pleasure to see the experience of capitals adopted by small cities. Cinema in the city center in the open air. On the territory are held sports activities, yoga, workshops, bicycle rental, there is even a climbing wall. You can just work at a laptop, lying in a hammock. Alcohol-free zone. The space is open from early May to the end of summer inclusive.

Рязанский кремль

Evening walk in the historic city center. Street musicians blend in well with the cathedrals built in the XV century. Interesting geometry of the Spassky Monastery and a great view of the tiny pier on the Trubezh River.


Vietnamese cuisine. Pancakes with seafood and mushrooms, and small tidy houses and leisurely life outside. Mango cocktails and time to go to the hotel.

Day 3: Tourist Tula

I do not want to part with the Ryazan region, so in the morning we will wander along the lake shore with still wet high grass. Getting to Tula, we'll take a ride on the Ferris wheel in the park of culture and leisure, created on the site of the city dump thanks to scientist P. Belousov. And we will continue to slowly get to know this city.

озеро Высокое

Huge fields and a frozen lake. A lone bungee swinging. Sit on a bridge or lie on the grass, coming up with plans for the day.


Mikhailov. There are class buildings built in 1912, ancient churches. The simplest outdoor advertising on the facades of two-storey collapsing buildings. Cobblestone bridge, leading to a village within the city limits. Children's amusement park just behind the back of a huge (citywide) monument to Lenin.

На Грядке

Not many cafes meet on this stretch of our journey. It's simple and fast enough. Russian cuisine.

Церковь Иоанно-Предтеченская

Let's look at the provincial baroque in Tula region. The Orthodox Church is in excellent condition. It hasn't been closed since 1773.

ЦПКиО им. Белоусова

A modern city park. Ferris wheel and carousels, book exchange and chess in the open air. Cycling paths and sculptures of characters from fairy tales. Pleasant space for an afternoon walk in the open air.


Panoramic platform on the river bank. Romantic, rarely empty place in the city. The open view justifies the crowds.

What Else?

A gastrobistro in downtown Tula. Free parking and unobtrusive live music. Laconic European interior. It feels easy here.

Три штыка

Memorial to the defenders of Tula. Victory Square. A good place for a short evening stroll after a good dinner.

Day 4: Modern Tula and Kaluga region

So we got to Tula's modern art. The Soviet avant-garde will also meet us on our way. After that, we'll go to get acquainted with the Kaluga region.

Арт-пространство Дом Крафта

A crescent moon lights up every night on the birch in the courtyard of the building. Inside are frequently changing installations, contemporary local artists, guest curators and urban photography. It's a good place to wander, in no hurry and without expecting anything from this place. In this case there is a good chance to find something important for yourself! The art space is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Тульский областной художественный музей

In general, a standard exhibition for provincial museums, but each time there is something appealing. So here too: Russian XIX century, several works by Western masters, cool avant-garde and primitives. The presence of works by Goncharova was pleasantly surprised. It doesn't work on Monday.

Mr. Cup

The Tula Kremlin in the window. Strong coffee. Huge selection of sandwiches.


In the past - a plant for the production of electroacoustic equipment, and now - a creative industrial cluster "Octava". There's an old logo left at the entrance to the territory. The walls of the buildings are decorated with graffiti microphones "Oktava", by the way, the equipment of this production was used by Radiohead and U2. Nice modern space, can't tell you from the capital. Listen to a lecture, a concert, a smoothie.

Храм Архангела Михаила

Kaluga County meets us with the Church of the Archangel Michael. The building is slow but is being reconstructed by the joint efforts of local residents. There is an ancient holy spring nearby.


Reflect on space and science in the centre of Kaluga. Theatrical street is pedestrian from 7 am to 23:00. After taking a photo with the monument, you can ride horses.

Gazpromneft filling station #76

Isn't it time to stop on vacation? You can warm up, fill up and buy goods on the way at Gazpromneft's filling stations.


Gastropub in the city center. Funny names of dishes in the menu and interior. We recommend you to visit.

Day 5: Ferris wheel, planetarium and dinner at Nikola Lenivets.

Quiet rest in quiet Kaluga. Let's look at the city from the Ferris wheel, and in the planetarium on the stars, walk through quiet streets and look at the ancient architecture.


The planetarium isn't open on Monday. There are more than 25 interactive programs presented, so adults will also be interested. Fly into space from all the little problems of life.

Гостиные ряды

14 blocks of the living room yard. They say they've been renovated for 40 years. Now it's a spacious small town square with neat lanterns and benches. You can see the belfry of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which had time to be a cinema long time ago.

Парк Культуры и Отдыха

The park can be accessed through a drive-through gate. On the way to the shore of Oki the restored fountain "Koketka with an umbrella". It's clear. Humble but active attractions, ice-cream tents, cherry trees alley and Ferris wheel.


City comfortable beach with cafes, umbrellas, sun beds on the shore of the Kaluga Sea. Swimming is not recommended, but it does not stop locals much. It was conceived as a reserve reservoir for water sports for the 1980 Olympics.

Black Bull

If you want meat in Kaluga, this is the place for you. For those who are not driving a rich wine list. It's an interesting interior.

Дом Мастеров

Surrounded by Soviet five-storey buildings, there is a treasure of pseudo-Russian architecture. Now inside there is a museum of folk art. Farming of the Kaluga region in all its glory. Non-working days: Sunday, Monday.

Каменный мост

"Ancient Roman viaduct." The bridge was built in 1785. Russian classicism. Pride of Kaluga.

Кафе Гончаров

Cozy space with a summer veranda. The cafe is focused on healthy eating. Calm, pleasant evening outdoors.

Day 6: Nikola Lenivets and return to Moscow

The high bank of Ugra, art objects of modern artists and the fresh air of the huge national park. Today we will reach the place where many musicians, architects gather to improve it with their own hands and fantasies. Many of them remain here to create, attracting local people.


Elephant or octopus? You can climb a spiral staircase to the top of the art object. The river and the huge green spaces.

Вселенский разум

Looks like the ruins of an ancient city or maybe lighthouses. It's nice to walk, run, haywalk. When you feel free and serene.

дом над лесом

Architect Anna Shchetinina. You can climb inside the hut. Listen to the rustling leaves of trees, watch the clouds.

Художественный музей мусора "Му Му"

Let's move towards Obninsk. Project of the Moscow art group "BURO". Caring attitude to ecology and nature. From computer boards the artists made a portrait of Steve Jobs, models of ships made of plastic and debris. If you need to relieve stress, you can beat the dishes here.

Oliva вкусная еда

We'll stop for lunch in Naro-Fominsk. Pleasant light cafe, you can sit on soft sofas. A large selection of tea, coffee, desserts. Sunday's the day off.

Озеро в поселке "Старт"

The Moscow region welcomes us with clear water from the lake. We have not met any people here, and beavers are gnawing at trees. The smell of pine needles.


The trip ends in a pleasant restaurant of American and European cuisine. A flank steak, a glass of white dry wine and already a companion on this trip remembers that it is time to deliver the car.