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The aesthetics of pre-revolutionary dachas

The aesthetics of pre-revolutionary dachas
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Saint Petersburg


12 Hours


By Car


140 km




History and CultureUnique Locations
A trip for those who want to get acquainted with Russian Art Nouveau and spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will walk among the most beautiful country houses of the beginning of the last century, you will touch the atmosphere of creativity in the estate of Ilya Repin, you will visit the park, which used to be the place of the luxurious Marioka estate, and you will find the ruins of an ancient church.
This short itinerary will end in a cozy restaurant that combines home comfort and author's cuisine.
Elena Sadchikova
Elena Sadchikova
Travel Expert
  • Take a walk along the Gulf of Finland.
  • Visit a famous artist's dacha.
  • Find the ruins of the ruined temple.

Travel Itinerary

A day among the old country houses
Day 1140 km382 m

A day among the old country houses

Spend a relaxing weekend strolling along the shores of the Gulf of Finland, see the most interesting examples of pre-revolutionary dacha architecture, visit Repin and finish this mini-vacation in a homey restaurant.
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