We'll visit the capital of Texas . We'll see the Capitol from the inside . Enjoy nature in the parks of two cities . We'll go to a few very important places in U.S. history.

Texas: From Austin to Dallas

The journey of two cities. This is an adventure through one of the most important and interesting places in Texas. You'll go from the state capital to the important Dallas as well. In each of the cities, you'll learn more about the history and nature of Texas. The route is divided so that it is possible to devote a full day to sightseeing, and the next one is to take a break from them in the city parks, which are also an integral part of the culture and history of the state. Have you ever been kayaked? This trip will give you the opportunity to do so! In general, we didn't get bored in a hotel room, just like you wouldn't have to! Good adventures and new emotions!

Texas: From Austin to Dallas

9 days itinerary by Matthew Evans - History and Culture - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Texas

First day in Texas! After the flight, we were tired and we were all thinking about dinner and sleep. On the way to the hotel stopped at a Mexican restaurant, ate and went to the room, very much wanted to take a shower and be in a comfortable bed.
Visiting: Austin, Dallas

Day 2: Getting to know Austin

We decided to start with some of the most important sights to see the city. We visited the Presidential Library and Museum of Art, looked at the majestic Capitol, and in the evening we went to watch the incredible flight of a huge flock of bats. No traveller who comes to Austin should miss such a spectacle!
Visiting: Austin, Dallas

Day 3: A walk in the parks of the capital

Some parks are Austin's hallmark, and today we've decided to spend a whole day outdoors, relaxing from museums and galleries. We rode our bikes, saw turtles living in one of the parks and kayaked.
Visiting: Austin, Dallas

Day 4: The road to Dallas

It was time to move to Dallas. There was one place on the way that we wanted to get to - the Dr. Pepper Museum! Then we drove to a small town to take a break from the road and after a short walk we went to the end of today's route.
Visiting: Austin, Waco, Waxahachie, Dallas

Day 5: The Texas Cultural Center

In Dallas, we went to the George W. Bush Museum first. Then we went to the park and even splashed in the fountain to have a little fun. In the afternoon they dedicated the Museum of Science and Nature and climbed up to the observation deck of the tower, which offers a breathtaking view of the city!
Visiting: Dallas

Day 6: Parks and streets of Dallas

Today we decided to devote our time to outdoor recreation and a walk in the parks. Let's go to one of our favorites, the Dallas Botanical Garden, take a ride on the Ferris wheel in Fair Park and walk around town in the evening to get to know it better.
Visiting: Dallas

Day 7: Museums and attractions

After breakfast, we went to museums. I managed to get to the Dallas Art Museum and a very beautiful, as it turned out, oceanarium. We went shopping and found a charming park, which turns into a small fairytale country in the evening.
Visiting: Addison, Dallas

Day 8: Immersion in U.S. history

The last day in Dallas, which can be dedicated to historical sights. Today, we had to go to the same apartment that killed Kennedy from the window. We also visited the historical museum and watched movies in one of the oldest and most important cinemas in the city.
Visiting: Dallas

Day 9: Time to go home!

It's time to pack up. During this trip we have seen and learned a lot of new things, enjoyed nature in parks in several cities of the state at once. Of course, we haven't seen all the sights, but most of the most important ones, and the rest of them will be visited next time!
Visiting: Dallas