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Texas: From Austin to Dallas

Road Trip Route. We'll visit the capital of Texas, We'll see the Capitol from the inside, Enjoy nature in the parks of two cities, We'll go to a few very important places in U.S. history.

The journey of two cities. This is an adventure through one of the most important and interesting places in Texas. You'll go from the state capital to the important Dallas as well. In each of the cities, you'll learn more about the history and nature of Texas. The route is divided so that it is possible to devote a full day to sightseeing, and the next one is to take a break from them in the city parks, which are also an integral part of the culture and history of the state. Have you ever been kayaked? This trip will give you the opportunity to do so! In general, we didn't get bored in a hotel room, just like you wouldn't have to! Good adventures and new emotions!

History and Culture. From: Austin

Matthew Evans. Blogger.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Texas

First day in Texas! After the flight, we were tired and we were all thinking about dinner and sleep. On the way to the hotel stopped at a Mexican restaurant, ate and went to the room, very much wanted to take a shower and be in a comfortable bed.

El Naranjo

When we got to Austin, we went straight to dinner. For the first night we chose a restaurant located on the way from the airport to the hotel. A place with Mexican cuisine and a very attractive interior. Beautiful serving and everything is delicious. Anyway, we were very pleased with our choice! By the way, it's not possible to have dinner here on Sundays, alas, the restaurant closes early.

Day 2: Getting to Know Austin

We decided to start with some of the most important sights to see the city. We visited the Presidential Library and Museum of Art, looked at the majestic Capitol, and in the evening we went to watch the incredible flight of a huge flock of bats. No traveller who comes to Austin should miss such a spectacle!

1886 Café & Bakery

We went to a bakery for breakfast with a cool interior in retro style and very tasty buns and cakes. Coffee's delicious here, too. Another huge plus of this place is that it, unlike many Austin cafes, works without a weekend from early morning till late evening.

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum

Getting to know the capital of Texas has decided to start with the Presidential Library. It tells the story of an interesting and complex man, Lyndon Johnson, the 36th President of the United States. The museum even has a copy of the Oval Office. Also, we were interested in hearing the president's recorded phone conversations.

The Blanton Museum of Art

Next, we went to the Museum of Art. It's small, but it's got a lot to look at. European, American and world contemporary art is represented here. Thursday was a day of free admission, so we were very lucky! And if you are going to visit the museum on Sunday, keep in mind that it opens at 13 o'clock. If you have enough time, you can spend the whole day looking at the exhibits carefully collected by the museum staff. By the way, the parking lot is, as it turns out, paid, so keep in mind.

Texas Chili Parlor

On the way to the Capitol, we stopped by the local pub for lunch. It's more like an evening outing if you want to rest in a noisy company. But during the day, there are also visitors who just came to eat. We got Chili and Nachos, everything was delicious! Careful, very sharp!

Texas State Capitol

So we've reached the Capitol of the state capital! Very beautiful building of pink granite. There's a park with sculptures around it that's also worth seeing. Entrance is free, excursions are provided. A place to visit if you're in Austin.

Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge

We're here on a tip from the locals. When the sun begins to set here you can see a spectacular sight! Incredible number of bats! They're flying out under the bridge and circling in a huge pack! You can take a kayak and watch this miracle from the water, or you can sit in the park, where they are also clearly visible.

Second Bar + Kitchen

Time to think about dinner. Came into the place after an evening stroll. It was a warm evening and we sat outside. It's a pretty nice place, but if you go inside, it's noisy. Very good service, the girl waiter kindly told us about the dishes, never looking at the menu. Have a good meal, have a good rest!

Day 3: Walk in the Parks of the Capital

Some parks are Austin's hallmark, and today we've decided to spend a whole day outdoors, relaxing from museums and galleries. We rode our bikes, saw turtles living in one of the parks and kayaked.

Jo's Coffee

Found a coffee shop that's been open since the early hours of the morning. A place with tables on a pretty busy street. Got coffee, juice and a couple of bagels. Just what it takes to get the day off to a great start!

Lady Bird Lake

Today we decided to spend a day of parks and enjoy Austin's nature as much as possible. We went to the most famous lake in the area. You can walk along the coast, rent a bike or kayak. We chose the second option.

Shady Grove

Pretty hungry, we decided to look for a cafe for lunch. It was difficult because there were a lot of establishments. Eventually, I chose the Shady Grove diner. There are some good burgers with potatoes in the menu as well as soups and salads.

Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum

Then we visited the botanical gardens, a museum and an open-air sculpture garden. A quiet, wonderful place for rest and contemplation of the sculptor's works. There's even a turtle pond!

Zilker Park

Next on our list was Zilker Park. Favorite place to relax with locals. There is a steam train on the territory that goes through the entire park. We rented a kayak here after a little walk. Amazing sensation, especially for those who have never floated on a paddle!

Vince Young Steakhouse

Last night in Austin, we decided to treat ourselves to steaks at Vince Young Steakhouse. It's a great atmosphere, and you can't tell in words how they cook here! Everything is delicious! Tried the filet mignon and the lamb carpet. The steakhouse is open until 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, until 23 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and is closed on Sunday.

Day 4: The Road to Dallas

It was time to move to Dallas. There was one place on the way that we wanted to get to - the Dr. Pepper Museum! Then we drove to a small town to take a break from the road and after a short walk we went to the end of today's route.

Houndstooth Coffee

We went to the café before we left because we had to have breakfast before we left. It's about an hour and a half before the first stop, so we took a couple of croissants and water with us. Well, it's time to leave Austin we like so much.

Dr Pepper Museum

This is where we wanted to get here a long time ago! The museum will definitely appeal to Dr. Pepper fans! The history of the drink, the old signs and many other interesting things await you here. There is a souvenir shop in the museum, of course we left there and took a can of our favorite soda!

In-N-Out Burger

Not far from the museum they found a snack bar where they had a snack and drank everything with soda from the museum and continued our journey with a great mood.

Waxahachie Square

Since we still had time, we decided to stop by a small town on the way. We walked through his streets, looked at the architecture and took a little break from the car.

Wild Salsa

When they arrived in Dallas hungry, they went looking for food. We stopped by a restaurant called Wild Salsa. There's a variety of Mexican cuisine here. Unfortunately, we came at a time when the restaurant was full of guests and the waiters could not cope. They waited a long time for the order, but it was very tasty. The restaurant is closed on Sunday.

Day 5: The Texas Cultural Center

In Dallas, we went to the George W. Bush Museum first. Then we went to the park and even splashed in the fountain to have a little fun. In the afternoon they dedicated the Museum of Science and Nature and climbed up to the observation deck of the tower, which offers a breathtaking view of the city!


Found a breakfast cafe. Beautiful, cozy place with a variety of cuisine. And the food is delicious and the staff is friendly. We sat there and thought it would probably become one of our favorite places.

George W. Bush Presidential Center

The museum is located on college campus. Visited him on a friend's recommendation. The story of the early 2000s, the events of 9/11 and the life of George W. Bush are mainly described here. Very interesting and informative, you can stay here for a long time, but we did not have much time, unfortunately.

Klyde Warren Park

This park is an island of nature in noisy Dallas. Here locals and tourists escape the scorching sun of Texas. We walked along the shady alleys, rested on the bench under the trees, and freshened up in the fountains. It was the funniest place in the park, the water comes from under the stone slabs in small jets. Children and adults run among them with great pleasure!

Meso Maya Comida Y Copas

The people were a little quiet and relaxed. The portions were large enough to eat one dish. The choice of dishes is small, but everything was delicious. If you like Mexican cuisine, it's worth a visit.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The museum is very much liked! It tells us everything! Dinosaur exhibits, interactive objects, 3D movies about the planet. A lot of things you can touch and learn from practice. There are excursions, but we've decided to look around on our own so we don't have to depend on time.

Reunion Tower

The best view in Dallas! From the observation deck of the city as in the palm of your hand and you can take stunning photos. Also, there's a cafe here. The menu wasn't interesting at all, so we decided to have dinner on the ground.

CBD Provisions

Tonight's dinner has been arranged at CBD Provisions. The institution was chosen on the Internet by feedback and went to check whether it was good. Indeed, the place is worthy of the highest score! Made from organic food from local farms. The price list is above average and the portions are small, but you can make up for the quality and taste of the dishes.

Day 6: Parks and Streets of Dallas

Today we decided to devote our time to outdoor recreation and a walk in the parks. Let's go to one of our favorites, the Dallas Botanical Garden, take a ride on the Ferris wheel in Fair Park and walk around town in the evening to get to know it better.


Before we went to the botanical garden, we had breakfast in a small coffee shop. A couple of toasts and a cappuccino ensured a good mood all day long. After sitting at the table for a while, we went on the road.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

We read a lot about the Dallas Botanical Garden and of course we couldn't help but visit it. The territory of the park is well-groomed and very beautiful, divided into zones with different plants. Water bodies and fountains fill this place with freshness. I really want to highlight the Japanese garden, it's gorgeous! We've had a few hours and the whole park hasn't been bypassed, but it'll just be an excuse to come back here again!

Fair Park

Excellent park for recreation and entertainment. We came here because of the outdoor pool, in hot weather it's necessary! It's a pretty crowded place, but it's got a lot to do. Fair, exhibitions and attractions, everyone will find entertainment to their liking. After swimming in the pool, we went looking for food.

Fletcher's Corny Dog

We didn't think for a long time with lunch and had a bite to eat at the nearest diner. We didn't want to eat much because of the heat, so we had enough corn dogs. In general, the park has a large selection of street food, so you won't be hungry.

Main Street Garden

Today's the day we decided to make Park Day. The place is small, it's pretty quick. Interesting organized benches with backlighting. We still had time, and we also walked down the nearby streets to see the city for a while.

Iron Cactus

On this trip we often visit places with Mexican cuisine. Tonight is no exception and dinner we went to another place with spicy food - Iron Cactus. The restaurant is large, on the second floor there is a balcony and you can sit outdoors.

Day 7: Museums and Attractions

After breakfast, we went to museums. I managed to get to the Dallas Art Museum and a very beautiful, as it turned out, oceanarium. We went shopping and found a charming park, which turns into a small fairytale country in the evening.


We stopped by Starbucks on the way to the Art Museum. We love this place for a very tasty coffee. Wherever we go, we're sure to go for a cappuccino nut, it's our tradition.

Nasher Sculpture Center

Three attractions are right next door: the Centre for Contemporary Sculpture, the Asia Museum of Art and, of course, the Dallas Museum of Art. Unfortunately, we only got one last one, but it was enough. A beautiful place with paintings, sculptures, artifacts and exhibits from all over the world. Also, there are third-party exhibitions, in addition to the main exhibition.

The Dallas World Aquarium

Then we visited the Oceanarium. Coming here, you plunge into the tropical jungle, which is located on three floors at once. In the huge aquariums you can see crocodiles, turtles and other aquatic inhabitants. When we went up to the roof, we found a whole rainforest! Birds fly here and sloths crawl through the trees!

Galleria Dallas

We decided to take a break from museums and parks of the city and went to the shopping center. This is a beautiful and massive building, with a huge glass roof. There's an ice rink in the building and a big food court. We went shopping, bought a couple of things and had a bite to eat.

Vitruvian Park

The park is especially beautiful in the evening. The lights on the trees light up, the illumination turns on all over the territory and you get into a real fairy tale! We've never seen so many glowing trees before. It's a great place to take a walk before dinner and take amazing pictures!

Addison Ice House

They found a bar in the park and decided to have dinner there. Today, without any restaurant delights, they took fries and burgers. There was an atmosphere of fun, music and a table in the corner to celebrate a birthday. Too bad we didn't get a chance to stay here any longer, we had to go to a hotel.

Day 8: Immersion in U.S. history

The last day in Dallas, which can be dedicated to historical sights. Today, we had to go to the same apartment that killed Kennedy from the window. We also visited the historical museum and watched movies in one of the oldest and most important cinemas in the city.


In front of the museum, we went to a cafe near the park for breakfast. We have already been here and we liked everything, so we decided not to look for a new institution on the last day, but to devote more time to the city.

The Sixth Floor Museum

The museum, the place where Oswald shot Kennedy. It tells us about this tragic event for America and about the era in which people had to go through it. We've taken an audio guide for a more detailed study of the issue. There were quite a few people in the museum, and everybody tried to get to the window from which the murder took place more quickly.

Old Red Museum

The next museum on the plan was Old Red Museum, or Historical Museum. The building is one of the most beautiful in the city and stands out from the crowd of new buildings and skyscrapers. The exhibits are exhibited on several floors and tell the story of the U.S. history and, in particular, that of Texas. After spending a few hours, you can learn a lot of new things.

Latin Deli

They chose a place near the museums. The place is small, but it's pretty cheap and delicious. Got a couple of sandwiches and lemonade for dessert cheesecake.

Texas Theatre

The last night in Dallas they decided to dedicate a movie and went to one of the oldest cinemas. The building acquired historical significance in 1963 as the place of arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald. Films, events and concerts are still shown here.


Traditionally, we went to a Mexican restaurant. It's a small place, but it's delicious here. The staff kindly recommended our dishes according to our preferences. After sitting in a cafe for a while, we decided to go to the hotel early.

Day 9: Time to Go Home!

It's time to pack up. During this trip we have seen and learned a lot of new things, enjoyed nature in parks in several cities of the state at once. Of course, we haven't seen all the sights, but most of the most important ones, and the rest of them will be visited next time!

Taqueria La Ventana

Traditionally, before the flight, we had breakfast with Mexican cuisine. It's simple and delicious. It was a pity to have to leave such a beloved city. We bought souvenirs for our friends and went to the airport.