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Day 1426 km1 km

To the Capital through Our History and the Coziness of Small Town

Today, on the way to Washington DC, you will visit a monument dedicated to the heroes of our time, be transported by a time machine to a 200-year-old village and walk through the streets of one of the coziest cities in Maryland, and perhaps the entire United States.

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Today you will have a long drive to Washington DC, so try to get out early to catch a few of the attractions along the route.
134.6 km1 h 30 min
Flight 93 National Memorial
09:1530 min

Flight 93 National Memorial

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Probably, we will never know which object was the target of the terrorists who hijacked the fourth plane on September 11, 2001. According to one version, they wanted to destroy the Capitol. But thanks to the courage of 40 passengers on Flight 93, the terrorists were neutralized. Unfortunately for the heroes, that flight ended tragically, and the plane crashed into a field 240 kilometers from Washington DC.
We will not know how many lives the passengers on Flight 93 saved on that horrible day. The memory of the people who sacrificed their lives is immortalized in this monument.

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