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⚡ (Tesla) Journey into the History of the United States

⚡ (Tesla) Journey into the History of the United States
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⚡ Electric RoutesHistory and CultureUnique Locations
This route includes Tesla Supercharges. For CCS/SAE charging stations, please follow this link On this trip, you will visit our beautiful capital and take an interesting walk through the main park of the country. Here you will see many monuments, memorials and museums dedicated to the history and culture of the United States.
You will visit several quiet, cozy towns, where life seemed to freeze a hundred years ago. The streets here are full of old mansions, and the noise of big cities has remained far beyond the city limits.
You will see the places of the historical battles of the Civil War and the historical village, which recreated the life of 2 centuries ago.
Please note that some tickets for certain attractions on your itinerary must be booked in advance. It also makes sense to book tables in Washington DC restaurants. Links to the websites and phone numbers for booking are provided in the description of specific points.
  • Monuments and museums of our capital.
  • Cozy historic towns.
  • Places of historical battles.
  • Cuisines of different nations.

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To the Capital through Our History and the Coziness of Small Town
Day 1426 km1 km

To the Capital through Our History and the Coziness of Small Town

Today, on the way to Washington DC, you will visit a monument dedicated to the heroes of our time, be transported by a time machine to a 200-year-old village and walk through the streets of one of the coziest cities in Maryland, and perhaps the entire United States.
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National Mall
Day 217 km

National Mall

It is impossible to see all the sights of Washington in one day. Therefore, I propose to explore the main points of our beautiful capital. They are must-see attractions. Most of Washington's top attractions are located at the National Mall or close to it. Therefore, leave your car at the hotel and take a walk in this stunning park.
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Quiet towns and bloody battles
Day 3454 km5 km

Quiet towns and bloody battles

Today you will see two historic cities. The streets here seem to have not changed for two centuries, and life is calm and quiet. The lifestyle here is very different compared to big cities. In addition, you will visit a park dedicated to one of the bloodiest and most significant battles of the Civil War. The park includes museums telling about the events of those tragic days and the war in general.
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