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Temples of the Urals: Kataysk, Dalmatovo, Shadrinsk, Kargapolye.

Road Trip Route. Visit Dalmatovsky Monastery., Walk through pre-revolutionary quarters of Shadrinsk., Visit one of the best parks of Kurgan region in Kargapolye..

Spend an interesting weekend and go on a trip to temples and other sights of the Urals. We will visit Kamensk-Uralsky, where we will see the square where the plant used to be located, from which the development of the city started. We will also visit Dalmatovo, where we will visit the monastery with three centuries of history. We will walk around Shadrinsk in quarters with merchant mansions. The farthest point of the route will be Kargapolye, where we'll walk through one of the best parks in the Kurgan region.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Kamensk-Uralsky, Kataysk, Dalmatovo, Shadrinsk

We will visit Kamensk-Uralsky, where we will walk around Sobornaya Square, where the ironworks that gave life to the city used to be located, and we will walk around the town of aluminers, where an interesting building was created in the Soviet times. From there we will go to Kataysk, where we will see the new temple. Then we will go to the Dalmatov Monastery. And at the end of the day we will walk around Shadrinsk, where we will visit the oldest stone temple in the city and walk through the quarters built up by pre-revolutionary merchant houses.


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Соборная площадь

On Cathedral Square there are several historical buildings of Kamensk-Uralsky. They are the Cathedral, the Drama Theater (in the XIX century - the warehouse premises of Kamensk Uralsky iron foundry) and the Museum of Local Lore (previously - the management of Kamensk Uralsky plant). There used to be a cast iron foundry on both sides of the Iset, which gave birth to the city. Now there's practically nothing left of it. From the square you should go down to the pedestrian bridge over the Kamenka river. It offers a good view of the dam of Kamenka pond. From the bridge, a long pedestrian staircase rises to the other side. It will lead you to the Transfiguration Monastery. It will be to the left of the stairs. In the monastery from the architectural point of view, the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord is especially interesting. Its construction was started in 1872. And it is an architectural monument.

Площадь Горького

From the historical center of Kamensk-Uralsky we go to the other side to the town of aluminers. It's worth walking down Kamenshchikov Street. Typical two- and three-storey houses will be replaced by Stalin's five-storey and constructivist houses. In the center of the street there is a cozy alley with which you can admire the development. Also interesting for walks is Isetskaya Street in front of the park of culture and leisure, Aluminum Street and the pedestrian part of the builders' street.


On Gorky Square on Aluminum, 14 there is a good sushi shop. There is a pleasant atmosphere and a large selection of rolls.

Church of Sorrows in Kataisk

From Kamensk-Uralsky go to Kataysk to the Church of Sorrows. It's a brand-new church. It was built between 2007 and 2010. On the square next to it there is a rowan alley, an alley of fame and the Palace of Culture "Luchesar". The building of the Palace of Culture has a complicated history. Before the revolution it was the Epiphany Church, but the Bolsheviks rebuilt it first as a cinema, and then as a palace of culture.

Uspensky Dalmatovskiy monastery

We'll take it from here to Dalmatovo. The city traces its history back to the founding of the Assumption Monastery in 1644. A few years later the village of Nikolaevskoye was founded near the monastery. In the XVIII century it was given the status of a town with the name Dalmatovo. Go inside the convent. The Church of St. John the Theologian, the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow" are located on its territory. The monastery is surrounded by a powerful brick wall with towers. Unfortunately, it is not properly cared for, and it is gradually being destroyed.

Shadrinsk center

Next we go to Shadrinsk, where we go for a walk through the city centre. There's a big pocket near the house at Komsomolskaya Street, 18, where you can leave your car. In the center of Komsomolskaya street there is Victory Square. Follow it to Sverdlov Street. At the intersection of Komsomolskaya and Sverdlova is the city administration building. Turn left into Karl Liebknecht Street. This is one of the main streets of the city. The architecture of the street is nothing special, just ordinary Khrushchev buildings. Turn onto Karl Liebknecht and you'll find the city garden a block away. Go inside. There are attractions, interesting sculptures and a pond. At the exit from the garden to Oktyabrskaya street there is a monument to the sculptor Ivanov-Shadr, who lived in Shadrinsk for a long time. Next to the monument is a copy of the house where he lived. Cross the road and go along Lunacharskogo Street, after a block turn right into Lenin Street and you will come to the building of the Pedagogical Institute and the Palace of Culture. Across the street from them on Revolution Square, you'll find a park. Its main attraction is the Zhukov Arch. In the park, go out on St. Michael's Street and turn left. At the intersection with Komsomolskaya turn right. A notable corner house is the shop of the merchant Makeev. Go along Komsomolskaya Street until the end of the street and you will come to the Transfiguration Cathedral. This is the oldest stone temple in Shadrinsk that remained till our days. It was built in 1777. In the temple turn left on Pionerskaya street and you will come to Nikolsky Cathedral. It was laid in 1793. Turn left into Rosa Luxemburg Street and after three blocks turn left into Lenin Street. At the corner stands the Shadrinsky Drama Theatre. Further on, interesting merchant's houses that survived until today will begin. After a block turn right into Komsomolskaya Street, and soon you'll be back to your car.

Pizza Time pizza restaurant.

We're going to go to Pizza Time for dinner. It's a block away from where you parked your car. The pizzeria is cozy and beautiful. Here they make delicious ice cream. Here you can have a hearty dinner.

Day 2: Kargapol, Verkhnyaya Techa

We will visit Kargapolje, take a walk in the landscape park. After that we will drive to the village Ust-Miasskoye, where you have a chance to see the Church of the Epiphany. Then we will see the sights of Verhnyaya Techa village - it's Baskaksky waterfall and Verh-Techensky women's monastery, which owes its appearance to Dalmatovsky monastery.

Landscape Park in Cargapolia

The Kargapol landscape park is one of the best parks in the Kurgan region. There is a great variety of trees and shrubs, there is a small pond with an arch above it. Before the landscape park on this place in the 90's an attempt to build a park for the 50th anniversary of Victory was made. But it stopped at the planting of pine trees and installation of an obelisk in memory of those who died in WWII. Now the alley and the obelisk are part of the landscape park.

Pokrovskaya Church

The Church of the Intercession was founded in 1821. In the Soviet years, the church was not in operation. And it was reopened in the 2000s.

Church of the Epiphany of the Lord

The church was founded in 1837. The facades have preserved bas-reliefs of angels, and on the pediments of the "all-seeing eye" - an eye in a triangle with rays. This is the furthest point of our journey. Let's go back.

Dumpling room number 1.

Our way to the next point is again through Shadrinsk. We will stop for lunch at the already familiar to us dining room "Dumpling No. 1".

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Церковь Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы

At last we will make a stop at the Church of the Intercession in the village of Pokrovskoye. It was built in 1872-1908. The main shrine of the temple is the fresco of the image of the Virgin "Gracious Heaven". It was written in an altar behind a throne. Bolsheviks tried to whiten the fresco several times. But the image of the Mother of God still manifested itself. That's how the fresco came to this day.