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Temples of the Urals: Kataysk, Dalmatovo, Shadrinsk, Kargapolye.

Temples of the Urals: Kataysk, Dalmatovo, Shadrinsk, Kargapolye.
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Spend an interesting weekend and go on a trip to temples and other sights of the Urals.
We will visit Kamensk-Uralsky, where we will see the square where the plant used to be located, from which the development of the city started. We will also visit Dalmatovo, where we will visit the monastery with three centuries of history. We will walk around Shadrinsk in quarters with merchant mansions. The farthest point of the route will be Kargapolye, where we'll walk through one of the best parks in the Kurgan region.
Александр Багно
Александр Багно
Travel Expert
  • Visit Dalmatovsky Monastery.
  • Walk through pre-revolutionary quarters of Shadrinsk.
  • Visit one of the best parks of Kurgan region in Kargapolye.

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Kamensk-Uralsky, Kataysk, Dalmatovo, Shadrinsk
Day 1244 km

Kamensk-Uralsky, Kataysk, Dalmatovo, Shadrinsk

We will visit Kamensk-Uralsky, where we will walk around Sobornaya Square, where the ironworks that gave life to the city used to be located, and we will walk around the town of aluminers, where an interesting building was created in the Soviet times. From there we will go to Kataysk, where we will see the new temple. Then we will go to the Dalmatov Monastery. And at the end of the day we will walk around Shadrinsk, where we will visit the oldest stone temple in the city and walk through the quarters built up by pre-revolutionary merchant houses.
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Kargapol, Verkhnyaya Techa
Day 2368 km

Kargapol, Verkhnyaya Techa

We will visit Kargapolje, take a walk in the landscape park. After that we will drive to the village Ust-Miasskoye, where you have a chance to see the Church of the Epiphany. Then we will see the sights of Verhnyaya Techa village - it's Baskaksky waterfall and Verh-Techensky women's monastery, which owes its appearance to Dalmatovsky monastery.
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