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Tea in the Sortavala mountains and on the Gulf of Finland coast

Road Trip Route. Vuoksa River, Zubrobizones in Toxowo, Mount Cuhavuori and "Mountain of the Left.".

On the first day we will visit the clean beach of Lake Kavgolovo, get acquainted with the bubbles in Toksovo, admire the elements on the river Vuoksa and have dinner in the city Lahdenpohja. On the second day we will soak up the calmness of the mountains and climb the rocks in the coniferous forest. We will return to St. Petersburg along the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Strong fragrant tea will be our helper and a good companion in this journey.

Uninhabited Nature. From: Saint Petersburg

Ksenia Beskova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Tea in the wild

The morning will begin with drinking Puerto tea on the sandy beach of Lake Kavgolovo. After that, we'll go to meet the burobizons in the pine forest of Toksovo. Overlooking the Losevsky rapids of the Vuoksa River, we'll warm up with Ulun tea. Dinner is planned in Lahdenpohja.

Зеленый Пляж

Uninhabited sandy beach. A shallow lake. This morning begins with Puera in the open air. A gas burner and a glass kettle are our companions on this trip. We watch the water boil, our mood changes, we dive into the process. Solitude, silence, attentiveness to the taste of the tea that we have just brewed ourselves.

Березовая Роща

Free parking. Huts, wooden statues, coniferous forest. In the area there is a rope town and a equestrian school. By the way, the bison are the same age as the mammoths. The mighty animals, unfortunately, are kept in enclosures and not in the open area as originally intended.

Ресторан «Рауту»

Simple interior and excellent view of Baltic pine trees from the window. The menu is varied. Lucky for you.

Мост через реку Вуоксу

The Vuoksa River. Welcome kayakers, boil the classic Ulun. The tranquility of Da Hong Pao tea combined with the bubbling Losevsky rapids makes a strong impression.

Родник в Ларионово

The spring is very close to the track. Since we have a few more teas that we haven't had time to try, we take water with us.

Jaakkima Church (Кирха прихода Яккима)

We came to see Finnish architecture, which is over a hundred years old. The Kirch was built in the form of a cross and could accommodate up to 3 thousand parishioners. We were left with only walls, but it still looks impressive.

За Спичками

You can only pay the bill in cash. Relaxing lighting for the place. We recommend pumpkin soup. If the name of the place seemed familiar to you, you probably read the comedy novel of the same name by Maya Lassila, or, even more likely, watched it with the inimitable Leonov.

Day 2: The mountains near the town of Sortavala and the deserted beach of the Vuoksa River.

In the morning we will be looking at the city of Sortavala from Mount Kuhavuori and drinking Lapsang Sushong tea. On the "mountain of the left" we will try to boil the white Puer, and when we get to the deserted beach of the river Vuoksa warm oolong. Dinner is planned for tonight in Vyborg.

Гора Кухавуори

Surrounded by dry fir trees, watching the city of Sortavala from the mountain... Somewhere down there, a measured life flows, tourists do not get bored in souvenir shops and restaurants. We inhale the smell of juniper while the red smoked tea is brewed. Lapsang Sushong smells of smoke and wood, which is perfectly complemented by the scents of pine trees that surround us. By the way, Wu's favorite tea. Churchill.


"Mountain of the Left", as the locals say for some reason. The stepped shape makes it easier for us to climb up. Here, among the rocks and the rare pine forest, we decided to try the white Puerto. Tea with a long aftertaste and the smell of dried fruits.


Simple interior and food. Prices are low, the atmosphere is home. It doesn't work on Sunday.


Walking through the difficult forests of the Leningrad region, suddenly you suddenly stumble upon the ruins of Finnish structures or the remains of the railway rails, leading somewhere unknown. The height of the rocks does not exceed 20 meters. But the access by car to this place is quite extreme, it is better to walk.

Gazpromneft filling station #45

Isn't it time to stop on vacation? You can warm up, fill up and buy goods on the way at Gazpromneft's filling stations.

Пляж в Лосево

Pine forest, sandy beach and the Vuoksa River again. Single boat and volleyball net. Well, we'll be drinking oolong. This time, Gaba, gaining strength to continue the journey.

New Бриг

We got to Vyborg. Cafe New Brig lured us with strong coffee and a desire to learn what is "soup German". We weren't disappointed.

Day 3: The coast of the Gulf of Finland and red tea.

In the morning we'll walk through the rocks in the coniferous forest, going out to Lake Worry. Transparent water, boulders and a sense of tranquillity. In St. Petersburg we will return along the coast of the Gulf of Finland, stopping to boil tea on the beach and enjoy the natural scenery.

Озеро Беспокойное

Through a forest with many mossy rocks, we go out to the lake. You can swim here. The clouds are reflected in the water. Serenity.


Let's go to the spring for a while, the water is clean, drinkable, you can wash to cheer up, or take with you on the road.

Приморский пляж

Numerous boulders, sand and seagulls. Here, we will make Gaoshan Hong Wan tea. They say this variety can withstand ten brewings, so we'll drink it in the afternoon.

Ресторан «Ель»

Heats the open fireplace, quiet, cozy. Along the walls of the bookshelves, the feeling of visiting the pre-revolutionary aristocrat. Beyond the window of the Gulf of Finland. The menu is diverse, the prices are adequate to the place.

Окуневая бухта

Transparent water. The landscape is stunning. Huge number of stones of various shapes scattered along the coast. Breathe in the sea air.

Мыс Стирсудден

A beacon in the middle of a mixed forest. An inconspicuous room nearby turned out to be a museum. Well, we go to the shore of the bay, drink Sagan-Dail tea on boulders, watch the waves and slightly swaying pines.

Наша Dacha

Wrapped in a plaid, we rest on a summer veranda overlooking the Gulf of Finland. The salad with peaches, goat cheese and honey is refreshing. At the end of the trip you can also afford a glass of wine, and for those who are driving - a tea "sea buckthorn with orange".