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Tasty adventures in the Vladimir region

Road Trip Route. Visit the Museum of Knife, Taste aromatic Murom kalach, Visit the monastery where relics of Peter and Fevronia are kept, Enjoy dishes from the real Russian oven, Make chocolate, Paint a gingerbread cake, Taste Caucasian and Mediterranean cuisine, Visit a Historical & Architectural Museum, See a mermaid house.

A 2-day very rich and truly delicious journey awaits you! You will learn about kalalak business in Russia and taste the symbol of the city of Murom, taste dishes cooked in a Russian oven, as well as dishes of Mediterranean and Caucasian cuisine, will visit the sweetest places in Vladimir - learn all about chocolate and gingerbread, will participate in master classes. In addition to gastronomic places, you will visit several museums, as well as the monastery, where the relics of Peter and Fevronia, which are the patrons of marriage and family, are kept. Hurry up and go!

Gastronomy, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Nizhny Novgorod

Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Delicious places for Murom and Vladimir

The day will begin with a visit to the museum, where we will see a large collection of various knives, then we will go to the Moore and get acquainted with the kalach and go to the church, where the relics of Peter and Fevronia are kept, and then we will go to Vladimir, where we will taste dishes from a real Russian stove.

Nizhny Novgorod

Gazpromneft filling station #209

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Knife Museum

Let's start our journey with the premises of the museum, where there is a huge collection of knives of different types and times, from pre-revolutionary to knives produced during the USSR period. Now you'll be a real knife guru! Weekend: Monday.

Pamyatnik Pavlovskomu Limonu

There is a lemon on almost every window sill in Pavlov, which is why this monument appeared here. The lemon was brought in about 1860, it took root in a local greenhouse and began to yield very tasty fruits.

Breadroom maid

And now let's go to Moore and taste the symbol of the city! Here you will learn about how Kalakovo business appeared in Russia, how it developed, you will also learn about cakes, about gingerbread, about customs and traditions of the inhabitants of Russia, you will see different kinds of baking. It is possible to visit the museum both independently, and with excursion. Besides, it is possible to paint a gingerbread! It is possible to sign up for excursion and a master class [on a museum site](http://hleb-gornica.ru/).

Ilya's refectory is at Muromez's.

Lunch will be held in a very interesting cafe of Russian cuisine. The interior is made in the style of a Russian hut and is dedicated to Ilya Muromts. Here you can taste salted svoye salo, meat powder, borscht, meat riss, potatoes with herbs, dumplings "Bogatyrski", pancakes and other very tasty dishes!

Holy Trinity Monastery

We will visit a convent of the XVII century. Here you can put your hands on the relics of Peter and Fevronia, the patrons of family and marriage. In the monastery there is a church shop where you can buy icons, books and submit notes. At the monastery there is a small shop where you can buy delicious pastries.

Tavern Okolitsa

Tonight's dinner will be held in Russian style. The menu offers a wide selection of cold and hot appetizers, and meat and fish dishes are cooked here in a real Russian oven, there are also dishes cooked on coals. And for tea you can take fresh and very fragrant pastries. In addition, the dishes here are prepared from natural farm products. The atmosphere of warmth and coziness and, of course, delicious food will make your evening unforgettable and truly wonderful!

Day 2: Vladimir's Sweet Sites and Museum in Gorokhovec

The second day of the trip will begin with a walk in Central Park Vladimir. Then we will go to the chocolate workshop, visit the excursion and take part in the master class, after that we will visit the gingerbread museum, where we will also have a tour and a master class. In the afternoon we will go to Gorohovets, where we will visit the museum and see the house with mermaids.

Центральный парк культуры и отдыха

The day will begin with a walk in Central Park Vladimir. The park is full of greenery, walkways and benches. Let's get some fresh air and tune in for a new no less exciting day!

Gazpromneft filling station #121

It's a great trip, isn't it? And to make it dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Chocolate Shop

Let's dive into the world of chocolate and visit a workshop. Here you will learn about its history, interesting facts, technology, and even learn how to make chocolate and make yourself and your loved ones happy. To get on an excursion and a master class, you need to make a preliminary registration. You can do it [on the website](http://мастерская-шоколада.рф/zapis-dlya-individualnyh-posetiteley). Please note that the visit is available: - weekdays at 16:00 and 17:30; - On weekends and public holidays at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00.

Музей Пряника

Let's continue to visit the sweetest places in Vladimir and look at the Gingerbread Museum. Here we will learn his story, take part in tasting and make the gingerbread and sign it ourselves. And also, here you can buy the most delicious and beautiful cakes and other sweets! To get to the excursion, you need to make an appointment in advance by phone +7 (900) 478-36-77. Time of excursions and master classes is looked out in [group vkontakte](https://vk.com/muzei33) and in [instagram](https://www.instagram.com/muzei_pryanika_vladimir/).


Before a long road, you need a good meal. For lunch we'll go to the restaurant and taste Caucasian dishes. The menu includes cold and hot appetizers, salads, first courses, hot dishes, dishes on chargrill, pastries, desserts. The most delicious shish kebab in town is served here! Big portions, nice serve!

Prishlecov House

We'll make a stop by the picturesque house. It was built in the beginning of the XX century in neo-Russian style for the chairman of the Land Council F. K. Pristlesov. This house is also called a house with mermaids, because on the facade of the building in the area of windows you can see images of mermaids.

Gorokhovets Historical and Architectural Museum

In Gorokhovets we will visit the historical and architectural museum. Here we will get acquainted with the history of the city, learn how the townspeople lived in the XVII-XVIII centuries. We'll get acquainted with the Russian merchant class, we'll see a lot of ancient and interesting items. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:30.


We'll finish our journey with a dinner at a restaurant. In the interior of the restaurant you can see many interesting designer finds, and the menu offers you Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can immerse yourself in the cuisine of a completely different part of the world and feel like you're vacationing somewhere on the Italian coast. Try Chuka salad with tiger shrimps, deer fillet with young cabbage, tuna with pumpkin pancakes, black spaghetti with seafood or juicy steaks! This is the perfect place to have a tasty and relaxing evening!

Nizhny Novgorod