Sweet fishing – Day 3

The third day - fishing, rest and return to Moscow. The journey ends with a magnificent dinner at the restaurant "Syrovarnya".
Sweet fishing
Travel distance by car: 191 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Lukhovitsy, Berkhino, Zyuzino, Bykovo

Trip duration: 3 days


Country recreation center "Berkhino"

In the center of ecotourism "Berkhino" you can have a wonderful rest in nature. Those who like to sit with a fishing rod on the shore can bring their gear to fish, while the rest of the travelers enjoy the services of a recreation center or walk in the fresh air.

Усадьба Быково


To make the road back is not too boring, make a small stop near the town of Zhukovsky to walk around the estate and stretch your legs. The estate is abandoned, you can not get inside, but fans of unusual views will be able to take beautiful pictures.


When you return to Moscow, we advise you to have dinner in the restaurant "Syrovarnya", which is located near Cheremushkinsky market. Italian country cuisine will remind us once again of our unforgettable journey. **Pay your bill at restaurants of Novikov Group with exclusive discount of 10%. Warn the waiter that you are the holder of the World Elite Mastercard® before receiving the invoice and pay with the World Elite Mastercard®.** **[Full promotion terms](https://www.mastercard.ru/ru-ru/consumer/offers-promotions.html?offer=novikov-group)**