Sweet fishing – Day 2: Cheese making and fishing

On the second day we go to the farm cheese dairy, which is located near the small quiet town of Lukhovitsy. Here they will tell you about the secrets of making the most delicious goat cheese and, of course, everything will be tasted! The rest of the day will take place in the ecotourism center "Berkhino", where you can go cycling or fishing.
Sweet fishing
Travel distance by car: 94 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kolomna, Lukhovitsy, Berkhino, Podlipki

Trip duration: 3 days


Bylinkino Farm

A visit to a farm tasting cheese made of goat milk is only possible by appointment at the official [site](https://www.bylinkino.ru/). You can also order a tour of the farm, look at the grazing of goats and learn what influences the taste of dairy products. And at your local shop you can buy delicious natural farm delicacies.

Памятник огурцу

Monuments / Landmarks

The original monument in Lukhovitsy. Why a cucumber? It's very simple. This region, called "Cucumber Paradise" by the people, has long been famous for its rich crops of vegetables, including cucumbers. On the background of an interesting monument you get wonderful pictures!

1 Литр


The restaurant bar with an interesting name "1 liter" is a great place to have lunch. European cuisine, a large choice of desserts and a variety of cocktails at democratic prices.

Garmoniya Hotel

Berkhino fishing base

We are finishing today's journey at the Berkhino recreation center, where we will stay tomorrow as well. The base is located in an environmentally friendly area on the Oka River tributary. Fans of fishing here is a real paradise! In Sturgeon, the so-called Oki tributary, there are various fish species: carp, bream, roach and redfish. At any time of year you can visit the contact zoo, ride horses in the equestrian complex, play billiards and steam in the bath in the evening. Not to mention walks in the open air. If you are lucky with the weather, you can raft on the river. For more information on possible activities and to book them, please visit [official website](https://berhino.ru).

Garmoniya Hotel

It's time to get some rest before you go home. Some interesting activities are also planned for the next day.