Sweet fishing – Day 1

On the first day we go to the south-east of the Moscow region to the ancient city of Kolomna - the apple region, where since the time of Catherine the Great they have been making pastilles. We are going to visit a factory and a museum, where we can drink tea with sweets and take part in a master class on making pastila. We will also visit the famous Kalachnaya, where we will learn all the secrets of baking kalacha.
Sweet fishing
Travel distance by car: 118 km.Travel distance on foot: 3 km.Visiting: Kolomna, Moscow

Trip duration: 3 days



Коломенский кремль

Historic Sites

Externally it looks very much like the Moscow Kremlin, but there are fewer watchtowers here, only four. From above, where the loopholes are located, one can walk up and down through the towers. The Kremlin's uniqueness is also in the fact that houses of citizens are still located inside the territory.

Маринкина башня

Historic Sites

Marinkina Tower was the place of imprisonment of Marina Mniszek - wife of False Dmitry I, and then False Dmitry II. There is an unusual legend that says that at night Marina turned into a big black bird and flew out of the tower, circling over the city. In the morning she would return to the dungeon.

Пятницкие ворота

Historic Sites

From this gate the construction of the Kremlin began. On the tower hung a toll bell, which rang to warn of the danger.

Музей «Калачная»


The museum building consists of three large premises: a museum-shop, a small cafe and a cultural center. The museum will tell and show you how the kalachi were baked in the old days. You can take part in a small master class and cook and bake kalachi yourself. Here you can also buy ready-made kalachi and other bakery products. It is better to make an appointment for the tour and the master class in advance, by phone indicated on [Kalachnaya website](http://kolomnakalach.ru). In a cozy cafe after the tour you can have a snack. Here you will be offered unusual kalachas with stewed goose, which in XVIII-XIX centuries were considered in Russia the first fast food.

Дом С Мезонином

Russian Restaurants

Lunch will be held at the "House with Mezzanine" restaurant. Everything here is thought over and stylized for the XIX century: interior, dishes, various menu, where everyone will find what he wants, from first courses to desserts. It's a great place with nice prices.

Hermitage hotel

Дом самовара

History Museums

You can already tell by the name that there are various samovars on display here. The collection of the museum has 400 exhibits. Previously, in any Russian family there was necessarily a samovar, sometimes not alone! There is also an opportunity to look at ancient irons, kerosene lamps, women's jewelry and dresses of XVIII-XIX centuries.

Музейная фабрика пастилы


The museum is located in a small 19th century mansion. There used to be a pastry shop of Suranov merchants. The autumn harvest of apples in Kolomna has always been very rich, so there was a problem with storage and processing. Making delicious pastila from apples by mixing apple puree with honey was just what the Suranov brothers invented. Today the guests of the museum are introduced to the process of sweets production, in which they can take part themselves. And at the end of the tour they sit down at a large table in the living room to treat the guests to pastila with tea. Now in addition to the usual apple pastila, you can buy pastila with berries, almonds and even rose petals in the museum shop! You can order a tour and get acquainted with ticket prices on [museum website](https://kolomnapastila.ru/museum_info/#price).

Парк мира


Favorite place of rest of citizens. The residents themselves took part in the design and improvement of the park: they planted trees, broke flower beds, made playgrounds for children. The largest fountain of the city is located here, the jets of which rise to the height of a nine-storey building.



A pub with a stunning atmosphere suitable for dinner. The menu includes traditional Russian and European dishes. The staff is very attentive to each client and at the same time unobtrusive. We advise you to try the delicious homemade ice cream with meringue and raspberry cream.

Hermitage hotel

Good night and sweet dreams! The delicious journey will continue at the cheese factory.