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Sunny Abkhazia

Sunny Abkhazia
Starts from



3 Days


By Car


596 km






History and CultureKids Friendly
This amazing route will show you Abkhazia from all sides! Its story is amazing and sad. Its nature is unique and pure. Its inhabitants are hospitable and hot.
In three days you will get acquainted with the ancient history of Kolkhida, taste local cuisine and look at the consequences of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. It is simply impossible not to get into it!
Olga Ratia
Olga Ratia
Travel Expert
  • Visit Lake Ritza, admire nature.
  • Taste the local cuisine.
  • Soak up the post-apocalyptic landscapes of ghost towns.

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Travel Itinerary

Natural Beauties
Day 1189 km

Natural Beauties

The first day of the trip will focus on natural sights of Abkhazia. You will drive to the famous lake Ritsa, admire canyons and waterfalls, breathe in the purest mountain air...
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History and cuisine
Day 2111 km3 km

History and cuisine

The second day will introduce you to the monastery, the fortress, local cuisine and much more. Today you will touch the ancient history of this region...
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Abandoned cities
Day 3296 km

Abandoned cities

The third day will show you not the resort flip side of Abkhazia at all. Cities that were destroyed by the war, beautiful by their architecture separate buildings, which, unfortunately, no one undertakes to restore. All this you will touch on the last day of your trip...
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