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St. John's Wood Walk with Guide Tetyana Vlasyuk

St. John's Wood Walk with Guide Tetyana Vlasyuk
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History and Culture
London's St. John's Wood is a green oasis just 5 kilometres from Trafalgar Square. Its resident Tatyana Vlasyuk, a London art historian, guide, and founder of the Art Walks in London project, told us why it is worth a walk there and what there is to see.
Tatyana Vlasyuk
Tatyana Vlasyuk
Travel Expert
  • Visit the Jewish district of London.
  • Walk the iconic Abbey Road crossing.
  • Discover the secrets of St John's Wood.

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St John's Wood
Day 13 km

St John's Wood

St John's Wood is located at the northernmost part of the central Westminster area and is adjacent to Regent's Park on its western side. In the Middle Ages the land belonged to the Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, leading to its modern name, which literally translates as 'St John's Wood'. Later the land was given to the crown and turned into hunting grounds for Henry VIII (he hunted wherever he went!). In the early 19th century, however, a gradual development of the area began. At the time the Eyre family owned much of the land: the brothers Henry Samuel II and Walpole decided to design an ideal immediate suburb of London. Their vision defined the appearance of the area for many centuries to come. To many, St John's Wood still resembles a secluded country house village with private homes and its own grounds in central London.
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