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Sport and adventure near Moscow

Sport and adventure near Moscow
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2 Days


By Car


406 km






Active Leisure
This little trip will distract you from the hustle and bustle of daily routine by 100%. You will see interesting expositions of the tank museum complex, learn how the airlock works, visit the heart of Dmitrov, go fishing on the island, ride horses and even see a real film city. This kaleidoscope of activities will fascinate you to the fullest extent. Take your fishing rods with you and go!
The route is developed with the support of Volkswagen Amarok.
Volkswagen Amarok
Volkswagen Amarok
  • Learn the history of the T-34 tank.
  • See the Dmitrov Kremlin.
  • Shoot a lot of photos and videos at a movie company.
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Exploring water reservoirs near Moscow.
Day 1205 km

Exploring water reservoirs near Moscow.

The first day of the trip consists of walking in the open air. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes and outerwear. You'll visit the open-air tank history museum, see how the airlock No.6 functions at Iksha reservoir, explore the Dmitrov Kremlin and visit the island of Uhodovo of the Ivankovskoye reservoir. Have a nice trip!
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Extreme and cinematography
Day 2200 km

Extreme and cinematography

This beautiful day will begin on the island of Uhodovo, located on the shore of the Ivankovskoye reservoir. What could be better than a walk in the environment of untouched nature? Afterwards, you will visit an equestrian sports complex, and the afternoon will be held in an unusual complex of buildings of the European city of the XVIII century.
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