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SPA and Relaxation: Algarve Paradise

Road Trip Route. Relax on the Atlantic coast, Play golf on the best courses in the region and hone your skills with professional instructors, Take care of your body with spa treatments, detox programs and couch massages, Enjoy the purest beaches and endless sunshine by the ocean, Learn a little more about the Algarve region by visiting its monuments and taking a short boat trip to see the Algarve from the ocean.

Stop, just for a moment. This scenario is your relaxing route along the picturesque southern coast, where the atmosphere of paradise reigns. Time here stops and gives guests of the Algarve an unforgettable holiday with a lot of different spa procedures, beach recreation and gastronomic experience. The script also contains a cognitive part, so that you can get as close as possible to the traditions of the region and feel part of it. If you dream of plunging into an atmosphere of tranquillity without thinking about anything, you do not need to count on anything. This scenario has already been created for you, and your comfort will be taken care of in the teeth.

Relaxing Leisure. From: Faro

Alexey Lukin. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Evening on the coast

Today begins our fascinating journey through Portugal. Our plans include visiting the famous beaches, walking the city streets to see the incredible architecture, and, of course, going to different restaurants.

Praia Senhora Da Rocha

When you leave the hotel, take a look around and take a walk. First, you can go to the beach with the blue flag (Praia de Senhora da Rocha). It's a real paradise. The water is very clean, the ocean is always breeze lightly, and the soft white sand disposes to lie on it and contemplate these picturesque views.

Capela Nossa Senhora da Rocha

On the small promontory that's on the water, there's a snow-white church that deserves attention if you have the strength to take a little walk before dinner. The interior is not particularly rich in decoration, but there is azulejo in the interior. Nossa Senhora da Rocha Chapel is located near the village of Portia. The place on the rock where the chapel is located is called Castelo de Porches. Ancient fortifications have existed here since Roman times. According to the legend, the phenomenon of the Virgin Mary occurred here, which caused the construction of the chapel on this place. In the 16th century, a fort was built to protect it from Moorish invaders, but because of the strong ocean waves constantly beating against the cliffs, the fort was badly damaged during the collapse of the cliff. The chapel stood up.

Restaurante Aquamar

Returning from the chapel to the big land, you will find the Aquamar Restaurant. This is a small institution specializing in the preparation of quality seafood. All dishes of the highest quality and first freshness are subject to strict control.

Day 2: Walks and excursions

Today is going to be a very busy and interesting day. We will go to many different places, including a variety of restaurants, museums and other attractions. We will go to the water park and take some exciting excursions.

Museu de Portimão

One of the nearby towns, Portimão, is located on the shore of a picturesque bay by the ocean. Discover his rich history at the Portimao Museum. On Mondays the place is closed, and on Tuesdays it opens a little later, at 14.30. During the rest of the week the doors of the museum are open for visitors from 10.00 to 18.00.

A Fábrica

Since our voyage takes place in close proximity to the ocean, it is worth enjoying its gifts - dishes made of fish and seafood. Restaurant "A Fábrica" has at its disposal a large number of dishes from seafood, fish and vegetables prepared according to national recipes.


One of their most popular local attractions is Aqualand Water Park. There are quite a few different slides and attractions to choose from, although the park itself is not very large. To avoid queues at the entrance, it is better to buy tickets online.

Vila de Itália

During an interesting and busy day it is always important to be on time to eat. That's why you should go to a good Italian restaurant Vila de Itália. In the evenings there is a cozy and friendly atmosphere, in the menu there is a large number of dishes of Italian cuisine, including popular ones such as lasagna, spaghetti with sauces and, of course, a variety of pizza.

Day 3: Playing golf

Our day today will be a special one. We will travel to the nearest town, stopping at various places, such as a variety of restaurants, and the highlight of the day will be a trip to a golf club.

Restaurante Caniço

After moving in, have lunch at the restaurant with a stunning view, which will take you to a romantic movie, because right in front of you will unfold the ocean views and small cliffs washed by the waves.

Alto Golf Course

Not only are there golf courses at your disposal, but also tennis courts where you can spend hours outdoors playing or training with professional instructors.

The Chicken Tavern

It's a really nice, private place... The chef is very good at his work, so all the dishes on the menu should be tasted. The atmosphere of the restaurant is soothing and leisurely, but it does not affect the speed of service.

Day 4: Walking in the open ocean

Our trip is coming to its climax, today we will visit many different interesting architectural monuments, visit local restaurants, and go for a proper walk in the open ocean.

Parque Do Castelo

One of the monuments of historical and cultural importance is the fortress, which once was a bastion of Carthaginians in the VII century BC. The castle ruins are located near the coast in the real fishing village of Alvor.

Igreja da Misericórdia, Alvor

Go to Igreja de Misericordia. This small and cute church of Mercy on the shore of one of the bays is one of the few monuments of Alvor, a place of solitude, tranquility and beauty on the shores of the raging ocean.


Fresh ingredients, proximity to the ocean and high quality - this is the restaurant Ababuja. Have lunch here. Choose any seafood dish and you will be satisfied with the energy and positive mood that the staff creates.

Alvor Boat Trips

You can rent a boat at the port. To experience the power of the ocean, take a stroll through the vast blue expanses with a team of experts who know their business. With them, you'll learn more about navigation, the history of the region and the people who live here.

Casa da Maré

In the evening after a long sea voyage, it is best to have dinner in the quiet and cozy restaurant Cafe Da Mare, which is within walking distance of the port. The menu here is quite traditional for these places - dishes from fish, seafood and fresh vegetables prevail.

Day 5: Morning on the ocean

Our trip is coming to an end. And to make the rest of the trip worthwhile, after breakfast at the hotel we plan to head to one of the popular beaches on the ocean, and then head to the airport.

Praia dos Três Irmãos

In the morning we offer you to go to the beach near the hotel, where you can sunbathe, walk and relax before leaving. There are also swimming pools and a beach bar on site. If you've packed up the day before, you can forget all your business and enjoy the sun and ocean right in front of you before you leave.