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Route Overview
Day 2218 km

Along the mountain serpentine to Anapa.

You will overcome the picturesque high-speed mountain streamer from Krasnodar to the estate "Abrau-Durso ". The road will allow you to enjoy the view from the window and give an unforgettable feeling of speed driving and drive!
In the afternoon you will have a no less exciting journey - overcoming the off-road mountain serpentine on the way to Anapa on the very edge between the mountain slopes and the Black Sea coast.

Day Itinerary

155.8 km2 h 45 min
The Abrau Durso estate.
12:303 h

The Abrau Durso estate.

Open Details
"Abrau-Durso " is one of the few champagne factories where the manual method of production and its traditions are preserved. Women's hands rotate around 20,000 bottles daily - men are not trusted to do such fine work.
Lunch in a cozy restaurant
445 m5 min
Villa Roses restaurant
15:502 h

Villa Roses restaurant

Open Details
On the shore of the picturesque lake Abrau opened restaurant "Villa Rose" with a real wood stove, tandoor and wine cellar!
The chef and soul of the restaurant Ruslan Terzyan is a professional with 15 years of experience in the most famous hotel and restaurant brands, participant of international competitions and winner of the All-Russian culinary championship Chef a la Russe.

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