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Southern adventures: national parks and hot-air balloon flight and some history

Road Trip Route. Azov Mountain from the Bazhov fairy tale, Sonkina Lagoon, Husky Center, Museum of Dumplings, Ice skating in Kyshtam, Balloon flight at sunset, .

Welcome to the beautiful nature of the Urals. You will get acquainted with the local flora and fauna, you will find yourself in a real fairy tale and visit a pirate fort, plunge into the past and at the end of the trip you can fly in a hot air balloon. On your way! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Tales of Bazhov and a visit to a real castle

A busy day awaits you, which you will start at the Mistress of the Copper Mountain of our favorite fairy tale Bazhov. Perhaps it is you who will find the treasures hidden many years ago. From there, you'll head for the spectacular rift where magnetic ore was once mined. And then you'll end the evening in a park with a pirate harbour and a real castle.


Azov Mountain

Azov Mountain was described in the fairy tales of P. P. Bazhov. It mysteriously rises among the wooded plain. Since ancient times local people have been telling stories about robber hoardings, ghosts and wandering lights hidden in it. You can go on a family adventure behind the treasure in this area.

Drawing of the Mistress of the Copper Mountain

The Mistress of the Copper Mountain is painted on a steep rock. The drawing is periodically updated, as the paints in the mountains wash away quickly. In 2016, a new drawing was painted over the old, already poorly visible one. Its author is Elena Bazhova, the writer's granddaughter niece.


Stop for a short lunch at a simple cafe by the road. Try the local soups, the café is famous for them.

Argus Rock

On the right bank of Aya you will find a beautiful 40-meter rock. However, tragic stories from the past are also connected with this beautiful area. A few centuries ago, during the time of iron caravans, barks carried the current straight to this stone cliff.

Magnetic Fractures

The bulk of the faults are hidden underground, presumably at a depth of 500 metres. From the inside, it is dug with labyrinths of tunnels and halls that once were used to be raced by magnetic ore cars. Now the place remains a natural attraction of the region.

Сонькина Лагуна

On the bank of the city pond there is a park "Sonkina Laguna". On the territory of the complex there is a castle resembling a medieval one, almost in full size, and on the other side of the pond there is a pirate harbor. The place is open for you daily from 9 am to 9 pm. You can buy your admission ticket in advance at [website](

Treasure Island Café

Visit a real treasure island in Zlatoust. One of the main menu items is sushi. Younger guests will enjoy a rich selection of pizzas and desserts, as well as a large playroom with a maze, air hockey, kicker and dry pool.

Day 2: Natural and Animal World

The morning begins with a visit to the national park, where you can visit the moose and see the fountain beating directly from the ground. Then you'll see the fairy tales of Bazhov again, but in a more visual form - you'll visit the mountain park with sculptures from the fairytale. Finally, the active afternoon of Husky, Horses and Rabbits awaits you.

Национальный парк «Зюраткуль»

In the morning you will again have to go towards the proud Satka, but this time to get to know the natural part of the park. Visit Moose's house "Sohatka" and get to know its inhabitants. Also take a look at the fountain, an artesian spring from which underground water jets up to 7 meters high from the ground. You can make an appointment for the tour in advance at [site](

Горный парк им П. П. Бажова

The return road lies again through the town of Zlatoust, so be sure to visit the P. P. Bazhov Mountain Park, where you can see famous characters of Bazhov's tales: the Mistress of the Copper Mountain, the Firebrand, the Silver Kopytce and Danila the Master. Also here you can see the bell tower with the chapel of St. John Chrysostom, which is made in the style typical for the Urals of Western European architecture. The park is open daily from 10am to 7pm.


The restaurant is located in the building of the hotel of the same name. The menu is concentrated on European cuisine, so the choice of dishes is very large: from carpaccio and pizza to fine steaks.

Граница Европы и Азии / Europe-Asia Border

In the Urals, there are many monuments located on the border of Europe and Asia. Stop for photos on one of them.

Husky and Miass Equestrian Center

Next stop is the Husky Center. Besides husky and sledding, you can also feed the rabbits and ride horses. Pre-registration is required by contacting [BK group]( Animals will be waiting for you until 6pm.

Museum of Dumplings

And lastly, visit the dumpling museum. Here you can get acquainted with the history of this "traditional Russian dish". The museum is open for you daily from 11 am to 9 pm.

Белое Солнце

It's time for dinner. A Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant based on the "White Desert Sun" is waiting for you. Try one of the best pilafs in the region.

Day 3: Skates, paleopark and hot-air balloon flight.

Today's day starts pretty early. There are caves waiting for you - former mica mines. After that, rest on the ice rink. In the afternoon, you'll find yourself 3 million years ago in the theme park, which the children will be delighted with. And at sunset, you can fly away in a hot-air balloon with your family.

Mica mine

Mica mine is known for its abandoned mines, which can walk for hours in the underground labyrinths. You can walk in the mines for a long time, almost everywhere in full height. Some of the mines are more like caves. Make sure you bring a flashlight.

Demidovs Estate

Manor "White House" was founded by Nikita Demidov in 1757 and is located in the central part of the city of Kyshtym near the Verkhnekyshtym iron works. Now the Manor is being restored, but still it is one of the main attractions of the city.

Ice Arena

An indoor skating rink is waiting for you in Kyshtym, where in any weather you can train and be a real skater with your family. Please note that in the current epidemiological situation it is necessary to record on the rink in advance through [BK group]( It is better to have your own skating rink.

Cafe "Friday"

A small lunch at a Russian restaurant and on the way. You can try traditional Kiev cutlets, borscht or Siberian dumplings. Everything is fast and tasteful. The end of the day will be very interesting.

Palaeopark "Archeos"

A journey of three million years in one day awaits you. Here you and your children can truly touch the ancient artifacts. You can sign up for the tour through [site](


A balloon flight awaits you at sunset. Please note that flights are made only under good weather conditions. One child from 6 to 12 years of age, height from 120 cm can fly for free. You can make an appointment directly at [site]( or by phone: 7 (902) 261-06-10.

Park Inn by Radisson

At the end of the day, dinner awaits you at the Magellan Restaurant at Park Inn by Radisson. The restaurant's menu includes classic European cuisine with gourmet snacks and salads, a decent selection of first courses and signature desserts that you will find only here. **If you are a guest of the city, book a room on a special page on the Radisson Hotels website and pay for it with a Mastercard premium card and get a 15% discount, as well as the possibility of early arrival and late departure. [Full promotion rules](**