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Southern adventures: national parks and hot-air balloon flight and some history

Southern adventures: national parks and hot-air balloon flight and some history
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Kids Friendly🎅 Winter Trips
Welcome to the beautiful nature of the Urals. You will get acquainted with the local flora and fauna, you will find yourself in a real fairy tale and visit a pirate fort, plunge into the past and at the end of the trip you can fly in a hot air balloon. On your way!
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Mastercard Routes
Mastercard Routes
  • Azov Mountain from the Bazhov fairy tale.
  • Sonkina Lagoon.
  • Husky Center.
  • Museum of Dumplings.
  • Ice skating in Kyshtam.
  • Balloon flight at sunset.
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Travel Itinerary

Tales of Bazhov and a visit to a real castle
Day 1356 km115 m

Tales of Bazhov and a visit to a real castle

A busy day awaits you, which you will start at the Mistress of the Copper Mountain of our favorite fairy tale Bazhov. Perhaps it is you who will find the treasures hidden many years ago. From there, you'll head for the spectacular rift where magnetic ore was once mined. And then you'll end the evening in a park with a pirate harbour and a real castle.
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Natural and Animal World
Day 2214 km

Natural and Animal World

The morning begins with a visit to the national park, where you can visit the moose and see the fountain beating directly from the ground. Then you'll see the fairy tales of Bazhov again, but in a more visual form - you'll visit the mountain park with sculptures from the fairytale. Finally, the active afternoon of Husky, Horses and Rabbits awaits you.
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Skates, paleopark and hot-air balloon flight.
Day 3378 km

Skates, paleopark and hot-air balloon flight.

Today's day starts pretty early. There are caves waiting for you - former mica mines. After that, rest on the ice rink. In the afternoon, you'll find yourself 3 million years ago in the theme park, which the children will be delighted with. And at sunset, you can fly away in a hot-air balloon with your family.
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