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South Morocco Road Trip

Road Trip Route. Walk the streets of Marrakesh, Visit the real oasis and the city made of sand, Enjoy the shores of the Atlantic ocean.

The Kingdom of Morocco attracts with its Arab exotic, magnificent beaches of the Atlantic, colourful fairs and delicious cuisine. It’s one of the few countries where you can experience traditional Arab exotics without sacrificing comfort and risking health at the same time. Besides, the locals care for tourists so much while being friendly. This tour begins and finishes at the airport of Marrakech, so you only need to add convenient flights from your city. The trip involves going by car the most period of time. You’ll have an opportunity to walk around the "Red City" Marrakesh, see the ancient ksar – a city-fortress that looks like a fairytale mirage in the desert, relax at the real oasis and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coast. And if you are fond of surfing, then you should get here for sure.

Relaxing Leisure, Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Marrakesh

Inga Isupova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Dreams come true! Getting to know the East

Today we get acquainted with the surroundings, settle in and smoothly immerse ourselves in such a mysterious world of Marrakech.

Maison Arabe

You can dine at your hotel or you can take a walk and come to this restaurant. It’s also in the hotel, but only that local Moroccan restaurant is considered the best one in the district or maybe in the whole city.

Day 2: The extraordinary journeys begin

Today we will visit Ben Youssef Madrassah, spice market, wonderful oasis and museum in the palace.

Café Des Épices

Now you can have a breakfast on the roof in Marrakech. What could be better?

Medersa Ben Youssef

The Madrasah of Ben Youssef is an architectural masterpiece of the Merinid era. In the distant 1570, at the mausoleum of Ben Youssef, the most important school was opened, which later became the most prestigious school in the Maghreb to study the Koran and it practically preserved its original appearance to the present day. Over the past four centuries, the Madrasah of Ben Youssef has been the centre of the religious life of Morocco. Here you can walk for hours, studying all the details of its architecture.

Spice Souks

It’s a real Arabic market of spices (and not only). Do you need more comments?

Le Jardin Secret

This is a real hidden pearl. It is an oasis of tranquility and silence in the center of the city. It’s a must-visit place. You can also buy a ticket here and climb the tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

le jardin

Google shows that the restaurant next to the garden is in 20 minutes on foot, but that’s not true. In fact, it’s just around the corner. However you can walk around as long as you wish, walk up your appetite.

Musée de Marrakech

The museum is located in the palace of the 19th century. The exposition is not big, the exhibits are not as interesting as the local mosaic.

Maison de la Photographie

This is a bomb for photography lovers! Most of the vintage photos can be bought as a reprint to hang it at home on the wall, for example. The atmosphere is amazing here and you can climb to the roof to enjoy the sunset.


According to the route, today's dinner will also be on a roof. Just in case, it’s better to book a table in advance. Your hotel staff can help you with this.

Day 3: Diving into the eastern exotics

Today we will visit the beautiful Bahia Palace, the museum, the orange garden and the ruins of the palace castle, and the bustling colourful Jamaa square.


Another rooftop café opens at 9am. Here you can find traditional Moroccan food and excellent tea. We start a brand new day!

Palais Bahia (قصر الباهية)

Quite young (1880) Palace Bahia in translation means "Palace of Beauty". The palace in the Moorish style is well preserved and covers an area of eight hectares.

La Famille

It’s fast and tasty. There are vegetarian dishes in this place.

Musée Dar Si Saïd

There are much fewer tourists here than in the Bahia Palace, but beautiful as well. You should look into the wedding room. Be careful – it doesn’t work on Tuesdays! Here you will find an excellent collection of Moroccan fine arts.

Palais El Badii

Nowadays, you can see only the walls of the courtyard and take a stroll through the magnificent orange garden. Even in ruined form, the palace looks unusually beautiful. The most amazing part of the architecture is the courtyard, which demonstrates all the wealth of its owners. The courtyard became the largest in Marrakech because its size is about 15 thousand square meters. The yard was so huge that all the buildings surrounding it seem very narrow.

Place Jemaa el-Fna (ساحة جامع الفناء)

Jemaa el Fna is never completely deserted, it's calm here only in the early morning. At daytime, the square is filled with peddlers of water in colourful clothes, fortune-tellers, fakirs, storytellers. Nearby traders sell fruits, sweets and souvenirs.


Roofs, roofs, roofs again, the sunset and very tasty food!

Day 4: Diving back in time

Back for 10 centuries: today a visit to an ancient fortress city in the middle of the desert. And then we're back to the present: the world of cinema and the luxury of hospitality combine at Le Temple Des Arts Hotel.

L'oasis D'or


Ksar Ait-Ben-Haddou in Morocco is a fortified city, built in the middle of the desert, like a fairy-tale mirage. This fortified man-made city has been standing on a hillside for dozens of centuries under the rays of the scorching sun, surrounded by endless sands. Similar structures built in the traditions of Moroccan architecture in the Atlas mountains of Morocco are not uncommon here, but none of them can be compared with the scale and beauty of the legendary Ait Ben Haddou. A picturesque ancient city is composed of several dozens of clay fortresses. The Casbes and their towers were skillfully decorated with original openwork ornaments. Through a lot of round arches between the buildings, there are narrow streets running that create a complex labyrinth of the medina. On the slopes, streets turn into beautiful multi-storey terraces, formed by flat roofs.

Chez Dimitri - The Greek

For a change, this day you’ll have dinner in the restaurant that doesn’t offer Moroccan cuisine. For someone who prefers meat, it’s advice to try a masterfully cooked steak.

Day 5: The freshness of the oasis after a hot trip

Today is a day of contrasts: after visiting a sand castle in the middle of the desert, let's go to Fin oasis. Feel the difference!

Nabil Restaurant

Here I recommend you trying home-made yoghurt.

Kasbah de Taourirt

It’s one of the most beautiful architectural structures of the 17th century in Morocco, a real sand castle in the middle of the desert.


That’s a real oasis where you can relax and fortify yourself before a long way back to Marrakech, where you’ll have a very pleasant time before going west, to the Atlantic coast.

Day 6: Enjoying views of the Atlas Mountains and the lake

Let's go on an excursion to the beautiful lake!

Le relais du lac

Sorry for lying to you. You should get out of the hotel today. Not far away you can find a beautiful freshwater lake where you can get out for lunch and walk - on foot or on a horse.

Day 7: A paradise in the middle of the desert.

Walking through Paradise Valley, enjoying a chic hotel, shopping - that's what awaits us today. And, of course, the Oriental bazaars... How could they not be?

Paradise Valley

Did you have a good rest? Now we set off on the road towards Agadir. The first stop is the Paradise Valley literally. It’s a good place for those who like to explore nature on foot.

Souk El Had

No comment. Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere of the east more than you can do here.

Souk El Had

No comments. You can’t immerse yourself deeper into the local atmosphere of the east anywhere but here.

Plage d'Agadir Beach

You can see the sunset here, on the beach of Agadir.

Le Nil Bleu

Maybe it seems somebody that music here is too loud, but you stop paying attention when you get food.

Day 8: Extraordinary beaches of Agadir and Legzira

Today we explore Agadir, take a walk, travel further, swim in the ocean at Legzira beach. And for dinner, back to Agadir, fresh seafood is beautiful!

Plage d'Agadir Beach

You can spend the first half of the day on the beach or walk around Agadir. It all depends on what you prefer. After lunch, there will be a new road.

Cafe' del mar

This place unlikely needs any presentations. You’ll get both delicious food listening to excellent ambient and chill-out music.

Plage de Lagzira

The alien landscape of this place is worth getting here. In addition, it’s a beach, so you can enjoy the beauty of this place as well as swim in the ocean.

Pure Passion

Now you have dinner in Agadir, in the restaurant near the port. The most fresh seafood is offered here.

Day 9: A pirate-infested city

Today we will explore the port fortress of Essaouira, visit the market, the beach, ride the waves and relax at the hotel.

Medina d'Essaouira

Caravane café

Essaouira Beach

Souks De Essaouira


It’s very atmospheric and pleasant place to have dinner, shows a modern look at Moroccan cuisine.

Day 10: Let's touch the secrets of the East

Today we will visit the Essaouira History Museum, a handmade lamp shop (who knows, maybe a genie is lurking inside one of them, and now for the rest of your life you just have to make wishes), as well as a jewellery shop. At the end of the day - dinner in a chic seaside restaurant and a walk along the night coast.


It seems to be the only place in the district that opens early and it’s rather good for breakfast.

Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah Museum

Ornaments, weapons and armors, musical instruments ... the story of Essaouira. This museum was named after the city's founder, Mohammed bin Abdallah.

Art Déco Lampe

Lamps, lamps, lamps. There are lots of different lamps here.

Mega Loft

A good, tasty restaurant on the beach.

Essaouira Beach

Now it’s a last opportunity to enjoy the ocean, the beach and the Moroccan sun.

Ensemble Artisanal

There is real Moroccan jewelry for sale. Be careful not to spend the last money. Be ready to bargain everywhere!

Medina d'Essaouira

Now you go for a walk in the beautiful medina before having dinner.


That’s a high-level restaurant with excellent service close to the sea. After dinner you can stroll along the night coast.

Day 11: Time to go home!

Let's drop off the car and get out of here.