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Snowdonia National Park

Road Trip Route. We'll drive through the incredibly beautiful national parks of England, Enjoy the incredible scenery of the hills and plains, Let's get into the incredible architecture of the Middle Ages.

The UK is a country of incredible natural contrasts, cultural diversity and historical heritage. This journey is designed in such a way that all these aspects shine with new colors. We will drive through the most beautiful places of central England and Wales, enjoy the magnificent nature with its truly fabulous scenery of hills and plains, forests and lakes, mountains and rivers. In addition, a significant part of the time is devoted to visiting various cultural sites, including centuries-old cathedrals, fortresses, temples and monuments. We'll try to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and its inherent gothic.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: London

Alexandr Kosar. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: From Oxford to Birmingham

The first stop is Oxford. We will stay here for a while, but we will have time to see the significant and interesting historical buildings and monuments of architecture, and then go to Birmingham to walk through its interesting places.

Radcliffe Square

The heart of the beautiful city of Oxford is Radcliffe Square. Its territory is paved with masonry. The square has become a cultural centre of the city, with its unique and characteristic English buildings, built in the traditional Gothic style.


Branca is a rather large and lively Italian restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful interior. Restaurant's menu is very extensive, you can order as well the traditional cuisine of the Apennine peninsula, more familiar to the average person, among which there are fried salmon with stewed vegetables and a fairly large number of steaks of different roasts.

Coughton Court

A characteristic feature of English architecture is its diversity. Thus, the well-known Gothic style is divided into several directions, one of which is the Tudor style, a great example of which is the Coughton Court building. It harmoniously combines elements of Renaissance and medieval Gothic architecture.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses

Birmingham is an incredibly versatile and interesting city, one of its important features is a significant number of different kinds of green areas, one of which is Birmingham Botanical Gardens & Glasshouses. In addition to being home to nearly 7000 different plants, the garden is also home to many exotic birds from around the world.

Asha's Contemporary Indian Cuisine

Enjoy your evening at Asha's Contemporary Indian Cuisine. Venue's interior is made beautifully and comfortably, tables are separated from each other, so that a truly homely atmosphere is created. The menu offers a wide range of dishes and snacks, including a wide selection of kebabs, salads and desserts.

Day 2: The incredible valleys of Wales

Today we are planning a trip to the western part of the island, where incredible natural landscapes await us. We also intend to visit some of the most interesting historical castles that were built centuries ago.

Long Mynd

In the image of Great Britain, of course, its nature occupies a special place. In this sense, the Long Mynd plateau is an important landmark.

Chirk Castle

Throughout England's incredibly rich history, many outstanding historical buildings have been erected, scattered throughout the country. In the western part of the island, among others, Chirk Castle, built about seven hundred years ago, is remarkable. It's surrounded by incredible views of green valleys. The architectural features of the building can also be assessed from the inside.

The Cross Foxes

The Cross Foxes is a bright, atmospheric cafe surrounded by greenery. The interior is made in an incredibly cozy and homely way, and there is a terrace for those who want to dine outdoors. The menu is very extensive, there are many snacks and main courses, including steaks, salads and various kinds of soup.

Dolwyddelan Castle

Another medieval building of great interest to passing tourists is Dolwyddelan Castle. For a long time, this place and its surroundings were an important point of reference for the English defense, was many times completed and rebuilt, and eventually became an important tourist destination. It should be added that local beauties repeatedly appeared in various films.

Tryfan Peak

Many people passing through these places, observing the natural beauties surrounding them, would undoubtedly like to see them from an unusual angle. Mount Tryfan Peak is perfect for this. Its altitude is about 920 meters above sea level, so that the ascent here is not too difficult, and from the top of the hills and plains of Wales offers an inspiring panorama of the hills.

Snowdonia National Park

The most important natural site in Wales is Snowdonia National Park, located on the west coast of the island and covering about 820 square miles of diverse landscapes. Here you can see rocky mountains, picturesque lakes and small authentic villages.

Dylan's Menai Bridge

We recommend dining at Dylan's Menai Bridge, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Menai Strait. The menu offers a wide selection of traditional dishes such as roasted lamb with vegetables and spices or roasted pork with potatoes and cabbage. The atmosphere inside is very warm and hospitable, due to the attentive attitude of the staff and quite simple, but harmonious interior and lighting.

Day 3: The last day in Wales

Today will be the day of a tour of Snowdonia National Park. There are several stops planned in places where you can enjoy the incredible natural diversity and, of course, take stunning pictures against the background of local landscapes.

Mount Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa Summit

Snowdonia National Park is a unique natural site, with many beautiful places to visit, but perhaps the most important of all is Mount Snowdon, which is also the highest point in Wales. There is a railway at the top, so that even unprepared tourists can appreciate the incredible views.

Black Rock Sands

The western part of the island is famous for its beautiful hills, picturesque plains and authentic castles, but it is not so obvious at first glance that there are also stunning beaches, one of which is Black Rock Sands. Pure white sand in the midst of the season attracts not only beach lovers, but also nature lovers, because the coastline offers beautiful views of some of the coves.

Seaview Cafe Bistro & Coffee Lounge

Being in a very beautiful place during the day, I would like to spend lunch in an equally beautiful environment, and Seaview Cafe Bistro & Coffee Lounge is the place where it will be possible to do it. Facility's interior is made in a very elegant style, next to the restaurant there is a terrace where you can dine outdoors, admiring the scenery. Restaurant's menu includes a lot of fish dishes, as well as salad and burger sandwiches.

Harlech Castle

One of Snowdonia's many architectural decorations is the incredible Harlech Castle. Built by King Edward I to strengthen his influence, the castle represented an impregnable fortress. Architects tried to embody all the greatness and power of the king in this building, its mighty walls and beautiful forms. The views from the cliffs, the castle, the sea and the mountains are really breathtaking.

Llyn Cau

On the slopes of the beautiful Mount Kadir Idris in Snowdonia National Park is another incredibly peaceful place - Lake Llyn Cau. It's a pretty long climb, but it's not as hard as the mountain itself. The road to the lake passes through a quiet picturesque forest area, and then at some point branched out - one path leads to the top, and the second - to the lake itself.

Number Twenty One

Number Twenty One is a very elegant café located near Snowdonia Park. Facility's interior is worked out with taste, inside there is an atmosphere of coziness and hospitality. The menu is also quite extensive, with many kinds of meat dishes, we recommend you to pay attention to such dishes as lamb with vegetables, steak-barbecue, served with vegetable stew. If you like sweets, don't hesitate to try the lemon tart, it's very tasty.

Day 4: A day out in the open

Today, the plan is to leave Wales and head for London on the way to various interesting places, including national parks, historical sites and, of course, worthy restaurants.

Shropshire Hills AONB

Shropshire Hills National Park is a place that has the status of a zone of amazing natural beauty. When you find yourself here, the associations of the landscape of the Hobbit Shire from the film "Lord of the Rings" - hills and plains of pristine nature, small authentic villages, in general, an atmosphere of absolute harmony and tranquility reigns.

Cathedral Green

Cathedral Green is a unique historical building, built in the traditional Gothic style of England, is the most important architectural monument. The first pilgrimage to these places dates back to the 8th century AD. The cathedral also houses a kind of historical treasure - a medieval map of the world, which, according to experts, was created around 1300.


Wagamama is a very cozy Asian restaurant. The staff is polite, very competent, always ready to help in choosing dishes. The menu is full of such traditional Japanese dishes as miso soup, ramen noodles with meat and vegetables, lamb with teriyaki sauce, a choice of salads and snacks is also quite good.

Crickley Hill Country Park

Another place where nature has remained completely untouched is Crickley Hill Country Park, an incredibly beautiful reserve in the middle of England. Unlike many other strictly protected areas, fishing, visiting with dogs, flying kites and picnics are allowed.

Burford Church

Incredibly remarkable architectural object is Burford Church. This church acquired its current appearance at the end of the XV century, and was built at the end of the XII century. The oldest bells of the temple also date back to the 15th century, as well as the spire pulling high into the sky. Every year this place attracts not only believers, but also tourists who want to enjoy the grandeur of English architecture.

Bel and the Dragon

A pleasant evening near London can be spent in the restaurant Bel and the Dragon. Elegant interior of the facility creates relaxing atmosphere inside and disposing to the soulful evening. The menu includes many of everyone's favorite dishes such as cauliflower soup, fried fish and vegetables, steaks under sauce, salads, and numerous desserts.