We are looking forward to immerse ourselves in especially local cuisine.. We will visit incredible amusement parks. We also have interesting tours of the best museums in the world.. We will definitely visit the famous beaches of the Gulf of Mexico..

Smart & Friendly: Texas by car

This scenario reveals the culture of the south of the country, the world-famous freedom-loving state of Texas. We'll drive from Dallas to Corpus Christi, going to the most famous places in the state. First, we will get to know the home comfort and business acumen of Dallas, and then go to the serene expanses near the Gulf of Mexico. This scenario is undoubtedly suitable for lovers of quiet walks and road trips, as well as for those who appreciate the thrill and love beach holidays. An unforgettable joyful experience leaves a journey around this region.

Smart & Friendly: Texas by car

8 days itinerary by Edward Harrington - History and Culture - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Acquaintance with Dallas

Since there is not much time after arrival, the first evening can be dedicated to a walk through the brightly lit streets of the city. It's also definitely worth trying some real Texas steaks at a restaurant nearby.
Visiting: Dallas, Corpus Christi

Day 2: Museums and skyscrapers

Today prepares us a lot of pleasant moments, among which will be the ascent to the 50th floor of the Tower of Reunification, which will offer an incredible panorama of the city, and plans to get acquainted with architecture, which includes both Victorian buildings and modern skyscrapers.
Visiting: Dallas, Corpus Christi

Day 3: Leave the brightest impressions of Dallas.

Today will be a kind of good-bye to Dallas. The plan is to go to an amusement park, a place where you can feel beyond the laws of physics for a moment. Among other things, there will also be a visit to the building, where shots were fired from the windows that took the life of John F. Kennedy and where the museum of the memory of this great man is now.
Visiting: Dallas, Greenville, Mount Pleasant, Corpus Christi

Day 4: Texas Nature

On the way to Houston, it's an opportunity to get to know the beautiful Texas countryside. There are plans to take a walk in the large Davy Crockett National Park, then drive to Houston and visit one of the largest parks in the city - McGovern.
Visiting: Mount Pleasant, Tyler, Riverside, Gilmer, Kennard, Houston, Corpus Christi

Day 5: Houston's Contrasts

Today will undoubtedly be an incredibly rich and diverse day - we will be able to go for a walk around the city, visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Astronautics, as well as go. In the evening there are plans to stay in a hotel located on the very shore of the ocean.
Visiting: Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi

Day 6: Beaches and nature in the Gulf of Mexico

Today we are planning a trip to the glittering city by the sea - Corpus Christi. On the way, we will have the opportunity to relax on the white beaches off the Gulf of Mexico, get to know the nature of the region in the San Bernard Neshnl Reserve.
Visiting: Galveston, Brazoria, Bay City, Victoria, Lamar, Corpus Christi

Day 7: The famous Corpus Christi

Although the city is not considered a tourist destination, thousands of people come here every year for its cultural attractions and beautiful views. You should definitely visit the Museum of Arts and the Oceanarium. In addition, the waterfront of the city is also quite remarkable for its several monuments and magnificent views of the bay.
Visiting: Corpus Christi

Day 8: Farewell to Texas

Today is the last day of our trip. And since the city's waterfront offers spectacular views at dawn, you can spend your farewell morning before leaving there - in the fresh air by the bay, or walk along the streets of Christie's Sun Corps.
Visiting: Corpus Christi