See Peanut Fortress and Corela Fortress. Wander around the village of Upper Mandrogi and visit the vodka museum.. To get to know Petrozavodsk and its history.. Get lost in Ruskeala Natural Park. To find out why the town of Sortvala has that name.. .

Silver Necklace of the Leningrad Region

A silver necklace is a unique route that consists of monuments and natural places worthy of your attention. Capturing the Leningrad and Karelian regions, it will take you through forests and rivers, surrounding Lake Ladoga. If you are looking for something really beautiful and inspiring, then you should definitely go on this journey. There are a lot of discoveries and bright impressions waiting for you.

Silver Necklace of the Leningrad Region

6 days itinerary by Darina Frantz - Active Leisure - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Active Leisure

Day 1: Mighty Fortresses

This journey you will start at the shores of the legendary Lake Ladoga. The first destination is the fortress of Oreshek, which for centuries was an important strategic point during the fighting. You will also visit not less significant Old Ladoga Fortress, located on the bank of the Volkhov River.
Visiting: Domozhirovo, Shlissel'burg, Staraya Ladoga, Centralniy, Novaya Ladoga

Day 2: Village romance

Today you will leave for the North of the country and find yourself in a real Russian village on the mysterious Upper Mandrogi peninsula. The natives of these places are Veps, who gathered authentic peasant huts, looking for forgotten cultural and historical values. You'll have to touch the local cultural traditions and explore the life of the villagers. Interesting, isn't it ?
Visiting: Domozhirovo, Nurmolitsy, Verkhniye Mandrogi, Il'inskiy, Olonets, Staraya Sloboda

Day 3: Towards Petrozavodsk

Today you will have to leave early, you will have to drive to Petrozavodsk through dense Korean forests and several stops in wild, deaf places. In the afternoon you will get acquainted with majestic Petrozavodsk, located on the shore of Lake Onega.
Visiting: Poselok-Matrosy, Petrozavodsk, Nurmolitsy, Olonetskiy Rayon

Day 4: Going deep into the Karelian forests

Thick and ancient Karelian forests, they are as if from a magic fairy tale, beckon in their wilderness. You will have to go far away from civilization, learn their mystery and leave their trace in your memory forever.
Visiting: Sortavala, Poselok-Matrosy, Kroshnozero, Matrosy, Pryazha, Ruskaset, Uuksu

Day 5: Wonder of Nature

Today you will finally reach Ruskeala Nature Park and you will realize how creatively nature has approached the creation of these places, as if an artist and sculptor had formed in tandem the images of these beauties. Be sure to charge your phones and free up your memory, and you will have a huge number of new pictures.
Visiting: Priozersk, Sortavala, Ruskeala, Kumala

Day 6: Returning home

Today is the final day of the journey and the silver necklace will be locked in the last and no less important place - the heroic fortress of Korela, which has undergone many attacks and fought bravely.
Visiting: Priozersk, Titovka, Centralniy, Vaskelovo, Orekhovo