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Silver Necklace of the Leningrad Region

Road Trip Route. See Peanut Fortress and Corela Fortress, Wander around the village of Upper Mandrogi and visit the vodka museum., To get to know Petrozavodsk and its history., Get lost in Ruskeala Natural Park, To find out why the town of Sortvala has that name., .

The Silver Necklace is a unique route that consists of monuments and natural places worthy of your attention. Covering the Leningrad region and the Republic of Karelia, it will take you through forests and rivers, surrounding Lake Ladoga. If you are in search of something really beautiful and inspiring, you should definitely embark on this journey. Many discoveries and vivid impressions await you.

Active Leisure. From: Saint Petersburg

Darina Frantz. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Mighty Fortresses

This journey you will start at the shores of the legendary Lake Ladoga. The first destination is the fortress of Oreshek, which for centuries was an important strategic point during the fighting. You will also visit not less significant Old Ladoga Fortress, located on the bank of the Volkhov River.

Oreshek Fortress (Крепость Орешек)

Powerful and energetic place surrounded by Ladoga nature. A fortress that endured the entire blockade of Leningrad and did not give up. You can also visit the old prison, which is located on the territory.

Кафе «Беседка»

It's time to eat after a long journey and such a busy day. The restaurant is located on the territory of Krenica Recreation Base. Visitors praise homemade food and dishes cooked on the grill. In a word - enjoy the views and relax!

Old Ladoga castle (Староладожская крепость)

Be sure to visit the museum-reserve dedicated to the history of Northern Russia. There is a preserved temple where young Alexander Nevsky was blessed for the battle. There is a majestic panorama with pre-Christian burial hills, pre-Mongolian temples and monastic ensembles. It is possible to take an excursion with the local guide.

Курганы Вещего Олега

Picturesque historical place, from the hills overlooking the Volkhov River. It is said to be the burial place of Prophetic Oleg. If you reach the very bank of the Volkhov River, you can find another interesting place - Tanechkin Cave.


It's time to have dinner in a real and cozy Russian hut. Big portions and good mood will be provided for you! Visitors say that the most delicious cheesecakes are here.

Day 2: Village romance

Today you will leave for the North of the country and find yourself in a real Russian village on the mysterious Upper Mandrogi peninsula. The natives of these places are Veps, who gathered authentic peasant huts, looking for forgotten cultural and historical values. You'll have to touch the local cultural traditions and explore the life of the villagers. Interesting, isn't it ?

Ремесленная Слобода

There are Arkhangelsk and Vologda houses, where blacksmiths, potters, weavers, wood carvers, dressed in traditional clothes work. They will gladly take you in and give you a master class. Learn history, buy fancy souvenirs, ride the triplets and just feel like a villager. Be sure to arrange for your arrival by calling [listed on the website](

Музей Водки

The Vodka Museum with its huge assortment is very popular. Tourists from different cities go to get impressions, bringing their signature drinks for exchange and taking away local hot ones. This is how the Russian Vodka Museum replenishes its stores and creates new expositions with drinks.

Ресторан Мандроги

After such busy walks, it's time for a peasant dinner. Here you will be fed with delicious homemade food, cooked from a wide Russian soul. Pay your attention to borscht and cherry pie.

Свято-Троицкий Александра Свирского мужской монастырь

Make a small stop at the ancient monastery, it is a famous architectural monument of XVI-XVII centuries.

Национальный музей карелов-ливвиков им. Н. Г. Прилукина

The museum exposition is small but quite informative, especially if you are interested in the life of indigenous peoples. The museum is located on the place where Olonets fortress was once located, but the building was built in the late XIX century as a merchant's house. The museum is surrounded by a park, after the excursion you can take a walk and get some fresh air.


A short visit to a local supermarket to buy picnic food on the beach.


I suggest you spend a picnic dinner outdoors, watching the scenery of local beauties, listening to the silence and waiting for the next day. Take your time and enjoy the moment.

Day 3: Towards Petrozavodsk

Today you will have to leave early, you will have to drive to Petrozavodsk through dense Korean forests and several stops in wild, deaf places. In the afternoon you will get acquainted with majestic Petrozavodsk, located on the shore of Lake Onega.

Важеозерский Спасо-Преображенский монастырь

There is an ancient monastery on the shore of the reserved lake in a place called Interposel, practically in the deaf forests of Karelia. The first temple was built on this territory in the XVI century, originally the monastery was a man's monastery, after its revival in the early nineties became a woman's monastery, nowadays the monastery is again a man's monastery. Take a look at the ancient churches and enjoy the scenery of Vlasozeur.

National Museum of the Republic of Karelia (Национальный музей Республики Карелия)

The Regional Museum is a suitable place to learn about the nature, history and culture of the region, to map out future travel routes. The National Museum is located on the Round Square (now - Lenin Square). Mode of operation: Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00-18:00. Monday is a day off. Cashier's office closes half an hour early.

Музей Полярный Одиссей

The museum keeps the history and achievements of the club for almost forty years of its existence. These forty years the members of the club were engaged in building sailing and motor ships and tested them in long voyages. For the past years the club has made many research expeditions, participated in many international sea festivals and visited the waters of many countries. Mode of operation: daily, 10:00-16:00.

Нойбранденбург / Neubrandenburg

This is a quaint German restaurant where you can order a lot of delicious and nourishing things. Visitors recommend a taste of beef stroganoff.

Онежская набережная

Picturesque embankment is a business card of the city. Go for a walk and take a photo as a memory.

Fishermen (Рыбаки)

Two fishermen throwing a net symbolize Russian-American joint labor. Despite the fact that the monument was created in the workshops and factories of Petrozavodsk, for a long time there were rumors that the fishermen's net was actually an antenna transmitting spy information to the West.

Памятник Императору Петру Великому

The monument was laid out on May 30, 1872 in honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great. The monument is located in the center of Petrovsky Square. Peter is depicted standing upright, his left leg is slightly forward. He is dressed in a military parade uniform up to his knees, girded with a girdle; over his right shoulder there is a ribbon of the Order, on his chest there is an Andreyev star, on his legs there are boots with spurs, and on his side there is a sword.

Ресторан «Горка»

You'll be happily welcomed here and fed deliciously! Be sure to try the meat cooked on an open fire. This restaurant has special huge ovens for perfect grilling.

Day 4: Going deep into the Karelian forests

Thick and ancient Karelian forests, they are as if from a magic fairy tale, beckon in their wilderness. You will have to go far away from civilization, learn their mystery and leave their trace in your memory forever.

Большой Толли (порог Реки Шуя)

Big Tolly Threshold is located on the legendary river Shuya, which flows into Lake Onega. It is a favorite place for extremists who love to meet the natural force and overcome the streams of boiling rivers.


Buy all the necessary food for the picnic, which will be on the lake shore during lunch.

Озеро Крошнозеро

Make a small stop by the famous Lake Kroshnozer and catch this moment. The climate in the lake area is mild, temperate continental. Summer is short and cool, with an air temperature of 14-17 degrees Celsius. Winter on the lake is long, moderately mild with average temperatures of minus 4-10 degrees.

Крест скорби

This is a memorial dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. It was in this place on November 30, 1939 that large motorized units of the Soviet 8th Army invaded Finland, moving along the shore of Lake Ladoga towards the town of Sortavala, the capture of which was planned by the end of the first week of the offensive.

Турбаза «Три стихии — Ууксу»

This picnic lunch will be held at the picturesque bank of the small Uksun Yoki River. What could be better than privacy in such a beautiful place.

Культурно-выставочный центр им. К. А. Гоголева

The unique collection of Kronid Gogolev, the founder of the exhibition center, is kept here. The artist creates works in a unique manner - sculptural relief in wood. There are works of woodcarving, paintings, graphics. Daily excursions, lectures and master classes are held. The exhibition is open every day from 10 to 20 hours.

Парк Ваккосалми

Wonderful and spacious park, ideal for walks at any time of year. It is a small stone elevation, which can be climbed on steps. At the top there is a view of the surrounding area. The hill offers a view of the ruins of a Finnish hospital. The hospital was operated on by the famous local surgeon Dr. Winter in the early 1900s.


Pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, here will gladly meet you and feed you. Georgian and European dishes are served here.

Day 5: Wonder of Nature

Today you will finally reach Ruskeala Nature Park and you will realize how creatively nature has approached the creation of these places, as if an artist and sculptor had formed in tandem the images of these beauties. Be sure to charge your phones and free up your memory, and you will have a huge number of new pictures.

Marble Canyon (Мраморный каньон)

Welcome to the majestic Ruskeala Park! I hope you're wearing comfortable shoes and clothes. An unearthly walk awaits you and will return to you in your dreams. Be sure to walk to the Great Marble Canyon, find a boat station and sail along the river that separates the canyon and, if you have time, take a look at Underground Ruskeala, a complex of illuminated underground caves.


You must be hungry after such an intense hike. The café is located at the beginning of the park. Here you will be offered nourishing and delicious Finnish and Russian cuisine. Bon appetit!

Lumivaara Church (Кирха Лумиваара)

Well-preserved Lutheran temple. You can go inside and walk into all rooms, including the bell tower. There's only one bell you can hit, just save your ears.

Гастрономическое кафе «Точка на карте»

This dinner you will spend on the riverside amidst the forest, an unforgettable experience. Scandinavian motifs of this place will create a special atmosphere this evening. Pay your attention to such gourmet fish dishes as skoblyanka fish with cranberry, Ladoga dumplings with fish and spruce oil, profiteroles with fish cream.

Gazpromneft filling station #45

It's a great trip, isn't it? And for it to be dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Day 6: Returning home

Today is the final day of the journey and the silver necklace will be locked in the last and no less important place - the heroic fortress of Korela, which has undergone many attacks and fought bravely.

Korela Fortress (Крепость Корела)

Medieval Korela was the most northwestern city in Russia. The fortress was founded at the turn of the XIII and XIV centuries by Novgorodians to protect the north-western borders of the republic from the Swedes. Now it is a museum complex, on the territory of which you can walk a lot of interesting things about the history of that time. Mode of operation: from 10:00 to 18:00 Monday and Tuesday are weekends.

Камень основания крепости Корела

This memorial stone is in honor of Rurik. Its burial place is near Korela Fortress. Be sure to make a stop and read the inscription on it.


Buy all the necessary food for the picnic, which will be on the riverside during lunch.

Тиверское Городище

The city of Tiversk was the defensive center of the Tiberius princedom back in the IX century. Today, the Tiberius hill fort can be found in the shade of tall trees, if you want, you can find the ruined walls resting under a thick layer of moss - the remains of the ancient settlement of Karelians and Novgorodians. Also here you can visit an amazing temple. The wooden church of St. Andrew appeared in Vasilyevo not so long ago. It entered the Guinness Book of Records as the only church in the world built on a tiny island. Find a cozy place and a secluded picnic area.

Норвежский парк

Should we add another activity to this journey? A great place for both family and friends to relax. Fresh air, adrenaline release and a sea of wonderful emotions. Here you will find routes of any complexity - both for beginners and professionals. Instructors are always polite and friendly.

Ресторан "Дача"

It's time to eat up before the rest of the journey, remember the highlights of the trip and revise your photos. Simple and very tasty dishes of European and Russian cuisine are served here.