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Sights of Serpukhov and something else

Sights of Serpukhov and something else
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History and Culture
The ancient city of Serpukhov has a rich history. On our way to the city we will go down to the source of St. David and get acquainted with the bison in Prioksko-Terrasny reserve. In Serpukhov we will go to the historical and art museum of the city, walk along the bank of the Oka, visit the historical center of the city on the National Hill, go inside the temple of St. Nicholas the White and look at the monument of Vladimir the Brave.
Polina Zagoryanskaya
Polina Zagoryanskaya
  • Visit one of the exhibitions in the Museum of History and Art.
  • Browse the city from Sobornaya Mount.
  • Go to one of the main temples of the city - the Church of St. Nicholas the White.
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Main sights of Serpukhov
Day 1248 km

Main sights of Serpukhov

In one day in Serpukhov you can visit a large number of interesting places. On the way to town, we will stop in the village of Talezh, where we will visit the spring of St. David. After the spring we will go to the Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, where we will meet the bison. In Serpukhov we'll visit one of the exhibitions of the city historical and art museum, take a walk along the embankment of the Oka river, go up the Sbornaya mountain, visit the temple of Nikola Belogo, and find out what is shown on the pedestal of the monument to Vladimir the Brave.
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