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Siberian Heritage: Historical and Cultural Monuments, Rock Art, Coal Mining

Siberian Heritage: Historical and Cultural Monuments, Rock Art, Coal Mining
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An exciting two-day journey full of new discoveries awaits you!
You will learn interesting facts about Moshkovsky area, see many preserved ancient rock paintings, touch the art, visit the capital of the mining region, where you will learn the history and development of the coal industry in Kuzbass, and even visit the mine!
Hurry up to adventures and bright impressions!
Eugenia Laputina
Eugenia Laputina
  • Learn the history of Moshkovsky district.
  • Take a photo near "Siberian Kizhy.
  • See cave paintings of ancient people.
  • Get acquainted with mining industry.
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Culture and History Day
Day 1313 km175 m

Culture and History Day

The first day of the trip includes an introduction to the history of Moshkovsky district and a walk through the museum-reserve, where you will see the petroglyphs of ancient people.
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The capital of the mining region
Day 2319 km

The capital of the mining region

The second day of the trip includes a visit to a monument dedicated to the miners, a museum where you can learn more about the coal industry and a museum where the art of Siberia, Kuzbass, and more is represented!
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