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Siberian flavor: historical cities, ethnographic centers and natural landscapes

Road Trip Route. To see the birthplace of Rasputin., Visit Tobolsk bone carving factory., Walk along Ingale valley., To admire Maryino ravine., Swim in thermal springs., Visit ethnocentre "House of northern people"..

**Tyumen-Tobolsk-Yalutorovsk-Zavodoukovsk** Immerse yourself in the history of Siberia, get acquainted with the birthplace of Rasputin, experience the atmosphere of ancient Russia and relax in the thermal springs - the route is so diverse that you won't be bored! On the way there will be many historical centers, museums and complexes, as well as mysterious valleys and gorges. You will visit the house of Rasputin, walk around Pokrovsky, Tobolsk, go on a picnic among the incredible landscapes of Siberian nature and get acquainted with the life of the Northern peoples. Learn about Siberia's history, share it with your friends and followers, and don't forget about the photos along the way: you'll remember this trip for a long time! ⠀ **Itinerary features:** - Will enjoy those who are interested in history and like to learn many new facts about the lives of people of all times; - Traveling with small children can be problematic due to the complexity of the route; - Visiting thermal springs and Russian baths. ⠀ **Recommendations:** - Don't forget comfortable shoes and clothes: you will have to walk a lot. - You can take a lunch box, as there will be picnics along the route. - You should also take a swimsuit, a cream with SPF protection and a towel: the thermal springs and recreation centers are waiting for you.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Home of the mysterious Rasputin

The village Pokrovskoe is a real historical treasure trove revealing the secret secrets of Georgy Rasputin. It is better to leave Tyumen around 9:00 to have time to capture maximum of interesting places today. And on the way be sure to stop by an ostrich farm and a local mosque to start getting acquainted with the true flavor of Siberia.


From Tyumen it is better to leave about 9:00 to have time to visit the maximum of interesting places.

Tyumen Ostrich, an ostrich farm

The amazing thing is nearby: in the middle of the taiga, in a simple Siberian village, there are real African ostriches. This is not a zoo, but a farm, where the largest bird in the world is bred together with chickens, goats and pygmy piglets - mini-pigs. You can feed ostriches and even take selfies with them - they pose perfectly!

Rasputin House Museum

In Rasputin's small motherland since 1991, there is a private museum dedicated to the life of the famous "elder" and favorite of the last imperial couple. In the beautiful house with the original baroque platbands there are collected the personal belongings of Grigory Rasputin's family: tableware, furniture, icons, unique photos with inscriptions, personal notes and letters. Must visit for those who want to lift the veil of mystery over one of the most mysterious figures of Russian history. - **The museum has an age restriction of 16+. ** General guided tours are held on Saturdays and Sundays exclusively by appointment by phone. Individual excursions take place any day at any time agreed upon with the organizer. Pre-registration is obligatory by phone: 8(9044) 94 03 14 or 8(9044) 92 58 39.

"Historical and Cultural Center "Kazansky"

Generally, the village Pokrovskoe is a world center of attraction for tourists interested in the personality of Grigory Rasputin and the subject of the last years of the Romanov House. Another place where you can learn something new about it is the historical and cultural center. There you will find a collection of rare documents, belongings and publications of the beginning of the XX century, and children will be offered an exciting historical quest. - Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Phone: 89048765054.

Teply Stan Cafe

A cafe 24/7 where you can have a great meal. The menu features simple homemade dishes prepared with love.

Yarkovo Cathedral Mosque, Yarkovo Mukhtasibat

Make a stop at the local Muslim mosque. It is not only a place of prayer, but also a center of enlightenment, creation, unity and spirituality for every believer practicing Islam.

Tobolsk Kremlin

Tobolsk is called the "Father of Siberian cities" and one of the main spiritual centres of the country. To feel it in full measure, go for a walk on the territory of the Kremlin - an amazingly beautiful historical and architectural complex of the XVII-XVIII centuries. Here you'll find out who built the only stone Kremlin in Siberia, how its appearance has changed through the centuries and what the originality of its architecture is. Random fact: a photograph of the Tobolsk Kremlin taken by Dmitry Medvedev was sold at a charity auction for 51 million rubles. Opening hours: from 10:00 to 18:00, on Tuesday from 10:00 to 17:00. The day off is Monday.


A cosy place in the centre of Tobolsk: polite and tidy staff, a good menu, great interior and tasty dishes. If you are lucky, you can sit at a table with a good view. But it's better not to hope for luck and book it in advance. Phone: +7 345 622-64-51.

Day 2: The soul of Tobolsk: history and legends

Get ready for a deep dive into the history of Tobolsk: you'll get acquainted with the life of the royal Romanov family, visit the best museums of the city and a master-class on pottery, meet the sunset on the riverbank and appreciate the Siberian gastronomy and farm products.

Alexander Chapel

The first thing worth seeing after breakfast is the chapel in Nizhny Posad. The small white temple is closely connected with the history of the House of Romanov. In 1837, the future Emperor Alexander II visited Tobolsk. It was a significant event for the Siberian town, so after the emperor was killed, the city authorities decided to build a chapel in his memory. Years later the chapel was also visited by the family of Nicholas II.

Church of Archangel Michael

Another famous church in the city was built in 1745-1759, following the example of churches of the Russian north in two stories. The writer Alexander Radishchev lived on its grounds. It is said that the local atmosphere inspired him to write "Letters on the Chinese Trade", "History of the Conquest of Siberia" and the story "Ermak".

Музей Семьи Императора Николая II

The museum is a part of the Tobolsk Museum Reserve complex and opened quite recently - in 2018. It is a significant place for the whole region: in many respects unique expositions of the museum allow to take a new look at the long-known historical facts, to learn details of private life and state activities of the emperor's family and the people loyal to them. - Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, in summer until 19:00.

Dom Masterov

It's not a royal affair, but it's time to get to know the traditional men's and women's crafts of Siberia. The House of Masters presents their complete collection: blacksmithing, shoemaking, pottery, artistic carving and woodworking, cooperage, weaving, and also knitting, spinning, weaving and bobbin weaving. You can learn about their history and try your hand at pottery or patchwork at workshops.

Bishop's House. Museum of Siberian Orthodoxy History

The residence of the highest clergy of Siberia was built in 1775, and for many years it was the spiritual center of the vast region. Now the house houses the museum project "History of Orthodoxy in Siberia", which will clearly tell the story of the birth, formation and spread of Orthodoxy since the arrival of Ermak's detachment to Siberia.

Mark and Lion Restaurant

A beautiful and idea place with excellent service, delicious Siberian cuisine and seasonal products from nearby farms.

Governor's Museum

The oldest museum in Siberia, which was personally patronized by Emperor Nicholas II, still preserves the spirit of pre-revolutionary Russia. In its halls you'll find paleontological, archaeological and ethnographic collections, and children will definitely appreciate the world of wild Siberian nature and the mammoth skeleton. Don't forget to check out the cozy patio with a rotunda surrounded by firs and cedars, too. - To order tours: 8 (3456) 22-37-13, 22-09-26. You can buy tickets to the museum without a tour at the ticket office.

Recreation base Vinokurovo

The recreation base on the bank of the Irtysh river is created for secluded rest far from the city. There are picnic gazebos, sun loungers, tents and barbecue areas on the territory. You can take cooked food with you or stock up on meat and roast kebabs under the pink flashes of sunset.

Day 3: History of Russian Siberia

Today you will learn how the Siberian people lived in different times. The programme includes: the Viceroy's Palace, the Prison Castle, Russia's only bone carving factory and Abalak tourist complex with the true atmosphere of ancient Russia.

Viceroy Palace. Museum of the History of the Government of Siberia

Which Siberian city offers a real palace? Only in Tobolsk! It was built here in 18th century by the order of the Empress Catherine the Great and became a center of voivods' and later provincial administration. Today in the three-storey palace you can see the majestic Throne Hall, the study of the scientist Dmitry Mendeleev, "Ershov living room" and a gymnasium. - Order tours: +7 3456 223713.

Prison castle. Museum of Siberian hard labour and exile

The most horrible place in the city. Until 1989, it was one of Russia's strictest prisons, where convicts were sent to hard labor and into exile. Now it is a museum, where you can get acquainted with the life of prisoners of the pre-revolutionary and Soviet periods, go down into the gloomy dungeon, which preserves the oppressive atmosphere of confinement. There is a hostel "Prisoner" nearby for those who want to spend a night in a real prison atmosphere and tickle their nerves with ghost stories. ⠀ ⠀ Order tours: +7 (3456) 22-37-13, 22-27-76.

Tobolsk Factory of Artistic Leatherwork

One of the oldest Siberian crafts is artistic bone carving. Local craftsmen have reached such heights in this business that their works received gold medals at international exhibitions in Paris and Brussels, and the factory itself (by the way, the only one in Russia) received the "Badge of Honor" order. In addition to the production workshops, there is a museum where you can trace the history of the company from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, and a souvenir shop, where you are sure to look for a nice thing to remember it with.

DOLCE VITA, coffee house

A place with a pleasant atmosphere, good service and a balanced menu: from the classics of European cuisine to vegan dishes. An excellent choice for those who don't want to betray their European gastronomic habits. For reservations, please call: +7 (3456) 24-05-50.

Abalak tourist complex

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Russian fairy tale and feel the breadth of soul of the Siberian people! This impressive place on the bank of the Irtysh River is a reconstruction of the Siberian fortress of the times of Siberia conquest by Ermak Cossacks. There is a tavern, a hotel, a contact zoo, a gazebo with barbecues, a Russian bathhouse, a children's playground with life-size Zmey Gorynych - this must be how the Siberian Disneyland should look like.

The Church of the Holy Sign

Abalaksky monastery stands on a high bank of the Irtysh River, which offers a view of the distances stretching to Tobolsk. The oldest building, the Znamensky Cathedral, was erected here more than 300 years ago. Unfortunately, time has not spared the monastery: only some of the largest stone buildings have survived to this day. Nevertheless, Abalaksky monastery is functioning and since 1990s it has renewed its monastic life.

Belaya Owl" tavern

A cozy restaurant in the historical centre of Abalak. Its interior is styled like the old times and decorated with hunting trophies, and girls in Russian sundresses greet and escort each guest to the table. The menu includes dishes cooked according to traditional Russian recipes. Be sure to try the local specialty - Abalaki salad. To reserve a table, please call: +7 (3456) 33 12 79, +7 912 920 62 48.

Day 4: The depths of Siberia and thermal springs

Yalutorovsk, Zavodoukovsk and other strange names of Siberian towns are waiting for you today. You will walk around the city, go on excursions, dine on a sunny Mediterranean island in Siberia and stay in one of the best spa hotels with its own terminal springs. You should leave no later than 9:00.

Museum complex Yalutorovskiy ostrog

Another repository of history and life of the first Russian settlers in Siberia. On the territory of the ostrog you will find watchtowers, a hut of the first settlers, a barn with tools, an armoury and even a torture room. Here you can learn about folk crafts and try to chop firewood, draw water from the ibex well, and shoot with a bow. Don't forget to leave a request for a tour at [website]( Opening hours: daily except Monday. September-April from 10:00 to 18:00 without lunch break. May-August 10:00 to 18:00 without lunch break. Saturdays from 10:00 to 20:00 without lunch break.

Zavodoukovsky History Museum

The museum offers a cool option - an hour-long local history tour of the city in your car. More details [on the website]( Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., weekends 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. To order tours or for more information call: 8 (34542) 2-26-40, 8 (34542) 2-26-66.


This cafe is called an island of the Mediterranean in Siberia. The atmosphere is really reminiscent of Greek or Cypriot establishments: delicate blue interior, white tablecloths, Mediterranean cuisine and responsive staff. The place is popular and it's better to book a table in advance by phone +7 345 422-89-09.

Kolmakovskiy Park

The park on the bank of the river Ug was once founded by the merchant Kiriak Kolmakov. Here still grow centuries-old pines, lindens and rare plants planted by him, but it is hard to call it a park. Without the owner, it has become overgrown with grass, feral, but it still attracts fans of walking and breathing fresh air.

Ingala Sanatorium-SPA Hotel

Today you will stay at one of the best spas in Siberia. It specializes in therapeutic recreation, but you can just rent a room or a cottage to relax. The main "feature" is its own open thermal spring with healing water. Here you can relax on the sun loungers, swim in the pool or try the numerous spa procedures. Good buffet breakfasts and dinners are also served here. Total relaxation! All services are available [on the website](

Day 5: The Beauties of the Tyumen Region: Valleys and Gorges

Siberia is famous not only for its historical sites but also for its natural landscapes which hide many secrets. Be prepared: it will be difficult to get there, but it will definitely be worth it. There won't be an opportunity to have lunch at a cafe on the way, so be sure to take your lunch with you. Leave around 9:00 to make sure you get there in time.

Ingale Valley

The Ingale valley is the cradle of the Siberian civilization; the traces of ancient cultures, several thousand years old, have been found here. The road to the valley goes through rugged terrain, so make sure that your car is passable and move towards Novodobaevo. Leave the car in the village and go for a walk around the unique archaeological monument. For navigation it is better to use the maps of the application

Maryino Gorge

One of the most picturesque places in the Tyumen region is a ravine up to 50-60 meters deep. More than 400 species of plants grow in the gorge, there are even 4 species of rare Siberian orchids. The slopes of the gorge are steep, you should go down them carefully, especially after the rain. It's much more pleasant to find a high point with a beautiful glade and have a picnic with views of the Preisetie.

Day 6: Nordic life and authentic Russian bathhouses

At the end of the trip, stop by the ethnographic center where you'll learn how the northerners lived, get even closer to the archaeological features of the area, and experience 6 types of Russian baths - it will be cool!

Uvas Mir Hot" ethnographic settlement / "House of the Northern People"

The history of Siberia is not only about Russian pioneers, but also about the indigenous peoples of these places: Khanty, Mansi, and Nenets. The ethnographic camp will help you learn more about them. There are Khanty hut, a Nenets tent, a hunting bench, oars, antlers and other attributes of the aborigines' traditional way of life. The guests are treated to fragrant tea made of taiga herbs, cooked on fire, and pie with northern berries. Contacts: +7 (3452) 63-32-40.

U Lukomor'ya, Pitomnik

The time has come to get acquainted with exotic people of Tyumen region, namely with the inhabitants of the zoo "U Lukomorye". This is a great opportunity to take a lot of great pictures of lemurs, armadillos, monkeys, kangaroos and even a leopard and a puma. You will see a lot of people here! What's more, you can't get enough of the caring attitude towards the animals, who are always clean and well groomed.

Recreation base "Upper pine forest"

Finish this rich trip with a rest at the hot springs near Tyumen. There is a large outdoor thermal pool with mineral water, whirlpools, waterfalls, saunas, cozy hotel rooms, cafe and relax zone at your service. This is a wonderful place for family recreation that is not inferior to European thermal resorts. And this is Siberia too!