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Short Trip to the Heart of the South

Road Trip Route. We will visit scientific museums and zoos..., Let's dive into the history of civil society formation., We visit various natural places that embody the beauty of the south..

Many tourists adore the south of the United States for its pleasant climate, incredible natural beauty, beaches and much more. In our journey we will undoubtedly give part of our time to these aspects as well, but the main thing for us is to immerse ourselves in the culture of these places. As we planned to take our children with us, we chose specially those places where both adult and child would be interested. An important part of the journey will be to learn about the history of the South, how slavery was born and how it was fought, as well as the history of civil rights.

History and Culture. From: Birmingham

Jonathan May. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Hispanic Night

Today is the first day of our trip, in Birmingham we are likely to be quite late, so "Napoleon's" plans for today do not build - just spend a quiet evening, relaxing restaurant and tuning in for tomorrow.


Rojo is a small cozy Latin American restaurant. However, the choice of dishes here is not limited to Latin America, there is also a menu of American and European dishes, gluten-free, children's and vegetarian menu. We chose tomato tacos with chicken, as well as quesadillas with pork. When planning your visit here, you must remember that the restaurant is closed on Monday.

Day 2: In the Museums of the City.

Today we plan to go to several interesting museums of the city, among which will be, in particular, scientific and historical. Also, we intend to take a walk in the botanical garden of the city and other interesting places.

Al's Deli And Grill

We were lucky to start our day at Al's Deli And Grill. The atmosphere here is quite comfortable and warm, there is a small yard in front of the building, where you can also take tables. The menu contains mainly such traditional American dishes as fried chicken, French fries, salads, and there are also such not quite usual dishes as chicken cabbage, falafel and pita.

McWane Science Center

The first stop in Birmingham for us was the McWane Science Center. Only when we found ourselves on the threshold, we realized that this is not just another boring museum, this is a place where various scientific and technical phenomena are demonstrated in a simple and accessible form. Thanks to the unobtrusive presentation, children were not bored here at all, and the theme of the exhibitions was so diverse that even adults and educated people like us were interested. Please note that the museum is open on Saturdays from 10am and on Sundays from noon.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Probably any American proud of his country, its democracy and freedoms should not pass by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute museum. Here the main moments of the history of formation of civil rights in our country are revealed in detail, some exhibits touch to the heart, some cause indignation and anger at the hard and unjust fate of the fighters for rights and freedoms. When planning a visit here, you should remember that the museum is not open on Monday.

Mellow Mushroom

After the tour, we decided to have lunch at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant, which is located at the corner of 12th Avenue and 20th Street. The environment here was very friendly and welcoming, the interior nice and bright, as I understood, the walls are painted by hand. In the menu we were particularly interested in salads and pizzas, we tasted Greek salad and Caesar, and we were also pleased that the client is given the opportunity to collect a pizza to his liking.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Before visiting the zoo, we went to spend time in a botanical garden nearby. The beauty of the landscapes recreated here amazes the imagination, here and neat ponds around which are planted flowering plants and quiet alleys, along which there are small trees and shrubs. A small souvenir shop at the entrance also left a pleasant impression. By the way, the working time of the garden depends on the season and day of the week, it is better to clarify it on the official website.

Birmingham Zoo

To diversify today with something distracted and interesting, we went to Birmingham Zoo. The zoo turned out to be quite large, many different unusual species of animals, various shows and performances are held, an interesting children's zone is equipped. We got on the sea lion show and were very pleased.

Vulcan Park and Museum

And the final chord of today for us was a visit to the observation deck of Vulcan Park and Museum. The chic view of the sculptures and the city from here is truly inspiring. By simply climbing to the top with your camera, you can get truly professional shots.

Bottega Restaurant

We wanted to spend a busy evening in a good place and we were lucky to have Bottega Restaurant. From the threshold, enchanted by the coziness and very pleasant atmosphere, we realized that we had not made the wrong choice. The menu in turn pleased us with such dishes as lamb chops, royal salmon, and pasta with a variety of sauces. When planning your visit here, it is important to remember that the restaurant is not open on Sunday.

Day 3: Trip to Montgomery

Today we are scheduled to go to Alabama's second largest city, Montgomery. In general, the road is not so long, but we decided to supplement the impressions of the day and planned several visits to various interesting places on the way.

The Original Pancake House

Today was a long and full of impressions day, which we decided to start in a small breakfast cafe The Original Pancake House. The interior of the place is very bright and joyful. The menu offers a wide range of breakfast dishes, including pancakes with fruit and chocolate syrups, bacon and vegetable omelets and strawberry waffles.

Oak Mountain State Park

Oak Mountain State Park is a picturesque park not far from Birmingham. Many people come here every day to ride bicycles, arrange a hike, go for a ride on a boat, play mobile games or just relax in nature. The lake also has a bathing area and boat hire.

DeSoto Caverns

DeSoto Caverns is a unique and interesting place. There are about 20 different attractions, among which are water, mazes, golf and climbing grounds, various carts, carousels, archery and much more. When planning a visit here, it is worth remembering that the caves open on Sunday from 13:00.

Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

In the midst of the road, we decided to go to Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings for lunch. The interior of the place is quite simple, but cozy in its own way. The menu included a large selection of meat dishes, especially we had to taste fried chicken wings, as well as salads as an appetizer, it is also worth noting the chicken kebab.

Pratt Park

After spending quite a few hours on the road, we decided to make a small stop and get some fresh air in a park near Montgomery. After a very long move, it was just necessary. In the park itself, a beautiful and soothing environment awaited us - well-groomed lawns, neat paths along the river, many places for leisure and active recreation.

Mellow Mushroom

It was already beginning to get dark, and we decided to finish our dinner today at the pizzeria of the already familiar Mellow Mushroom chain. The setting of this restaurant is simpler, but just as cartoon-bright and funny. We were pretty hungry and ordered two pizzas and some snacks as well as a salad. Choosing the pizza ingredients to your liking is what we liked most. For dessert, we preferred chocolate pie.

Day 4: Immersion in the History of the South

Today we plan to visit many different interesting places, among which there will be a park, a zoo, and many others, but the most significant for us is a tour of museums, telling about the history of the south.

Chappy's Deli

Early in the morning, we went to Chappy's Deli for breakfast without wasting time. Facility's interior is made in calm tones, and moderate lighting creates atmosphere of silence and harmony. There were a lot of different sandwiches and snacks on the menu. We chose an omelette and cheese and blueberry pancakes.

Civil Rights Memorial Center (SPLC)

The first stop today was planned for the Civil Rights Memorial Center. The museum's expositions aim to give people an idea of how difficult and unbearable life was for African Americans in the South and how incredibly difficult it was for society to develop civil rights and freedoms, now considered an integral norm. When planning your visit here, you must take into account that the museum is not open on Sunday.

Montgomery Zoo

After an interesting and long excursion we decided to have a little rest and gain positive emotions and went to the Montgomery Zoo. Animals from all continents and almost all parts of the world are exhibited here. We managed to see different kinds of bears, deer, African lions and tigers and many others.

Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings

After a walk through the zoo we couldn't all decide where to go for lunch, when suddenly on the way we got a restaurant of a chain we had already visited recently, namely Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings, and of course we stopped there. This time we decided to order chicken wings meat, cleaned of bones, as well as several sandwiches.

The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration

Another museum that helps to learn more about the society history of the greatest country on the planet is The Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration. Its expositions are devoted to the history of African-American enslavement, the museum itself is located in a building that was once a warehouse for slaves for sale. Some of the exhibits in the museum can literally make the hair on your head move. Come here with the children, we almost regretted, because the tour here for any person will undoubtedly be an important educational moment. A visit to the museum is possible on any day of the week, except Tuesday.

Riverfront Park

The next stop for us was Riverfront Park. After a long and heartbreaking excursion we just had to unload a little, and for this we could not think of a better place. Beautiful views of the river, a walk on the well-groomed lawns and paths - all we needed at that moment.

La Zona Rosa

For the rest of the evening, we decided to give dinner at some cozy restaurant. After a short thought, we decided that this restaurant would be La Zona Rosa. And I must say, we're not mistaken, Mexican cuisine is quite in place. We ordered several kinds of tacos and burritos, quesadillas with chicken and, of course, a plate of nachos.

Day 5: Farewell Walk

Our trip is already coming to an end, this morning will be the last one. To spend these short hours also with benefit and interest, we decided to go for a walk in one of the city parks after breakfast.

Jason's Deli

Woke up early and went to a cute cafe for breakfast in the cool morning. The atmosphere there was very cozy, especially like the fact that the tables were separated from each other, so it seemed like a real home breakfast. The visiting card of the menu is probably a great salad bar, also pleased with the choice of soup, we ordered Irish potatoes, and we also had a panini with chicken.

Wynton Blount Cultural Park

Many city parks boast picturesque landscapes, manicured paths and tidy lawns, but not many of them boast a large number of animals. Unlike many other places in Shakespeare Park you can find a variety of ducks, herons and even turtles. There are also special places for picnic and rest.