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Day 264 km613 m

Shamanka Rock, Saraisky Beach and Khoboi Cape

In the first half of the day, explore the famous Shamanka Rock and relax on the beach before heading off to conquer the island's northernmost point.
The way to Khoboy cape is complicated, that's why many people prefer to buy an excursion by UAZ "bukhanka" or by boat. But with the proper training and "right" car you can also master such roads!

Day Itinerary

613 m10 min
Shaman Rock
08:1545 min

Shaman Rock

Open Details
Every self-respecting traveler dreams of visiting the Shaman-cliff (or Cape Burkhan). Legend has it that it is the dwelling place of the island's spirit named Khan Hute-Babai. In his honor, there are 13 sacred poles erected on the cape. The place of unbelievable beauty and power where one wishes to be silent and to contemplate. It is better to do it in the morning, before the cape is attacked by crowds of tourists.
2.8 km10 min
Sarai beach
09:102 h

Sarai beach

Open Details
I bet you had no idea that the beaches on Olkhon are so cool? Though Saraysky beach is not arranged, it looks like from "Bounty" chocolate bar advertisement, only framed by pine trees instead of palm trees. The beach stretches for 3 kilometres and in some places is a kilometre wide, so you're sure to find a secluded spot for a relaxing break.

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