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Day 1213 km

Day Full of Beauties Created by Talented Artists

There is the beauty of nature and there is the beauty created by humankind. On this route around Bologna you will see some sights that are breathtaking and all of them created by humankind. From beautiful palaces to works of art in the museum. Your eyes will be enchanted, and you will be amazed at what people were able to create hundreds of years ago.

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52.3 km50 min
Palazzo Schifanoia
10:001 h 30 min

Palazzo Schifanoia

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The first stop on the route is Palazzo Schifanoia. It was built for the Este family. The name Schifanoia is derived from 'Schivar la noia', which loosely translated means 'to abhor boredom', or even better, 'to flee from boredom'. When you visit Palazzo Schifanio, you certainly won't get bored.
The construction of the Palazzo began in 1385 and the great hall, the 'Salone dei mesi', built by Den by Pietro Benvenuto, was frescoed by Cosmè Tura, Ercole de' Roberti and Francesco del Cossa, among others. The stucco work in the sala della virtù was done by Domenico di Paris.
Note: Palazzo Schifanoia is closed on Mondays.

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