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Secrets of the Moscow Region estates

 Secrets of the Moscow Region estates
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From time immemorial, the Moscow nobility preferred to spend winters abroad, where the climate was milder, and summers in their manors near Moscow. Any manor near Moscow is bound to be associated with the names of Russia's great men and shrouded in some mystery.
On this trip, you will get a chance to experience the atmosphere of country life of noble landlords.
Valeria Azuevskaya
Valeria Azuevskaya
Travel Expert
  • Manor Ostafyevo.
  • The Golitsyn estate in Dubrovitsy.
  • Estate Ivanovskoe.
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Uncovering the secrets of the estates
Day 1103 km1 km

Uncovering the secrets of the estates

What mysteries are shrouded in these three manors near Moscow? What is so unusual about them? To answer these and other questions, you need to venture on this fascinating journey!
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