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Sea, Sun, Olbia

Road Trip Route. Walk along the picturesque streets and embankments of Olbia and enjoy the wonderful landscapes, Climb the mountain peaks, which offer magnificent views, Take part in coastal city's vibrant cultural scene, Visit some of the best beaches in the world, Taste the best dishes of the Mediterranean and Italian cuisine in the best restaurants of the city, S7 flights from Moscow to Olbia are available on weekdays, except Wednesday, return flights are available on weekdays, except Wednesday, and on weekends, except Sunday.

The territory of modern Olbia was settled in the second millennium BC. For millennia, this place has attracted the Punu, Carthaginians, Phoenicians and, of course, Romans. And at the moment it is one of the most popular tourism centres in the world. It is impossible to imagine traveling to this wonderful place without a proper beach rest. Enjoy many beautiful beaches, a real pearl of the island, Costa Smeralda, is next to the city. In addition to swimming and restful sunbathing, guests can experience water sports, take a boat trip and get acquainted with the unusual underwater world. Olbia is attractive for travelers not only for its beaches and natural beauty, but also for its unique rich cuisine. Explore the culinary history and traditions of these places, and also appreciate the rich taste of local wines. Olbia boasts a large number of historical objects of the Roman Empire time. Admire the ancient temples and cathedrals, squares and monuments, get immersed in history by visiting museums and galleries.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Introduction to Olbia

On the first day of the trip, you're about to visit the most significant squares of the city, which are the most important symbols standing for its rich history in many ways. Admire the authentic and clean narrow streets, quiet squares and great fountains of magnificent Olbia, and enjoy the culinary traditions of the exciting region.

Anticas Licanzias

There is no better place than Anticas Licanzias to start exploring great Italian cuisine. Here you will find a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, created by a polite, tactful and very professional staff. You can dine either in the comfortable interior of the restaurant, or in the fresh air, while admiring the well-kept city streets with small and neat houses. Enjoy the best dishes of Sardinia cuisine, including carpaccio with bottarga and chili, or an excellent roasted pig cooked on a spit and seasoned with fresh myrtle leaves.

Piazza Regina Margherita

Piazza Regina Margherita is the central square and one of the most beautiful places in the city. Covered with marble slabs and colored mosaic, it looks the most beautiful in the evening, when all the tourists return from the beaches and fill cafes and shops located along the perimeter. In the centre is a wonderful fountain, which is highlighted in a special way in the evening.

Piazza Matteotti

Piazza Matteotti is a small but very beautiful square, with wonderful authentic buildings around. A fountain in the centre of the square, topped with stylised human figures, immediately catches your attention. This place is ideal to buy a soft drink on a hot summer day and, sitting in the shade, rejuvenate, admiring the charming buildings of the old town.

Day 2: Insights into the culture and history of magnificent Olbia

Today you’re going to have a fascinating walk through the most significant historical sites of the city, visit the cathedrals built almost a thousand years ago and absorbed the spirit and atmosphere of several eras. Explore the fascinating history and life of people who inhabited these places many centuries ago. And, of course, have a little walk along the embankments of the city, visit the picturesque and peaceful park, and keep enjoying the local culinary diversity.

Café Matteotti

Cafè Matteotti is a great place for an early breakfast. The cosy interior of the restaurant and wonderful view of the fountain and neat streets from the terrace will create a great mood for the rest of the day, and the menu of the restaurant will impress you with the well-known Mediterranean and Italian dishes, highlights include the salads and fish dishes.

Museo Archeologico

The desire to get immersed in the history of the authentic town on the coast of Sardinia is easy to meet in the Archaeological Museum. It contains finds, the most valuable of which date back to 10-12 centuries BC. Museum expositions are divided into blocks: ceramics; the remains of the Phoenician (not only) ships; fragments of residential buildings; houseware. In addition, tourists are shown films with shots of the excavations and other interesting moments concerning Olbia and Sardinia as a whole. And the most important thing is that the admission is free.

Parco Urbano Fausto Noce

The city centre is decorated with a green oasis covering 18 hectares of territory, and is called Parco Fausto Noce. It appeared in the city quite recently, in 2004, but managed to catch the fancy of both guests and locals. The so-called "lungs" of Olbia are equipped with glades for picnics, tennis courts, sports fields, jogging tracks. The central alley of Fausto Noce is decorated with four fountains. A small amphitheater is among the branchy trees, there are concerts and performances in the summer.

Basilica di San Simplicio

The Basilica of San Simplicio was built around the 11th century, but earlier this place housed a temple dated the 7th century. It was laid out of large granite boulders. Basilica architects decided to use them for the construction of a new church to ensure its strength and safety for ages to come. For nearly 800 years this massive stone building served as the main cathedral of the city. It would be good for a visitor to know that the temple has no days off, and the admission is free.

Officina del Gusto Olbia

In Officina del Gusto, you can have a lunch in a pleasant atmosphere and literally improve your health, it’s not by chance that the national dishes of Sardinia are considered to have great medicinal properties. The fact is that they are prepared only from fresh, natural and organic products. The restaurant menu pasta is worth noting. It is prepared in a range of different variations, the most popular of which is pasta with sheep cheese or tomato sauce. There is also a wide selection of the best Italian wines. A competent staff will do what it takes to create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere just for you.

Chiesa San Paolo

During Roman times, a temple dedicated to Hercules was located on the site of a Christian basilica. Over the centuries, the inhabitants of Sardinia came here with their aspirations and requests. In the XIII century, the ancient temple was destroyed and the Basilica of St. Paul appeared on its ruins. The interior of the church is of close interest to tourists, most of the decoration is made of carved wood. In addition, you should pay attention to the dome, lined with ceramic tiles of bright coloгrs, and frescoes, dating from the XV century.

Piazza San Gallo

Piazza San Gallo is located in the centre of the student quarter. Here you will find interesting shops selling a lot of wonderful souvenirs, small supermarkets, very good restaurants and snack bars. An ideal place for relaxed shopping.

Circolo Nautico Olbia

An evening walk in the fresh air on an incredibly beautiful pier after a stormy and emotional day will help you to calm down and clear your mind, and the contemplation of the wonderful seascapes combined with the feeling of a light and pleasant sea breeze will offer an authentic experience.

Porto di Olbia

Continuing your evening walk on the pier, admire the wonderful sunset on the shores of the blue sea, combined with fascinating behavior of the waves. A great place to take some unforgettable photos. In addition, you can buy refreshments on the way, this will complement your walk with wonderful taste sensations.

Ristorante pizzeria terra nostra

The restaurant is located near the coast, with its open terrace offering a wonderful view of the sea. Enjoy excellent Mediterranean cuisine and extraordinary seascape. The restaurant’s menu features fresh fish and seafood dishes, and some of the best tuna dishes in the region are prepared here. There is also a wide selection of a variety of vegetarian dishes and alcoholic beverages.

Day 3: The extraordinary nature of northeast Sardinia

The next part of your unforgettable journey is to visit the very places that have brought Olbia and Sardinia worldwide fame. Be sure to take plenty of water with you before the departure, because you climb the legendary Monte Pino mountain today. Enjoy the heavenly natural beauty around the mountain and the stunning panorama of the city and surrounding areas. Also, you will visit the world famous beach of Costa Smeralda. Relax on the white sand, sunbathing in the warm sun.

Il Vecchio Porto

Il Vecchio Porto has a very convenient location. Enjoy the best services and polite and attentive staff. Beloved Italian dishes are served here. One of the restaurant’s specialties is pizza with seafood. It also has a rich collection of wines.

Monte Pino

Fans of outdoor activities are invited to climb Monte Pino, the highest point of which is located at an altitude of about 700 meters above sea level. The rise will be quite long, so it is recommended to take the necessary amount of water with you in advance. When you find yourself at the very peak, the result will be worth all the energy spent, because the panorama of all the surrounding neighborhoods, including the city and the sea coast, is gorgeous. Beautiful views will give you a truly incredible experience and the perfect opportunity to take some amazing photos.

Blu Marine

Excellent service and nourishing food. The restaurant with good value for money is ideal for lunch.

Costa Smeralda - Emerald Coast

Costa Smeralda is a favorite resting place for many celebrities. That's right. Can you imagine a more magnificent sight than emerald waves crashing on the snow-white coast? The treasure of Sardinia - beaches of incredible beauty, and most of them are located along the Emerald Coast. It offers not only rest and swimming, but also a lot of water entertainment. Appreciate every attraction of the place beloved by many famous people.

Old Station

Old Station is a small but very cosy and pleasant restaurant. The special atmosphere of the place is provided by the attentive waiters and quivering work of the chef who is in love with Italian cuisine. Ravioli and pizza, prepared according to non-standard and, sometimes, even exotic recipes deserve particular attention.

Day 4: Coastal beauty of Olbia

Keep exploring the beach life of this fertile land and visit legendary beaches such as Pittulongu. It offers a range of services, including the rental of stuff necessary for rest, and organized infrastructure. In addition, enjoy the contemplation of the amazing coastal integrity and stroll through the well-kept and picturesque city on your unusual tour of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Cafe Principe Umberto

Cafe Principe Umberto is located on the main street, opposite the pier, it offers a beautiful view of the fascinating sea expances from the window and terrace. The interior of the place is very elegant, the furniture is very modern and original. Attentive and helpful waiters are alwas at your service. The menu is replete with well-known dishes of Italian, Mediterranean and European cuisine.


In the vicinity of Olbia are several modern and well-kept beaches that are great for a pleasant pastime for both couples with children and young people. The most popular is Pittulongu, which can be easily reached by rented car (you will surely enjoy free parking on arrival). It is nice not only to sunbathe, but also to collect unusual shells, generously scattered among the white sand. Adherents of an active lifestyle choose the beach for the opportunity to rent a canoe or go windsurfing.

Cabu Abbas

Visit one of the most interesting mountain peaks of Olbia, Cabu Abbas. Enjoy picturesque views of the city, forest and sea landscapes and remains of various kinds of buildings built during the Roman Empire time. Enjoy the magnificent scenery of the nature of this wondrous land and learn more about its history and traditions established in ancient times.

Blue Marine

The Blue Marine Restaurant is widely known and popular among the locals, and that is no surprise, because it serves the most exquisite dishes of the Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, prepared from the freshest ingredients. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the relatively low prices and quite large portions. Try the pasta, prepared in combination with various cheeses and sauces, the local pizza is going to blow you away.

Olbia waterfront

A walk in the fresh air along the beautiful promenade will be the perfect end to a busy day. Enjoy the light sea breeze, blue sea and white yachts moving through it.

Piazza Mercato

Piazza Mercato is a place where you can sit quietly and take a break from routine in the shade of a canopy built over the whole square. Explore very entertaining street painting and square surrounded by many souvenir shops and small boutiques where you can buy charming memorable gifts.

Ristorante La Lanterna

If you want to dilute the usual Mediterranean diet with unusual flavor combinations and please yourself and loved ones with interesting dishes, then Ristorante La Lanterna is perfect for you. A very original and Italian cosy interior of the restaurant creates a very soulful and comfortable atmosphere. The menu will delight you with dishes such as baked Mediterranean cod, pie witj feta cheese, zucchini and cherry tomatoes and much more. There is also a very good selection of aromatic Italian wines. Ristorante La Lanterna is the perfect place for a final dinner.

Day 5: Farewell to Olbia

You always want to end any unforgettable journey in a nice way. And a visit to the wonderful Italian restaurant, where you can bring something new to your range of taste experiences, is, no doubt, perfect for this.


Pepebianco invites you to enjoy gorgeous interior, professional and efficient service, a truly relaxing atmosphere and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Indulge in a perch with broccoli in a peanut sauce, fried salmon with a green chili sauce and a frisée salad. Among other things, the restaurant serves great Italian wines.