Oreshek Fortress. Monument to Peter the Great. Schlisselburg Museum. Cathedral of the Annunciation. Museum of Ship's Guns. Old Prison. Her Majesty's Tower. The ruins of St. John's Cathedral.


In the suburbs of St. Petersburg you can find many interesting ancient places. If you are curious to learn more about the suburbs of the Northern Capital, you can visit the ancient city of Shlisselburg, which is only 50 km from St. Petersburg. The ancient Russian fortress of Oreshek is located on Orekhov Island at the source of the Neva River, opposite the city of Shlisselburg in the Leningrad region. From 1323 the fortress served as an outpost on the border with Sweden. In 2023 Oreshek Fortress will celebrate its 700th anniversary. From May 1, 2019 in the fortress "Oreshek" opens a new tourist season. You have an opportunity to visit this unique island and historical monument of the country.


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Day 1: Living History

Upon arrival in Shlisselburg, you should immediately park your car in the paid parking lot, as further sights on the route are to be visited on foot. Shlisselburg is a small city. Its population is only about 15 thousand people.
Visiting: Shlissel'burg, Saint Petersburg