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Road Trip Route. Oreshek Fortress, Monument to Peter the Great, Schlisselburg Museum, Cathedral of the Annunciation, Museum of Ship's Guns, Old Prison, Her Majesty's Tower, The ruins of St. John's Cathedral.

In the suburbs of St. Petersburg you can find many interesting ancient places. If you are curious to learn more about the suburbs of the Northern Capital, you can visit the ancient city of Shlisselburg, which is only 50 km from St. Petersburg. The ancient Russian fortress of Oreshek is located on Orekhov Island at the source of the Neva River, opposite the city of Shlisselburg in the Leningrad region. From 1323 the fortress served as an outpost on the border with Sweden. In 2023 Oreshek Fortress will celebrate its 700th anniversary. From May 1, 2019 in the fortress "Oreshek" opens a new tourist season. You have an opportunity to visit this unique island and historical monument of the country.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Living History

Upon arrival in Shlisselburg, you should immediately park your car in the paid parking lot, as further sights on the route are to be visited on foot. Shlisselburg is a small city. Its population is only about 15 thousand people.

Saint Petersburg

When you leave for Shlisselburg, prepare sandwiches, snacks and water for your trip in advance.

Памятник Петру I

The bronze figure of Peter the Great, modeled on the sculptor Antokolsky, was installed near the Petrovskaya Wharf in summer 1957. The event is timed to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Leningrad. Peter is dressed in the uniform of the Preobrazhensky regiment.

Музей Истории города Шлиссельбург

The museum, founded in 1990, presented its first exhibition in 1995. Being one of the youngest museums in the Leningrad region, it tells the story of one of its oldest cities. The Schlisselburg Museum of History is located on Fabrichny Island in a historical building, a monument of industrial architecture of the 19th century. It contains a rich collection of materials on the history of the city and the district: ethnographic collection, collections of documents and photographs of different years, the richest collections of military history of the city and the history of the Nevsky shipyard, the history of Ladoga technical site, etc. Small exhibition area does not allow the museum to have permanent expositions, so once a year thematic exhibitions change.

Благовещенский Собор

The picturesque historical cathedral was built on the site of a wooden church in 1764 at the expense of the philanthropist A. Belov and G. S. Pushkin. The Sybilievs, later buried inside the building. In 1778 a bell tower was added to the main volume of the church.

Пушки Корабельные (Экспозиция Военно Технического Музея)

This is one of the most famous open-air museums of military equipment in the Leningrad region. The museum was opened in 2005. It will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults: huge howitzers, mortars, anti-aircraft guns - all this is a vivid example of the history of defense of St. Petersburg during the war.

Oreshek Fortress (Крепость Орешек)

From there we sign up for the ferry from Shlisselburg to the Peanut Fortress. It takes an average of 15-20 minutes to sail. The ferry goes every 10 minutes. Oreshek Fortress was founded by Novgorod Prince Yuri Danilovich in 1323 on Orekhov Island in the source of the Neva River from Lake Ladoga. The history of the Oreshek Fortress, also known as Noteburg, Shlisselburg and Petrovsky Fortress, is linked to the history of the Russian state for eight centuries. In the northeast corner of the fortress was built a citadel - the inner most fortified part of the structure, whose walls reached a height of 13-14 meters. The towers of the citadel were named Svetlichnaya, Bell and Mill. Their loopholes were aimed inside the castle courtyard and in case of enemy's breakthrough the defenders of the citadel could continue their defense. In addition, the citadel was separated from the rest of the fortress by a 12-meter canal, through which water passed from Lake Ladoga to the right source of the Neva. The canal had not only defensive value, but also served as a harbour for ships. When the enemy threatened to attack, the chain bridge thrown over the canal was raised and the entrance to the citadel was closed.

Руины Иоанновского собора

The ruins of the cathedral destroyed during the defense of Leningrad are preserved in the Oreshek fortress. Fragments of brick walls and lower tiers of the bell tower are left after long firing. Inside the ruined cathedral there is a monument to the heroic defenders of the fortress. The ruins of red bricks are part of the composition. But even in the ruins the cathedral attracts views, and in old photographs you can see how beautiful it was.

Старая тюрьма «Секретный дом»

I recommend a thematic tour of the Old Prison Fortress. The layout of the prison at the end of XVIII - first half of XIX century and 10 single cells was restored. Here are portraits of Decembrists made by artists of XIX century, photos, documents, prison clothes of prisoners.

Государева башня («Воротная»)

The tower is a classic example of Russian fortification art and one of the most interesting structures of the fortress. It is rectangular in shape, its entrance is located not from the river side, but from the side and curved at right angles. With this form of passage, the enemy could not use rams, and it was easier for the defendants to bombard those who are trying to enter the fortress. The gates in the tower were closed with forged grids, one of which was lowered from the second floor of the tower and the other from the wall's combat passage. A moat was dug out in front of the entrance arch, and the lifting bridge was thrown over it. An exposition on the history of the Oreshek fortress is now on display in the State Tower.


After returning from the island to the shore of Schlisselburg, it's time to have dinner and move back home. The restaurant Noteburg is located right on the way out of Shlisselburg. At the end of May, the Summer Veranda opens here. Chicken kebabs, salmon, milkshakes and smoothies are best made here.

Saint Petersburg