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Salem: Following the Witch Trail

Road Trip Route. Explore the mystical city of witches, Visit the living history open air museums, See how iron melts, Buy unusual souvenirs.

Once, during the summer holidays, relaxed friends decided to rent a car to drive around the most mystical places in Massachusetts, covered in gloomy legends, and there they... had a great time. Try it for yourself! Hello! I want to share a short travel scenario that will appeal to those who, like us, love to share travel moments with their best friends, and who also enjoy mysticism, or at least mystical movies and TV shows. In general, every American probably knows the story of Salem, at least thanks to the series of the same name, and, although in fact, this place isn't quite so sinister, that doesn't make it any less of interest. Four days will be enough to explore the town shrouded in secrets, visit the witch landmarks, and also hang out in nature and relax on the beaches.

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Grace Hartman. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: From Boston to Salem

We've hung out for a long time in Boston and arrived in the city of witches late afternoon. We've had a little walk in the city center, and noticed a cool restaurant.

Burtons Grill

A short evening trip from Boston Airport, and we are in the mysterious and mystical Salem. And, frankly, a good restaurant and a good dinner is what you need the most. We've chosen the Burtons Grill and got the right place, there is an excellent bar menu and delicious food, the atmosphere is also pleasant, great for big groups.

Bewitched Statue

Who was a fan of the old sitcom "Bewitched", telling the story of a charming married couple of a mere mortal and a witch, as child? My favorite episode was about a pie with two fillings (sort of banana and apple). I just adored Samantha and dreamed of solving all problems in the same way as she, easily, naturally, with the help of magic, and Elizabeth Montgomery was just charming in this role. At the initiative of fans of the series, a statue of the legendary witch was installed in Salem, which is now one of the tourist favorite places to take pictures.

Day 2: Going on mysterious adventure

The first full day in Salem has been devoted to walks in the city streets, sometimes friendly, and sometimes frightening, a visit to the wax museum and the history of witches, as well as an excursion to the house, appeared in the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The Ugly Mug Diner

You cannot but visit this cafe; it is located in the most significant part of the Witch City. Alas, they serve no potions here, bet you aren't too keen anyhow. But they serve large portions of delicious American breakfasts, and, as Agent Cooper said, damn good coffee. So if you don't really feel like having breakfast at the hotel, go to The Ugly Mug.

Nathaniel Hawthorne's House

Did you know that the House of the Seven Gables from the Gothic novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne has a real prototype? And everyone who visits Salem has the opportunity to check it out. In order to make the exploration of a strange building more interesting and entertaining, be sure to use the services of a guide, they know what they're talkin about and how to turn an ordinary tour into an exciting adventure.

Salem Witch Village

The historical part of Salem is literally filled with witchcraft themes. Every house and every street here is imbued with a spirit of mystery. In one of the buildings is a wax museum, a museum of the history of witches is located nearby, turn and follow the street down to see a prison and a cemetery of witches. And all this is diluted with street actors, small shops and tents with souvenirs and food. In general, this is a mysterious place, it's hard to keep track, so just relax and spend the whole day here.

Engine House Pizza

Dinner time. Walking along the old part of Salem, we've visited the wax museum, and then gone looking for a good place for lunch, the search has been short-lived, there is an excellent pizzeria a few minutes away. Pizza here is good, delicious, thin crust, with a thick layer of toppings. We've ordered one for four people. And if you aren't full, take pasta or ravioli, the latter is great.

Crane Beach

It's not magic that provides ideal holidays! It's time to get to the beach and swim. This is a very authentic and beautiful place, you can swim, play beach volleyball, and take a boat ride. There is spacious parking near the beach, which, however, is not free.

CK Pearl

We've decided to have dinner not in Salem, but not far from the beach. And we've been right. This small family restaurant offers great food and great service. We've had a pleasant time enjoying the views of the bay.

Day 3: Beach holidays and time travel

A visit to the village of the first settlers was initially planned, but we've found an even more interesting alternative to explore the production of the seventeenth century. Unusual and interesting palce, perfect to have a great time on the beach and take some pictures with the house from a childhood movie.

Coffee Time Bake Shop

As I said, we like exploring the local pastry shops and coffee houses much more than having breakfast at the hotel. Today our choice is a provincial-charming bakery with incredibly delicious home-made donuts, cakes and pastries. I really like the carrot cake, you can also order some takeout brownies to have a snack during the day.

Hocus Pocus House

One more place for lovers of childhood retro films. And which one from the Disney movie 'Hocus Pocus' witches is your favorite? Honestly, we got there not only to take cute pictures with a cinema witch house, but also to visit the village of the first settlers, located across the road in the park. But, unfortunately, some filming took place on our visit to the village and it was closed for visitors. Perhaps when you decide to visit Salem, the shooting will be over and you could enjoy the atmosphere of the seventeenth century. By the way, you can find all the necessary information about attendance on the village official web-site.

The Rebecca Nurse Homestead

After we failed to visit the village of the first settlers, the locals advised us to go to The Rebecca Nurse Homestead. When the characters of horror movies are advised to visit an old house outside the city, it makes you wary. But that doesn't. A trip to this museum of living history is extremely interesting and informative. Yesterday was one of those fun days, and today allows learning more about the true story of Salem, including being in the house where witches trials were held in the seventeenth century.

Kelly's Roast Beef

A nice place for fast food lovers. Burger and sandwiche fillings have not been lacking there, and the fillings are very different, from smoked beef to seafood. And if you are a fan of proper nutrition, enjoy a large selection of soups and salads.

Nahant Beach

You can't help falling in love with this beach: clean, spacious, with gorgeous panoramic views, it is definitely worth a visit.

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site

Another place that will make you feel like a time traveler in a settlement of the seventeenth century. Here you can watch how iron is melted and tools, dishes and other authentic utensils are made. We were lucky to get there just before closing without checking the working hours. For your information: you can visit the place from May to November, on any day except Monday and Tuesday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Mission on the Bay

Having dinner at Mission on the Bay, take a table by the window, the view here is simply excellent. The restaurant serves delicious mussels and some of the best tacos I've ever tried. If you are lucky and it is not your turn to drive a car, try more than one drink from the bar menu.

Day 4: Time to go home

We've probably visited most of Salem’s really interesting sights, but nevertheless, I’d like to stay a bit longer here, but it’s time to return to Boston and fly home.

A & J King Bakery

This cozy café with wooden counters serves just great pastries. Fragrant, crunchy, made of puff pastry - it's hard to stop and not to have seconds. I recommend the asparagus puff, which is an unusual option for breakfast.

Witch Dr. Glass Blowing Studio

Well, if there's magic done in Salem, it is in there. You should check out a glass-blowing workshop and part-time shop of unusual souvenirs when leaving the City of Witches.