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    Day 1

    4 mi0.3 mi

    Day 1: your arrival in Catania

    If you will arrive with the airplane, have a look from the window!
    4.5 mi
    15 min
    Le Suites Del Duomo House
    18:002 hrsGuesthouses

    Le Suites Del Duomo House

    I suggest to arrive in the centre of Catania and find a parking near the hotel or B&B, stay a while and go out for dinner
    0.2 mi
    5 min
    A Putia dell'Ostello
    20:301 hr 30 min

    A Putia dell'Ostello

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    If you want to get a first taste of Catania, this is the place: A putia dell'Ostello (! Which means something like The Hostel homemade cooking! Traditional and non-traditional dishes, in a youthful and friendly atmosphere right next to the remains of an ancient Roman baths building. I suggest you to ask for going under the caves ... It will be a surprise! ;-)
    Day 2
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