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Romance of old estates

Romance of old estates
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


12 Hours


By Car


180 km




History and Culture
A short romantic trip, which will appeal to aesthetes and lovers of outdoor activities. You can visit the manor house where you can see real masterpieces of wooden architecture, stroll through the alleys of the palace park and imagine yourself as a nobleman, touch history in the museum of ancient costumes, take pictures at the dilapidated neo-Gothic church and take a ride in a carriage or sleigh.
Eugenia Laputina
Eugenia Laputina
  • Take a picture of the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Explore Pavlovsky park.
  • Ride a troika at the Maryino estate.
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Wooden architecture and palatial luxury
Day 1180 km314 m

Wooden architecture and palatial luxury

Not just a romantic trip, but a mini-trip through time! The day will start with a visit to Bogoslovka manor, which presents the most interesting examples of Russian wooden architecture, including a temple resembling the architectural ensemble of Kizhi. Afterwards you will take a walk in Pavlovsky Park and Maryino Manor, and finish the day with a dinner at the Beep Castle.
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