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Road Trip to Garden Art World Around Bristol

Road Trip Route. Explore the nearby lands of Bristol, Dive in the atmosphere of medieval fortresses, Enjoy the garden culture estates.

This road travel offers to explore the lands surrounding Bristol. Maybe these cities are not familiar, but you heard something about them. Manors, estates, abbeys, everything is here, also most of them you could see in some films, but in this trip you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of that time and enjoy the beauty of the picturesque gardens. As well, you will get acquainted with the work of street art artist of our time, who became famous for the acute social themes of his drawings.

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture. From: Bristol

Anastasia Omelchuk. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The first acquaintance with Bristol

Today you will see a wonderful park with a castle which was first mentioned in written sources in 1088, at that time it was a wooden fortress. This short day will help you quickly go into travel mode.

Castle Park

Bristol castle, built by the decree of William the Conqueror, defended the city for many centuries. The castle was first mentioned in written sources in 1088, at that time it was a wooden fortress. However, already in the middle of the 16th century, the castle began to collapse, but the city authorities could do nothing with the castle, which was owned by the king, and the castle became a refuge for lawbreakers. In 1656, on the orders of Oliver Cromwell, the castle was pulled down. Now on the site of the castle is a park, where the ruins of the castle are still visible.

The Thali Cafe

In Thai Cafe you can always order Thai dishes. Here you can try amazing crab cakes, duck and green curry. Try the delicious pancakes here also you should try delicious Thai tea or good coffee. Most of the guests believe that the staff here is creative.

Day 2: The beautiful castles and incredible examples of landscape design

This day will be full of contrasts. It will begins with modern art and ends with the historical heritage of the Middle Ages.

Banksy's 'Mild Mild West'

Who is this Banksy that generates ideas at incredible speeds, leaving hundreds of jobs around the world, and even earning hundreds of thousands dollars from this? Mystery for most. Believed that the hometown of the artist Bristol, where Banksy with an enviable regularity brings a new masterpiece. If you like street art & Banksy this is worth a stop. This is the first graffiti that brought Banksy fame. Appeared in 1997 as a response to a police attack by party participants in abandoned warehouses in the vicinity of Bristol.

St. Mary Redcliffe Church

The oldest temple is an architectural gem of the Gothic style not only of Bristol, but also of the whole of Great Britain. St Mary Redcliffe Church is the highest building in the city. It is also worth the occasion to listen to the magical sounds of an organ established in 1726. Entrance to the temple for tourists is free. Opening hours of the church: from 10.00 to 19.00.

Cabot Tower

The tower was built at the very end of the 19th century. By the way, the tower with a height of 32 meters was built at the expense of local residents. As the tower stands on a hill, it turns out that it rises 102 meters above sea level. Inside you can climb the spiral staircase and admire the beauty from the observation deck.

Tyntesfield House (NT)

Tyntesfield is a example of Victorian neo-Gothic, located on a hill with beautiful views of the river valley. The mansion was ordered by William Gibbs, who bought the house of the end of the 18th century and wished to update it in the Gothic style. At the time, Gibbs was one of the wealthiest people in England. The house has preserved interiors, a beautiful roof with turrets and a magnificent chapel, as well as a large collection of decorative art.

Côte Brasserie

Visit Cote and try British and French cuisine. Here you can order a good duck breast, sea bass and pork belly. Regular guests note that in this place they cook delicious lemon pie, chocolate fondant and bread pudding. Service is a big plus of this place. Have a good lunch!

The Red Lodge Museum

The museum building is located within the territory of the mansion. It is divided into three parts, the first includes the oldest rooms in Bristol. All of these former dwellings belong to the early existence period of a residential complex built on the site of the former Carmelite monastery in 1538. Red Lodge was originally just a big house owned by a rich Bristol merchant named Sir John Young. The museum is located in the city center. By the way, the museum is free. Don't forget to look at the open hours.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge was built between 1836 and 1864 and is one of the main attractions of Bristol. The need to build a bridge across the gorge of the Avon River arose in the middle of the 18th century, but construction began only after a hundred years. Originally planned to build a stone bridge, then - cast iron. The construction of the bridge according to the Brunel project began in 1831, but was interrupted and postponed several times. From this bridge, for the first time in the world, a bungee jump (a jump from a height on a rubber cable) was made in April 1979

Ashton Court Estate

A large park on the hills with a small manor. There are also two interesting things: a herd of deer - you can see, but not at any time of the year, and a small railway with steam trains. It is small, about 300 meters, but everything is real: the steam locomotives, the rails, and the station. A wonderful place to spend time and enjoy the nature. Here you can make beautiful photos.

Blaise Castle Estate

This castle was built in 1766. A wonderful little addition to your visit to Castle Estate Park, this is a small museum filled with quaint little objects from all over Bristol. It is mainly based on household items, includes doll houses, trains, pets, board games and kitchens. The main part is on top, so be prepared to take the stairs because there is no elevator. If you want to visit museum it opens from 11 am to 4 pm.

Lona Restaurant - Grill House & Juice Bar

In this place a cozy atmosphere and qualified staff. According to customers, the service is excellent. Also the prices in this restaurant are moderate, and the delightful interior attracts many visitors. In this restaurant you can always taste Lebanese dishes. Here you can order amazing grilled meat, king prawns and naan flatbread.

Day 3: Magnificent nature and unique estates

The day will be varied as the previous one, you will see the unique nature, buildings and gardens. Also in one of the places was shot a large number of films, such as Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice and much more.

Royal Victoria Park

This is a public park, founded in 1830 and opened at that time by the little princess Victoria. Excellent park and botanical garden 15 minutes walk from the city center. Green lawns, ancient trees, a pond with ducks, The park is large, well-groomed and pleasant. In the park there is a stage for open-air concerts, in the summer there is a pretty good program - from classical to rock festivals

The Roman Baths

The appearance of the Roman baths, the city of Bath, and even the emergence of its name is due to the fact that here a hot thermal spring is beating from the earth. The first baths here were built by the Celts. The Romans who came to Britain also considered the place sacred and associated it with the goddess Athena. All structures are still filled with hot spring water, but you cannot drink water or swim in it here. If you wish, you can drink safe thermal water in the neighboring Grand Pump Room, and swim in the waters of the same source, but safely held - in the neighboring Thermae Bath Spa.

Prior Park Landscape Garden

There are many interesting features in the garden, including one of the four remaining Palladio bridges in the world, the Gothic temple, Mrs. Allen's grotto, and a winding lake. Here you can walk along forest paths, relax in stone arbors, or look at the city from one of the hills. There is no parking in the garden, so it’s better to go there by public transport or on foot.

Lacock Abbey, Fox Talbot Museum and Village

When you enter Lacock Abbey, there is a feeling of deja vu. This is not a coincidence, there were many films shot here including Pride and Prejudice (1995 version), Harry Potter, The Other Boleyn Girl, and many others. Nearby is the small village of Lacock, where almost everything is bought by the National Trust of England, and they are diligently trying to maintain the atmosphere of old Victorian England. Houses, thick covered with ivy, old churches, cozy cafes, tea shops, bakeries, some workshops, inns. Here you can take a walk and take a beautiful pictures.

The Greek Taverna at the Sun

It's time to lunch. Excellent atmosphere as in a traditional tavern of Greece. Be sure to try squid and feta appetizers. The choice of drinks is good and very Greek, many visitors recommend a sour cherry soft drink. The menu here is small, but very tasty.

The Bishop's Palace

Bishop’s Eye Gate leads to the Bishop’s Palace, the main residence of the Bishops of Wells and Bath for 800 years. Now this medieval palace is mostly destroyed. If you're lucky, you can see the swans ringing a bell, demanding to be fed. Here are stunning gardens that everyone is excited about.

Stourhead House and Garden

Manor Stoorhead in Wilkeshire one of the greatest examples of garden art, which has become a significant contribution to the landscape culture of not only the XVIII century, but also of our time. Once the village was the family estate of the Sturton family, which acquired it in 1448.

At The Chapel

The restaurant serves British and Mediterranean dishes. Here you will find amazing burgers, pizza and hake. This place is famous for good almond croissants, ice cream and pudding. From alcohol, you can order a good pink wine, beer or martini. The prices here are attractive and the restaurant has a delightful interior. Bon appetit!

Day 4: Breathtaking gothic and mystical places

The day will be a bit mystical and fabulous, since you will visit the place where there were several miracles according to the locals. Also one of the attractions will appeal to lovers of stories about King Arthur.

Cathedral Green

Gothic Cathedral the first church on this site was erected by the king of the West Saxons Ina in 704. Almost nothing remained of the buildings of that time, the existing cathedral was built mainly in the late 12th and early 13th centuries. Wait for the clock (inside the Cathedral) and admire the art of the master.

Glastonbury Tor

There are several miracles associated with this place. Someone thinks that the mysterious Avalon was once located here. Others believe that there is a gate to the Otherworld. Third, that this is a three-dimensional maze - the entrance to parallel worlds. The shape of Glastonbury Tor resembles a heraldic lion, and from above it looks like a pyramidal structure.

Glastonbury Abbey

Fans of the Middle Ages, knights and legends about King Arthur will be excited by Glastonbury Abbey. After all, here, according to legend, is the grave of King Arthur himself. Abbey remains a cultural monument of Britain. However, it is partially preserved. Now the place, for the most part, is a ruin. It is recommended to take a guide to imagine how everything was before it collapsed. Also, your attention will be attracted by knightly tournaments, which are held regularly in the territory of the abbey - they recreate the historical events of the time of King Arthur.

Hundred Monkeys Cafe

The relaxed restaurant and bakery using organic, locally sourced fish and meat. For lunch, order some small plates with one of the entrées, like winter vegetable curry or poached sea bream and crab tagliatelle.

Barrington Court

Fantastic location with beautiful gardens of various styles and a beautiful house. Barrington Court Manor is one of Somerset County’s most striking architectural landmarks. Its construction was begun in 1538. At the beginning of the 19th century, the building suffered from a strong fire and most of the luxurious interior was lost. Near the estate Barrington Court is a magnificent garden with numerous sculptures and gazebos.

Clevedon Seafront

Clevedon Beach is located on the coast of Somerset, overlooking the Bristol Channel. It is a sandy-pebble beach about 850 meters wide. Also on the beach there is a pier on which you can walk. Clevedon's Victorian Pier is the brightest landmark in the city. The forged iron structure of the pier is surrounded by cold sea water. Modern architects have made an artificial pool in the bay, fencing off part of it with stonework.

Stratford Park

This park awarded as green flag area and this place is the first fully successful British tree rescue company from expanding roads. Moreover, here is an open-air exhibition called "Art in the Park". It includes a wide range of styles and media, and ranges from crafts to fine paintings and fine art photography and the artists very outgoing and love talking about their art.

No 131

Quality throughout everything in food, drink, service. Expect quality to be reflected in the price as well. They make fantastic martini. The restaurant has a creative cocktail menu, a relaxing atmosphere and from main courses you can try lamb.

Day 5: The contrast of eras

Castle, abbey, cathedral and art gallery - it all belongs to a different period of time, but it only adds charm to your day.

Pittville Park & Lake

This park was opened in 1825. Pittville Park is divided into two parts by Evesham Road. On the east side of the park there are enclosures where you will find popular birds and rabbits. To the west of Evesham Road located the main part of the park with more natural layout and small areas of forest. One of remarkable thing in the park is the presence of a pond in which ducks swim, and you can also rent boats in the summer.

Gloucester Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral or the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and the Holy Trinity begins its history back in the year 678, when the abbey of St. Peter was founded on this place. Several centuries later in 1089, a stone was laid in the foundation of the new abbey church, which you can see now. There is possible to enter the cathedral practically in all rooms including prayer rooms. This majestic cathedral in a slightly embellished form can be seen in the famous Harry Potter saga: the filming of the school routine of young magicians took place here.


Here you can try the Portuguese fast food. They serve excellent chicken in lemon and mango, fried cheese, and you can have a delicious lemonade for a drink. Very reasonable price and good service.

Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey is the most preserved medieval Catholic abbey of the 12-14th centuries in Wales. Abbey was founded by Walter de Claire in 1131 and belonged to the Order of the Cistercians. During the years 1535–1539, specially created by King Henry VIII Commission closed all the monasteries operating in England. Tintern divided their fate, the property of the monastery was confiscated. Unfortunately, the roof, the bell tower and the north wall of the nave are destroyed. The main attraction of the cathedral is the huge (20 m high) richly decorated eastern window.

Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle was built soon after the Norman invasion of 1066. The castle is unique because it was built directly in stone, although most of the castles of the Norman period were originally built of wood and ground. The castle still has the remains of an ancient arch, which indicates the existence of a Roman settlement at this place long before the Norman invasion. In 1913, the castle took place of the first film adaptation shooting of the famous historical novel by Walter Scott "Ivanhoe", the main role in which played a popular American actor, director and screenwriter King Baggot.

Tredegar House and Park

The mansion is one of the brightest examples of large suburban mansions of the 17th century, that has survived to the present day. The oldest part of the mansion was built at the end of the 15th century. The mansion visitors can get acquainted with the life of its owners (rich and lushly decorated chambers above the stairs), and employees (modest rooms under the stairs). Entrance to the mansion is paid, but you can walk in the gardens for free. If you want to get in, don't forget that it opens till 5 pm.

Chapter Arts Centre

This is a modern art space where you can watch exhibitions of contemporary art, go to the cinema, sit in a restaurant or cafe or just spend time. Before visiting, you can see on the website which exhibitions of contemporary art they exhibit and until what time, because expositions often change.

The Smoke House

Order amazing pickled cabbage, ribs steaks and pork ribs here. In The Smoke House you can order a good craft beer, American ale or Malbec wine and regular guests recommend good tea. This restaurant has attractive prices. Many visitors indicate that there is a first-class interior and a charming atmosphere.

Day 6: Majestic castles and manor with an example of incredible gardens

This day is truly full of visits to the castles, almost all the time will be devoted to them, but there will also be a beautiful manor with gardens and a little acquaintance with the National Museum of Cardiff.

Caerphilly Castle

One of the largest fortresses of the classic Middle Ages era in Great Britain. Kairfilli is not the most famous British castle, largely because for a long time it stood abandoned. At the same time, Cairphilly is very well preserved, and its size is really surprising. But it is also interesting that the real history of the castle was very short, almost immediately after construction, it ceased to be necessary and did not really take part in any hostilities. The administration of the castle is very loyal to tourists. Dogs are allowed to pass, picnics can be arranged. There are regular services for tourists: there you can take an audio guide.

Castell Coch

Castel Coch in Welsh means Red Castle. This wonderful, romantic creation of the Victorian era was designed by architect William Burgess, for the 3rd Marquis of Bute. However, the castle is not a pure fantasy of a famous architect, it was rebuilt from the ruins of a medieval castle. Currently, the castle of Coch is in the guardianship of CADW, the organization for the protection of historical monuments of Wales.

Dyffryn House and Gardens

The manor house is still something of a restoration project, most rooms are open and worth a look. You can learn the history of the gardens and manor house. There's a cafe on site which is reasonably priced. Also you should pay for the entrance. Today, Dyffryn Gardens is open all year round. They are divided into three main areas, the arboretum, Dyffryn House and its lawns.

HangFire Southern Kitchen

At HangFire Southern Kitchen, be sure to order an appetizing smoked bacon, pork ribs and grilled chicken wings. For dessert, they cook a nice pie with lime filling, potato waffle and pudding. Visitors write that in this place a good craft beer, port or gin. The cozy atmosphere of this place allows guests to relax.

Cardiff Castle

The ancient castle of Cardiff, which has more than two thousand years of history, is one of the most popular attractions. In its history, the castle managed to visit both the Roman garrison and the Norman fortress. The visitors are invited to the exhibition and video. Several other excursions are available, including the richly decorated castle apartments. Wonderful view of the castle surroundings opens from the terrace on its roof.

National Museum Cardiff

The construction of the museum in Cardiff was begun in Katais Park in 1912, but the First World War intervened in the plans of the builders, therefore the museum was opened only in 1927. You can walk around, see the square, but if you want to visit the museum remember that it is open until 5 pm.

The Hayes

On the square there are various shops and a shopping center. You can walk along the street or go shopping. As the square is located near the city center, you can easily find it. So it's time to walk before dinner.

The Potted Pig

Here you will discover the dishes of British and French cuisine. Whilst their menu features a lot of pork they also offer a range of fresh & locally sourced meat as well as a few veggie items for those who require it. By the way, restaurant can offer a gin list now boast over 30 varieties to choose from.

Day 7: The impressive museum of the Royal Navy Aviation and palace and park architecture

Today you will learn the history of the estate where English famous families lived. You will visit the aviation museum and the beautiful abbey that used to be a monastery earlier.

Clevedon Court

Manor Clevedon Court is one of the most striking architectural landmarks. Its construction was completed in the middle of the 14th century. For a long time famous English families lived here. At present, the descendants of Elton Abraham have settled in the house. In the left wing of the house there is a unique hollow tower with relief images. A terraced garden is a must, because it has many mature plants and shrubs to view during the season. A collection of dishes and a museum give a good background of history.

Fleet Air Arm Museum

The Museum of the Royal Navy Aviation is almost a whole complex of museums related by one theme. The purpose of this museum is to show future generations the history of the navy. The museum was opened in 1964. It is located next to one of the largest air bases, which is existed here since 1938. The advantage of this location is the proximity to the Irish Sea (Bristol Bay). The museum has helicopter flight simulators. You can also visit the Concorde and see everything from the inside.

The Queens Arms

You can eat and served in either the stylish restaurant, or just cosily by the pub fire. Good quality of the food and very quiet place with friendly staff. Although this is not only a restaurant, but also a hotel, so here you will feel like at home.

Montacute House

The beautiful Elizabethan style castle is considered to be just a manor house, which not only does not reflect the true merits of this building, but is also a glaring injustice. Not by chance that the prize-winning film “Feeling and Sensuality” was shot here. Montacute House has a modest elegance, both in the decoration of the facade, and the overall architectural solution. It opens till 5 pm.

Forde Abbey

Private former Cistercian monastery of 1336. The house has remained unchanged since the 18th century, although gardens were created during this period. Forde Abbey Gardens one of the main attractions there. The Roper family maintained and improved the gardens during the time they owned the house. You can walk around the house, all the information is on the stands, so you immerse yourself in history. Check out their website to find more properly information about open hours and you can buy tickets online with little discount.


This restaurant serves British cuisine. The chefs cook good grouper, oysters and lamb here. Visitors claim that the staff at this restaurant is qualified. Customers love the amazing service. Many guests indicate that prices are moderate. So have a nice dinner.

Day 8: Art in the city

Before leaving you can enjoy modern art, which is located right on the streets of the city. After that, you will receive a trip to the airport.


Review from visitor: "If you are in Bristol at anytime of the year you have to check of all of the streetart and you will be absolutely blown away. If you are lucky enough to make it there during the festival then you will be in for a treat. Absolutely amazing. It organisers and the artist really do a fantastic job".