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Road trip through national parks and reserves

Road Trip Route. State Natural Reserve Zvenigorodskaya Bogen Station of Moscow State University, National Park "Ugra", Nikola-Lenivets" Art Park, Museum-Reserve "Canvas Factory", Kaluga boron.

If you like active recreation in nature, you are attracted by unusual sights and you have always wanted to see the manor complex, founded by the ancestors of Natalia Goncharova-Pushkina in the first half of the 18th century. Then this route is just for you.

Uninhabited Nature, Active Leisure. From: Moscow

Anastasia Baklanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Picturesque corners of the Kaluga region

Did you know that not far from Moscow there is an unusually beautiful natural place? This is the State Natural Reserve Zvenigorodskaya Bio Station of Moscow State University, and we will visit it today. And we'll also visit the Ugra National Park, created in 1997.

Кофейня-пекарня Piccolino Caffe

Of course, there are many good coffee shops in Moscow, but you won't find anywhere tastier than here. And don't forget to take salads or baked goods - we have lunch in the countryside!

Звенигородская Биостанция МГУ

Zvenigorod Bio Station was founded by Sergey Nikolaevich Skadovsky, a student of Moscow Imperial University. It is a very quiet and majestic place. Here you do not feel close to a huge metropolis - this place has its own special atmosphere of peace. The entrance to the reserve is free.

Национальный парк «Угра»

The park has become a popular tourist attraction due to the diversity of flora and fauna. Over 1100 species of plants and 300 animals have been found here. It should be said that the Ugra National Park is one of the most important centers of bison population restoration. There are 4 cultural-historical routes in the park and several environmental trails: A six-kilometer route along the Stone Age archaeological monument "Devil's Hillfort" with ramparts and moats, introduces tourists to unique plants and butterflies. "Ugra-Front" in the Yukhnovsky section of the park - military memorial open-air museum with a length of 2 km. Visitors will see fortifications, trenches, bomb funnels from the Great Patriotic War. More detailed description can be found at [official website](, there you will also find a price for services.


A huge art park, which is located around a tiny village in the Kaluga region. It hosts the annual festivals "Archstoyanie" and "Night of new media". The park is impossible large (650 hectares) and it is impossible to see everything in one day, so today I suggest to see only the most important thing.

Ротонда Бродского

The first thing to see in Nikola Lenivets is the Rotanda. The Rotunda is a project by the artist-architect Alexander Brodsky, implemented as part of the festival "Archstoyanie" in 2009.

Ленивый зиккурат

There is another interesting architectural structure in the park. The "Lazy Ziggurat" is an 18-meter tower built of log cabins on the principle of playing dice without using a single nail.

Салат-бар за огородом / Рваный гусь

There's a wonderful place in the park where you can have dinner. Be sure to try a specialty - "Boyar salad".

Day 2: We continue to explore the Kaluga region.

Today we will visit the museum-reserve "Canvas Factory", where there are a lot of interesting things: parks with ponds and greenhouses, canvas and paper manufactories and that's not all. After that we will go to Kaluga and see what is interesting there!

Кафе Гончаров

Let's start the day in an atmospheric cafe! The place is charming-provincial, fed homemade nourishing and delicious.

Музей-заповедник «Полотняный Завод»

As you can see, this place is the highlight of today. The formation of the estate complex took place in the first half of the XVII century under Afanasiya Abramovich Goncharov - great-grandfather of N.N.Goncharova-Pushkina. Here you will find: the house of the Goncharovs' family, canvas and paper manufactories, parks with ponds and a greenhouse, an equestrian yard and the Church of the Savior of Transfiguration. There are also theatrical excursions and walking tours around the objects of Mr. Goncharov's estate, which is more actual for us. You can learn more about the excursions and the working hours [on the site](

Калужский бор

The unique forest area consists of almost 80% pine forest. The age of most trees is 180-200 years, and some pines are over 300. On its territory there is a unique museum, where you can learn the whole history of the specially protected natural area.

Gazpromneft filling station #76

There's a gas station coming up. If you are tired, make a comfortable stop - come for a coffee!


At the end of the day, I invite you to take a little walk along the shore of Vyrka Pond. There is a special observation deck, which offers a magnificent view of the pond. There is also an opportunity to go fishing here.


Dinner tonight at the restaurant "Gastronome". It is very tasty and the prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Day 3: Interesting Viazma

We'll walk around Kaluga a little more, and then head towards Vyazma. There we will visit the Monastery of St. John the Baptist, which was founded in the mid 16th century. On the way to Moscow we'll turn to Mozhaisk and visit the Battle of Borodino.

Станция Фруктовая

There are a lot of good places in Kaluga, but I advise you to have breakfast in the Fresh Bar "Fruit Station". Be sure to try some waffles!

Яченская набережная

Before leaving Kaluga, go to the Peace Park, which is located on the bank of the Yachen reservoir. The territory is landscaped for comfortable rest.

Ресторан "Петр Великий"

How about dinner at a restaurant with an unusual style? The restaurant building is an exact replica of the first ship in the Baltic fleet.

Иоанно-Предтеченский женский монастырь

The Men's Monastery in the name of the Beheading of John the Baptist was founded by the Venerable Gerasim of Boldinsky in 1542. The monastery itself is located in a very quiet and picturesque place. The main highlight and pride of the Precursor Monastery is the three-hall Odigitrievskaya Church.

Поле Бородинского сражения

The Battle of Borodino is one of the key events in the Battle of Moscow in 1812. Before returning to Moscow, I suggest you dive a little into history and visit the battlefield.


And finally, I invite you to dinner at a restaurant of Caucasian cuisine.