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Road Trip in Côtes D’Armor

Road Trip in Côtes D’Armor
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4 Days


By Car


483 km






History and CultureSights in NatureGastronomy
In this 4 days road trip, you will experiment all the best of the Côtes d'Armor, a French area in North Brittany. You will walk along the famous pink granite coast but also the Emerald coast, always breathing the fresh sea breeze. You will discover nice villages with typical Brittany style architecture.
You will visit the beautiful islands of the coast to enjoy the fauna and flora of the area. And of course, you will experience the local gastronomy with delicious crêpes, salted butter, apple cider and seafood. It will be a very complete Celtic French experience of the area.
Emily Zanier
Emily Zanier
  • Walk along the pink granite coast.
  • Go at sea for the beautiful islands with seabirds.
  • Visit the small Brittany style villages.
  • Taste the local seafood and crêpes with cider.

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Travel Itinerary

From Dinan to the Emerald Coast
Day 1138 km2 km

From Dinan to the Emerald Coast

On the first day of the itinerary you will discover Dinan with its nice castle and the Emerald coast of North Brittany.
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Around the Bay of Saint-Brieuc
Day 272 km745 m

Around the Bay of Saint-Brieuc

On the second day, you will go on a hike at Cap d'Erquy in the morning, you can walk as much as you want and cut it shorter whenever you want, so anyone can enjoy a bit of this beautiful landscape. In the afternoon, you will visit Saint-Brieuc which is the main town of Côtes d'Armor and go sightseeing beautiful points of view of its beautiful bay.
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From Paimpol to Brehat Island
Day 379 km10 km

From Paimpol to Brehat Island

On the third day, you will visit Paimpol, a nice little village by the coast. You will enjoy the nice natural landscape of Brittany. And you will visit the beautiful Brehat island. On the island, you can choose to hike and discover the entire island or just relax at the main village with a beach close by.
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Along the Pink Granite Coast
Day 4194 km4 km

Along the Pink Granite Coast

On the last day, you will visit the most iconic part of the Côtes d'Armor: the pink granite coast. You will walk around pink huge rocks, you will enjoy mind blowing (and wind blowing) landscapes and discover the fauna and flora of the area. You will also enjoy the nature of the seven islands on a boat to see lots of sea birds.
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