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Relax completely near Krasnodar.

Road Trip Route. Cook an ear from freshly caught fish, It's a real Russian sauna., To visit Plastunovskaya village - one of the first settlements of the Black Sea Cossacks in Kuban..

If you have very little time, and you want to have time and try a lot, then a short trip from Krasnodar is your option. Spend one day fishing and preparing an ear in the open air, steaming in a Russian bath, and at the same time visit a couple of curious places. The route is developed with the support of [Volkswagen Amarok](

Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Volkswagen Amarok.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Plastunovskaya Stanitsa, fishing, open-air swimming pool and Russian bath.

In the morning you'll visit Plastunovskaya village - one of the first forty villages based on Kuban by Black Sea Cossacks. Then you can go fishing, have lunch at "Picnic Club" resort, and spend an evening in "Five Ponds" country club.


Памятник "Гвардейцам-миномётчикам" - БМ-13-16 на базе ЗИЛ-157 "Катюша"

On the way to the first point you will meet a monument, near which it is necessary to make a stop. The monument is dedicated to the guardsmen-mortarbeiters, who heroically defended the Kuban land from the Nazi invaders, and the jet cannon "Katyusha".

Temple of the Ascension

Stanitsa Plastunovskaya (or simply Plastunovka) is one of the first forty villages, founded on the Kuban by Black Sea Cossacks in the late 18th century. Its name comes from Plastunovka - foot Cossacks - scouts. By the way, XXII International Ethnic Cossack Games were held here in 2012, which gathered 170 participants from all over Russia and from neighboring countries. We will stop for an hour to visit the unique monument of architecture - Resurrection Church of 1896. Also in the vicinity of the church you can find a number of ancient, mostly pre-revolutionary buildings: apartment buildings, parish school and post office.

The Pyaterochka Universiade

Stop by the supermarket to buy some food for your upcoming outdoor dinner. Spoiler: There'll be fishing, and grilled fish will be good for peppers, tomatoes and eggplants. And don't forget to grab some spices for the marinade.

Picnic Club Country Club

Recreation base ["Picnic Club"]( is a cozy corner of the purest nature on the bank of the river Kocheta. Guests can take seats in one of 12 modern arbours for the company up to 12 people. Each gazebo has its own barbecue. Do not worry: the gazebos are located far from each other, so the neighbors will not prevent you (and you - them). You can get your lunch here with your own hands. In the river there are pike, bream, chub, crucian carp, pike-perch and carp. From the catch you can immediately prepare a fragrant ear and grill fish. You can also ride catamarans, play volleyball and much more. By the way, directly from the base territory are organized balloon rides. To see the nature of Kuban from a bird's-eye view isn't it happiness?

Country club "5 Prudov"

We're moving from one recreation center to another towards evening. In the club "Five Ponds" you can rent a sauna, which can accommodate up to 10 people. A "village style" wood-burning sauna, a huge choice of brooms and a large pool with cool water will bring you back to life and recharge your energy for a long time. You can have dinner here, too. The hotel has an excellent restaurant that serves Russian and European cuisine. Details about prices and other services of the base can be found [on the official website](